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I made my mom breakup with her boyfriend
I made my mom breakup with her boyfriend because i dont like him. its not that there is anything wrong with him, he just irks my nerves. I think that he is so annoying and repulsive!! every time that i see him i get this urge to hit him over the head with a 2 by 4. He's a big dumb animal! I hate when i come home and see his stupid truck. he's at my house more than i am!! sometimes he'll just come over to take a nap, or to eat our food, or to just hang out when no one else is even home! He doesnt have a job, he doesnt have a house, he doesnt have any money! and by no money, i mean that he has NO money, all he does is sit on his butt all day while he collects unemployment checks! i work 6 days a week and go to school full time, and he doesnt do anything and makes money for it! and then he marches around all high and mighty like hes better than everyone! oh, and you dont even want to tell him what you think! no one else is able to state their opinion around him unless its the same as his. there was this one time where he started yelling at me one time because i was singing a song that he didnt like, then proceeded to tell me why i shouldnt like it because its bad and how no one should ever listen to the kind of music that i do because it puts bad ideas in your head and blah blah blah! he's a hypocrate! i was looking through his cds one day and he listens to the same music that i do! then there was this one time where he was saying some kind of mean things about his ex wife while his daughter was around and she walked up because she was upset, so i went to go talk to her. like 5 minutes later i was talking to my mom and he over heard me say that his daughter was upset because he was talking smack. So then he got all up in my face and told me that i was messed in the head and that i was talking out of my butt and how i dont know anything!! how is he going to yell like that to me in MY house? I didnt do anything other then relay a message to my mom as to why his daughter was upset. Im just venting right now, in all truth, he isnt that bad of a person. actually, he's really nice. And i dont know why i hate him so much. my mom and him have been dating for almost 2 years, i should be over it by now. And he makes my mom soo happy! you should hear all the mushy love stuff she says about him. she is so in love! and im happy that she is, but i just dont like him....so...i sat down with my mom and expressed my dislike for him, and why i dont like him and then she broke up with him the very next day. i didnt actually mean for her to end the relationship...
I think that my boyfriend is out of my league and I wonder if sometimes I am settling. But I know the grass is never greener.
my whole life is a lie. i lied to my friends, my family.. just to appear as what they wanted me to.
This is my first
at school im friends with a gorgeous redhead and i have a crush on her. but im trying to get over her bc she does not want a boyfriend, this has become to stress full for me, i started to hurt myself. twice ive cried my self to sleep because of her.
i recently relapsed in to alcoholism after lengthy sobriety. i have become a horrible father and husband but can't gather the energy to get sober again. it is hard to look my teenagers in the eye and not be able to tell them if i will be sober today.
How do I let go
I'm so in love & my partner has decided it's time to let go...he is scared (drs have found a shadow on his liver). He wants me to back off. It hurts so much & for him I told him I would, but I don't know how I'm going to do it. I work with him & I am so very much in love with him..He is my heart. I can't let go of him...It's too much to ask.
One more time, turning on the screw.
I need to say something about this. I have a crush on my boyfriend's friend. I need to get this out but I'm terrified of my boyfriend finding out. I love him so much. I think about the friend, a lot. I plan social stuff around including him. I think about how he reacts to what I say, how well we get along. We connect intellectually, fire each other up. I've had crushes on other guys in this relationship before, but nothing that has taken such a hold on my mind. I'm scared something will happen - and I won't stop it. I don't want to be that girl. I've gone there, I dated an ex's friend. It imploded and nearly destroyed my life and my mental health. My boyfriend came along when I was at my most vulnerable and guided me out of that mess. I can't describe how much he means to me. I think the friend knows. Worse, I think he feels the same. From what I can gather, it seems to be a recurring thing within their friendship. I know of one girl the friend liked that chose my boyfriend instead. This was a few years ago. The friend avoids my eye, but when I catch it, I see it. I know when I'm right about these things. But I fear my hot head and lust ruling my instinccts. I tell myself that I crave the attention, that I'm just putting balm on my ego. Maybe it's true. It would explain the need to justify this, rather than ignore it. But I won't go through it again. I don't know what to do. I'm torn.
