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Age Game - Guess the age of the person in the photo.
Funny City Names - Wacky and strange names of real cities, towns, and villages.
Amazing Mind Reader - It will read you mind. Give it a try.
Spot The Differences Game - Be a detective and figure out how two similar images are different.
Free Audio Books - Over 100 classic books you can listen to online for free.
Fun Translators - Translate English to upside down typing, Klingon, Morse code, reverse text, sign language, and more.
Backwards Movies - Over 400 classic films you can watch for free, forwards or backwards.
Funny Business Names - Punny and silly names of real stores, restaurants, and companies.
Virtual Kisses - Get a kiss online.
Funny Street Names - A list of strange and unusual streets.
IQ Test - See how smart you are.
Funny Boat Names - A list of funny boat names.
Senior Texting - Texting codes for the elderly.
Color Fight - A battle of colors.
Guess The Candy Bar - How well do you know your candy?
Movie Clichés - Things we have learned from watching movies
Taglines - Funny quotes found in emails, forums, and Facebook.
The Fart Name List - A funny list of farts.
Stuff On My Cat - Silly photos of cats with things on them.
Guess The Movie Quiz - Guess the name of the movie by looking at its picture.
Funny Bumper Stickers - Sayings found on cars.
Trick Questions - We dare you to answer these.
Kids Jokes - Hundreds of jokes for children.
Sound Effects - Fun sounds you can listen to.
Dumb Facts - Silly and useless trivia.
Guess The City Quiz - Look at a photo of a city and guess the city name
Short Jokes - Guaranteed to make you laugh.
Firing Stories - True stories of how people got fired.
Noise Quiz - Guess the sounds.
Pranks - Practical jokes you can play on friends & family.
Spy On Your Friends - Secretly track their location.
Confessions - Read secrets people anonymously posted online.

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Old Time Radio - Listen to hundreds of old radio shows online.
Chat With God - Talk with God live online.
Death Forecaster - Find out how long you will live.
How Many People Have Your Name? - Search to find out.
Prank Stories - True tales of pranks people pulled.
Name Fun - Send personalized video and audio ecards that say the name of the person you are sending them to.
Virtual Voodoo Doll - Torture someone you hate.
Which Is Worse? - Vote on which scenario is the worst.
Phone Number Translator - What does it spell?
Pet Peeves List - A huge list of annoying things.
Bad Fortune Cookies - Gives you unlucky fortunes.
Six Degrees Music - Find out how any 2 singers or bands are connected by their music.
Fun Quizzes - Hundreds of silly quizzes that you can take.
Celebrity Twin Finder - Upload your photo and our face matching program will show which celebrities you look like.
Beat Makers - Create your own music.
Top 25 TV Shows To Binge Watch - Need something to watch on Netflix or Amazon? Try these addicting shows.
10 Podcasts To Binge On - You MUST listen to Serial. After the first few minutes you will be hooked.
Top 10 Lists - Funny and weird top ten lists.
Image Speller - Spell words with images of letters.
Parables - Learn from these inspirational stories.
Six Degrees Movies - Find out how any 2 actors are connected by their movies.
Music Critic - Instantly get a review of your favorite singer or band.
Film Trailers - View previews of upcoming movies.
Touch Tone Songs - Play songs on your phone keypad using touch tones.
Photo Heat Map - Look at a photo and click on it and then see where everyone else clicked.
Painting - Answer some questions about your personality and our site will instantly create a painting for you.
Get Relaxed - Reduce your stress level.
Love Calculator - Find out if your relationship will work out.
Magic Crystal Ball - Predict your future using our magic crystal ball. Compliment Generator - Boost your ego and improve your self-confidence.
Are you a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s? - A fun list of things you would know if you were a 70s, 80s, or 90s kid.
Sign Generator - Make your own signs online.
Personality Quizzes - Find out about yourself.
Virtual Bubble Wrap - Pop bubble wrap online.
Brain Teasers - Solve these thinking puzzles.
Pay Phones - See pictures of pay phones from locations worldwide.
Fun Polls - Hundreds of silly polls that you can take online.
Write On Money - See the stupid and funny things people write on paper money.
Guess The Video Game Quiz - Are you a video game expert?
Breakup Letter Generator - Automate your breakups.
FlipIt - Amaze your friends by typing upside down and backwards. Send them an email and they will wonder how you did it.
Audio Jokes - Listen to them online.
Motivational Stories - To help get you through the day.
The Musical Visual Intelligence Test - Take this short online music test and find out your musical visual intelligence ability. Radio - Listen to thousands of indie songs for free online.
Celebrity Ages - Find out how old your favorite celebs are.
Mental Age Quiz - Take this short test see what your mental age is.
Multiple Choice Game - A simple quiz that will drive you insane!
Virtual Hypnosis - Lose weight, make money, stop smoking, etc.
The Country Name Quiz - Guess the countries from their shapes.
Choose Your Own Adventure - An animated story where you choose what happens.
Award Generator - Make your own award certificates.
Random Photos - View thousands of interesting photos.
Car Games - A list of fun games you can play during car rides.
Kids Games - A huge list of games kids can play in their house or yard. Great for children who are bored or parents who want things to keep their kids busy.
Hamburger Quiz - Guess which burger came from which fast food restaurant.
Santa Chat - Talk live with Santa Claus online. Free Apps - A list of all the apps you can download at no cost. Content Categories

Online Games - Thousands of free online games, no registration required. Choose from action games, arcade games, puzzles, adventure games, shooting games, sports games, strategy games, and more.
Videos - Funny videos, dumb videos, silly videos, and viral videos
Music Videos - Listen to hits from your favorite singers and bands.
Jokes - Over 15,000 jokes to make you laugh.
Quotes - More than 40,000 quotes categorized by author and topic.
Insults - Insult your friends, family, and enemies with insults, put downs, and yo momma jokes
Photos - Thousands of funny pictures.
Comics - Comic strips, like you would find in your local newspaper.
Riddles - Are you smart enough to answer these riddles?
Graphics - Tools for you to customize and improve your profile page on sites like Facebook. Get layouts, codes, tweaks, graphics, editors, backgrounds, generators, and more.
eCards - Send online greeting cards: birthdays, thank you, sorry, romance, virtual flowers, holidays, get well, friendship, and lots of other different occasions.
SMS - A big collection of text messages you can send to your friends.