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Waste of time
I know it's a horrible thing to say this & I don't feel this way all the time... But I can't help but feel that the past 2 years of my life were a waste. This guy and I were in love, lived together for awhile, and even talked about getting married. Certain things didn't work. We never talked about it and everything ended. Supposedly we're "best friends" but he wants space and for me to not bother him for a few weeks. I'm still in love with him... & it's been killing me. But, I'm angry. He flirts and hangs out with 15 year olds now. Everyone tells me that I'm too good for him, but it still hurts and secretly I still want him back. I've resolved not to call him. I still miss him though.
I'm in love with my boss
He is everything I have ever dreamed my partner would be. He touches me, looks at me & makes me feel like I am the most sexy, beautiful, intelligent woman around. We have been seeing each other for a little while now, but it will always be secret..he is married.
I'm a liar.
All my life I?ve been a compulsive liar. I lie a lot ? all the time, about almost everything. I?ve had whole ?relationships? function for years based completely on lies. I do it because I need to feel validated and because? well, because I always get away with it. I know karma is probably going to come and bite me on the butt someday, but I can?t stop! It's like a tick. They always start off really small and then balloon into an elaborate fantasy. I?m amazed that people don?t ever seem to call me out on it. I want to stop. I sometimes have to consciously tell myself not to do it while I?m talking to someone. I feel so uninteresting and bland. Funny that the one thing that helps make me look better is the same thing that?s making me a bad person.
inner beauty
a girl asked me out, i did'nt realy know he she wasent very atractive or hot infact she's kinda chubby, i turned her down but we became good friends. I realised how beautiful person she is on the inside. its like shallow hall now everytime i see her i see her differantly to how i saw her when she asked me out she is gorgeus and i think i love her. it breaks my heart to think i've missed my chance with such an amazing girl.
why do i stay single
i'm in my 20s, attractive, but cannot let myself date anyone. i've been alone for so long that every time i'm about to start something i can feel myself wanting to cling. it's always the same: i start seeing someone, i have an emotional, bonding episode with them;i freak out and dump their ass on the very next day for no reason. what's wrong with me?
Eyeliner on a guy
Sometimes I put eyeliner on for fun. I'm a guy. and I don't like Green Day but I still do it.
Mom, if you only knew how much I truly hate you...
I can no longer tolerate my mother. She is a horrid women, rotten to the core from her own cynical nature. She also throws back everything someone says to her in anger, making each battle with her a nightmare. In response to this, I have created a bedtime ritual. Every night before I fall asleep, I picture her and me in a room together. I yell at her and say all the things I so desperately wish I could say to her in reality. I scream how I can't stand how she treats me like her slave, how she completely destroys all positive situations with her words, and that I can no longer feel any kind of compassion toward her. I always fall asleep with a smile on my face.
other girls
my boyfriend seems to show more love for other girls than me. It annoys me so much, i wish i could do something. There's always something wrong with the lives of these girls. I know them personally myself, so i know they have these problems. But i feel left out alot, i feel unloved. Then i go throught the guilt phase, i feel like im being selfish, after all these girls do really need help right? What should I do?
Love her man
I am in love with my friend's man. He's handsome and I"m beautiful and we look amazing together. She's not beautiful like me. He wants me so bad I can feel it because I also want him. He is my man in my heart and soul. I'm planning for the first time to take another woman's man. I don't want to hurt her but I need this man with me, in my life, in my bed. I feel him. I hurt. I ache. I'm in love.
I tell her everything she is not only my girlfriend but also my best friend and I can't tell her that I just bought her an engagement ring and plan on purposing during our vacation.............
i have hated when i shouldnt have. i have harrassed girls for no reason. i need to stop this nonsense and move on. ugh
I Could Make Him Happy
I want you, Lee, and I love you. I am so overwhelmed by the passion I feel for you. I know that I could give you what you need and make you happy. When you are ready to be loved and spoiled like no other, you know where to find me.
in love with brothers wife
I am total in love with my brothers wife, he has been with her for 20yrs, so i have known her just as long, and have fancied her since then. I would love to be with her all the time, however just one night of passion with her would be a dream come true.
I'm in love with a coworker
I've known and worked with J for about 1-1/2 years. We've been friends, spent time socially with one another. She even bought me a lap dance at a club once (she went along on the theory that we'd draw more attention with a girl with us than alone, and she was right.) Simply put, I've fallen in love with her. I've seen both her good side and her bad side, but everything seems better when she's around. We have similar views, similar upbringings, and have fun when we are together. She is currently unattached, although there is a (much younger) guy she's been hanging out with and seems to like, and it's pretty clear that she wants a relationship with this guy. We work at a small company, so there's no way a relationship between us could happen. Plus, I'm sure she's not interested, which makes me kick myself in the butt for allowing myself to feel anything for someone I know doesn't reciprocate. I'm old enough to know better.
My general chemistry class and chem lab make me want to kill myself for the mere fact of knowing that through my own laziness, I will never make it in the real world due to its unrealistic expectations. It makes me want to not be with any woman knowing that I would only expand into the world my stupidity.
I have a confession
I have a crush on my sister in laws boyfriend and cant stop thinking about him or dreaming about him.
My ex-boyfriend doesn't know that I have the password to his myspace, and I have been secretly checking it every day. He has no idea! I just decided that no, I do not feel bad about this because the reason we broke up is he cheated on me!
Skinny, Hungry.
I have been so broke lately and scared to ask my parents for money because they just gave me 200$ which I immediately spent so I could go to a music festival and out drinking. SO I've basically been starving myself, like all I had to eat today was half a packet of stale banana chips and 20 Parliament Light cigarettes (would rather smoke than eat, if forced to choose). The good news is, I've managed to starve myself down to a size 00!! I just measured my waist and it is 23 inches!! The bad news is that it actually looks terrible :( I hope my student loan check arrives soon.