daddys girl
Im 21 and i lost my dad in a car accident when i was 8. I never really knew him because my parents were divorced - i saw him twice a year and was too young to know him as a person. I'm still grieving and have no one to talk to, i need to tell someone how i feel, how i miss him but dont know him, how i never got to learn what his favorite song was, i never got to experience if he was the quite type (like me) if he was funny, and sarcastic...Everyone says he was a funny lovable man, but if so why was he an alcoholic, divorced and never saw his own children. I just wish i could see his story through my own eyes.
liar driver liar
his daughter drove into the back of me. She cried and said don't call insurance. I called her dad he said he would pay me - please leave the insurance out. Weeks and weeks of trying to collect from this jerk he plays phone tough guy with me. Records my conversation with him. Edits it and play it to my insrance company using my own confession that I threw it into reverse at a stop sign and crashed into the front of her car." He didn't pay me and the insurance company would not pay me. All I had done was to be the nice guy. Well it has been 2 years since it happened. I have had no contact with them. I have a terminal illness now. Revenge is coming within a month."
lying about age
I met this guy and lied about my age because i look young and never thought i would see him again. I told him I was 30 when i am really 39 he is 24. It turned out to be more them a fling I need to tell him but dont how. He knows I was married but has no idea I was married very young and have 3 chlidren 2 away @ college one in kindegarten. I feel aweful becuase now i can tell he is falling for me. I would love to just dissappear.
no matter how much you guys hate me i wish it never happened and i miss you i have nothing anymore. I'm sorry that I hurt you.
Popping Pimples, zits, ingrown hairs
I am kind of a hairy man and I frequently get ingrown hairs on my body but mostly my legs. Sometimes I even get boyles too. I hate them but I love popping them. When I find one I attack it because I can't stand having them on me. Sometimes the puss comes out thick and almost crunchy. When I am at work and in the bathroom, I like to fling them on the stall door for all to admire.
in school
i pretended i sprained my wrist to get out of sport and i just realized they show parents the lesson attendance!
My Stepdaughter
16 yr old Step-daughter and her Mother talked the 15 year old brother/son out of going on vacation with her and her Mother because we are just driving to Florida and it will be long and boring" and then went to an all-inclusive resort in MEXICO. AND got the Grandmother to tell him that they were heading to Virginia Beach instead of Florida."
is this what i deserve?
my dad is an alcoholic he's like 2 different people, i hate him i hate myself for hating him and im in love with a guy who doesn't want me anymore..and i let what people say get me down..oh and i want to hurt myself right now...ive had a very wonderful day/life....as you can see
i'm a wuss
I still love her, and everyday i give her advice on how to make her relationship with him better. I want so bad to just break into her house and tell her how i feel, i want to tell her the truth but i feel that wouldn't be fair to her. It's been a year and i've dated other girls and i still love her. I don't think she loves him, i think she's just afraid to break up with him. Everytime i'm in town i sit outside her house in my car planning to just tell her how i feel, but everytime i just wuss out. I drive fast going home hoping some car will hit me just so i can end this stupid way i feel about this stupid girl.
First Love
Last year I fell in love with a girl who broke my heart. I'm still thinking about her.
I'm sorry
I can't believe that it is over. We had one of the best friendships, and I had never experienced that strong of a connection in a friendship with a guy. We had so much fun for the longest time, and it's just so hard to accept the fact that it is over. I wish it wasn't now. I don't know how to tell you I'm sorry, but I wish you could understand how much I will miss you and how our friendship used to be. I had been selfish and now you have decided to leave. I don't know when I will be able to get over this, it's the summer all over again. You can be such a wonderful person sometimes, and I will miss you so much. Im sorry and thank you for everything.