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High Tolerance
My alcohol tolerance skyrocketing 2 years ago when I became an alcoholic. A 12-pack won't even get me messed up, and that's pretty sad because drinking is expensive.
I am a sick man
i promised my grandson that we would go to Chicago for four months, then told him that we weren't going. He had saved up 250 for this trip. He wanted to go and see his beloved Chicago Bears play, but i messed him around. What shall i do?
love is depressing
I've liked the same girl for the past 3 years. I always do stuff for her but she has no idea i did it. The other day i found out she just got a boyfriend. It's so depressing cause this guy isn't as smart as me, not as nice to her as me, way fatter than me and is ugly. Even her best friend is with me on this one. What is wrong with me, she picked someone like that over me...
The Typical Cliche, I Suppose.
And it really IS a typical cliche. Screwed-up romance with a high-school setting. Girl goes through school in ignorant bliss, popular - but with all the wrong people. She's sometimes happy, she's sometimes sad - she lives a good enough life to survive on. After a few years of this she sees this guy, whos always been there. . .but it's taken her this long to actually SEE him. She hates him - his cocky sarcasm, his confident arrogance - and yet he won't get out of her head, he just won't. Oh, but if only he didn't hate her as intensely as she hates him. . . Unfortunately, it's so damn impossible for him to return the love. He's gorgeous. Talented. . .at pretty much everything. She's that typical "girl next door" type. Pretty in your average kinda way. Dresses like a total freak. Acts like a dude most of the time. As annoying as hell. Got no girl friends and thousands of guy friends. Oh, but isn't this the beautiful irony of an overused cliche. . . ?
My brother was in a motorcyle accident last June. I was the last person to see him before it happened. The last words he ever heard were "I hope you die". And he did. I will never, ever stop feeling guilty.
My Crush.
I've liked the same guy for two years. We're good friends. We do a lot of business together. When we met we we're both in relationships, but now we're both single. We spend a lot of time together, but nothing romantic ever happens. I think its obvious that I like him. Everyone else sees it. Part of me thinks he likes me too. I think we're both so intimidated by each other that we think we don't have a chance. Neither one of us is the type to be rejected. I like him so much. My last relationship ended in part because I could never shut up about him. I look forward to seeing him and his phone calls. I'm like a little girl. I giggle and blush and get butterflies. I love it. I love this feeling. I guess risking losing the pleasure of his company just to bear my soul isn't what I want to do. I'd rather sit here and admire him from afar then never admire him at all. I look at it this way, whatever is meant to be will happen.
Fake People.
I have come to realize that there are alot of fake people out there. The person who is your best friend all through middle school, won't sit next to you in high school. The person who held your hair back when you were drunk and drove you home, won't be there when you're legal to drink. People change. You have to stay true to who you are and what you believe. Don't make exceptions. Anyone who is worthy of your friendship would never do anything to jeopardize it. Life is too short to have shady people around you. Surround yourself with good people who love you and support you. You have one life to live, make it the best one ever.
When I was little, my mom used to spend a lot of money on expensive items from department stores, particularly shoes. But she'd be afraid of showing my dad her credit card bills, so in order to pay them off, she'd return a vast majority of what she'd gotten. She'd be too ashamed to return five or six pairs of shoes at a time, though, so she'd send me or one of my siblings to do it. Even at a young age, I knew what was going on and it embarressed me. I know that she still does the same thing to my younger half-brother. Well, I inherited my mother's shopping addiction. But instead of returning anything that I don't need and facing the shame of dealing with judgemental salespeople, I keep all of it. So now I have tons of clothes, but if I don't watch out, I'll go broke very quickly.
friends stuff
If one of my friends piss me off i will take something that is worth a good amount of money and smash it. I broke a friends cell phone 2 weeks ago for making me look like and jerk at a party. He never found out what happened to it and spent almost $400 on a new phone.
drinking by myself
I never have enough free time to go hang out with friends and drink. When i do have the free time there busy. I drink by myself until i cant even walk. I do at least 2 times a week. It sucks so bad, but i have nothing else to do. The gf works so much that we never get to see each other so i turn to drinking.
I'm messed up right now
-I'm almost suicidal -I hate who I am right now -I'm 20, in love with a 14 year old. I'll never tell her because I want her to be happy. Can't help my perfect girl was born a few years after me. -I have no one to talk to at all. None of my friends want to hear what I have to say.
I'm Very Sorry
When I was a kid...we had a servant, who happened to have a child, and he was an orphan, his father was dead....I used to bully him, and torture him...Sometimes I want to cry about these sort of things I did...I used to beat on my younger sister too, and maids....I hate myself sometimes.
living a lie
im in a relationship with the guy who has been my best friend for the last 2 years - he is everything any girl could want... but late at night all i think about is the one that broke my heart... deep down i know he is my one
I messed up
Ive been married for 7 years.My husband just found out Ive been having a affair with his best mate. The bad thing is I'm actually also having an affair with a man in Texas who Ive fallen in love with.If the guy from Texas finds out about me sleeping with my hubby's best mate I risk losing him. My life sucks,and It's all my own fault
Days of our lives
I'm having a real "days of our lives" kinda life going on lately. I went from being engaged, to single, to a girlfriend. The boyfriend's "best" friend decides to take the opportunity to tell me that he is basically falling in love with me and that he will wait for me as long as it takes. He then decides its important to be around me as much as possible. I have some feelings for him, but not enough to destroy the 5 year relationship i have with my boyfriend. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of being involved in drama and i didn't bring this on myself. I can't stop thinking about this guy and i know its wrong but i can't get him out of my head. on paper, he's a total loser. he's got two kids, getting divorced from one of my old "best friends" and i can't help but think he's insane. Maybe I'm insane. I don't know anymore.
Getting kicked out of College
I got kicked out of a really nice college a month ago, and have been depressed every since. Even though my dismissal is only for a year, it still seems very long. I started a job somewhere mainly because I don't want to be lonely since I'm at home most of the time. In order to get back next year, I'd have to have B or bettere grades in all the classes I'm currently taking at a community college, life sucks so much. I dream about my friends over back at the university, how much fun we had, how great life was back then, last year as a freshman living in the dorms. Now, I'm a castaway, they don't even remember me anymore. I have a midterm tomorrow and I'm stressing out.
im love her so much
I cant stop thinking about my gf. When shes not around i feel so bored and dead. Shes everything to me and i could not live without her. I am so afraid of losing her. I would do anything for her.
oops. i fell in love again. with the wrong guy. again.