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I spent the rent money
I did it again. I blew the rent money at a casino. I don't know why. I thought I was doing good at keeping my habit at bay, but no. I don't know how to tell my wife. I'm afraid she'll leave me.
I'm 20 and i haven't had a boyfriend yet. I feel like at this rate i am just going to be alone for the rest of my life.
I avoid eating out because I have a tremendous fear of choking.
forever loved
Ive been in love with this girl for as long as i knew how to love. I've known her for almost 8 years and I'm 13. we call one another our best friend, and i think she likes me back. I can't get the nerve to tell her how i feel but my heart is calling for her and i know it. If it doesn't work out our relationship as it is now may be gone forever. i love her too much to do that. i just want to be with her every moment of my life.
I check my college boyfriend's blog
I check his blog every couple of months - not because I miss him, but because it's gratifying to see how boring he and his new wife are. He dumped me after he found out I was pregnant in college because he wanted to date my best friend. It's so fun to see what a loser he still is! Take heart people...sometimes a breakup is the best thing that can happen to you, even though it may not feel that way at the time.
I wish i had been better to my ex-girlfriend in the past, because now i realize i want to marry her in the future... i hope she still goes for it even though she's probably better off not.
i know that everyone in my family thinks that i am a loser and waste even though i am a good mother and wife and person in general.... this world is sooo evil.
i love her
i love my gf so much. she is the perfect one for me. she always says things that make me happy.
I have done things behind his back the whole time we've been together. gone through his stuff, stalked his ex-gf, and destroyed things of his that had to do with her. i also hacked his myspace and printed her blog entries and emails.
Olsan's Revenge
I was married and divorced a short time later. My husband remarried and had a baby a few years after our divorce. I was furious and jealous. I started sending nasty hateful emails to my ex and his new wife. When he responded, I showed my boyfriend how crazy my ex was. I soon told people that he was stalking me and made our friends make their websites private so that he couldn't stalk me. I even went so far, at the urging of my boyfriend, to call the police on my ex. I have since married my boyfriend and have three children. I continue to tell people that my ex stalked me so they will all think that he is crazy.
why didn't you wait?
It was just two years. You weren't even divorced, and now you're remarried and she's pregnant. What were you thinking? I think Christians brainwashed you. You can't even care for a cat, let alone a newborn. I hope she cries a lot and you don't know what to do. I hope you get a divorce. I hope your kid turns out to be a girly-girl. And I hope you contact me one day to tell me I was right.
I can't stand you. I won't call.
I can't sleep because i feel bad about the fact that you're such a rockhead. You make me feel guilty for "not giving it a chance" when there was nothing to give a chance to! No common interests, viewpoints, sentiments. You have no worldview, you are selfish, and prefer to spend time on the computer/TV/crackberry. You are so tactless about what you do & say and then blame me for reacting by saying stuff like "you're too sensitive" or "you're responsible for your own actions". You have the mentality and vocabulary of a 12 yr old. If you don't know something to be true, then it's not and you dispute it and twist it around until I don't know what we're arguing about. Yet you still want to give it a chance. Are you an idiot? Good luck finding a woman who will stand you. You need to figure out a lot about communication and women. Read a newspaper or book once in a while, lose weight. So maybe I can sleep. I will not stop looking for a man who gets it. You are not it. The only regret I have is that I can't tell you that you don't get it. You're too arrogant anyway.
A confession about me.
Mine's not so much of a confession of something i've done, it's a confession about me. In all honesty i don't like myself that much. not in a pitying kind of a way, just in a sense that i feel like i do everything wrong. i don't understand myself, i hate the way i do things and what i think. i always seem to fall really deep when i fall for a guy. i want to see them and when i see them i'm happy. but then it feels like they never want to see me as much. and i constantly feel really annoying. i just look at myself and all i can see is a fat joke. i can be too defensive sometimes, but then again i let people walk all over me. i think i'm pretty then i think i'm unnattractive when i see someone better or an imperfection. i pick at my face because i want it to look nice but it's NEVER nice enough, and then when it is nice i ruin it because i can't look nice. i don't get work done, i get lazy, i'm not smart academically and when i find something i'm good i realise i'm just another fish in the sea. i love my boyfriend but i'm scared of me chasing away, i don't let him in on all of this but if i ever slip up and get a little emotional i get scared he'll now want to break up with me. my boyfriend before him broke up with me because he didn't like any emotional stuff and because i wanted to see him more than twice a week. i give up. i can't seem to be able to do anything right.
i love her
i love my girlfriend wayyy too much :D
i love you.
i love you.. but i'm afraid if i tell you, you won't speak.
ive been inhailing spray paint since i was eight. i never knew that was bad for you, or even what it did untill this past year. now im addicted, and absolutely nobody knows about it. and i don't plan on telling anybody either.
sometimes when i'm in the car with my bestfriend driving down the highway...i wish, really, really hard that we get in a head-on collison and i die a slow and painful death. (because i think it's what i deserve for what i did to you.)
Children's Aid
Once, a woman got me fired, so I called the Childrens' Aid on her, for her treatment of her daughter. It probably turned out to be a good thing, but I did it to get back at her, not out of concern.