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i think parents
i think parents try to control their kids too much. they just need to tdeal with their own problems and not take it out on their kids. like my girlfriends parents i think they mess her up by accusing her of everything in the world. my confession is that love will not last forever if both sides don't make it work.
I feel like
I feel like no one accepts me for who I am. I want to die
i got though
i got though life by cheating and now im screwed cuz i dont know a damn thing
I need to
I need to get my priorities straight. I need to start studying more. I am falling way too behind!
i am lonely.
i am lonely.
I always say
I always say I will stop myself from temptations and pray every time a temptation comes up, but I tend to always forget and give into the temptations.
I was caught
I was caught cheating on a math test once. Oops.
i'm 20 years
i'm 20 years old. i made out with my TA (teaching assistant) who is 31 years old.
Havent been doin
Havent been doin qt's as much as i should be. Also I should get more involved at church.
this one time
this one time in grade school most of my friends got in trouble for throwing grass clumps but I didn't even though I had partaken in the offense and I never did confess to it letting my friends take the brunt of the punishment of which I received none.
ive always thought
ive always thought of myself as a good friend but i find myself being annoyed by friends easily. I find little things become annoying because i feel the friends i have are not fully appreciating my friendship or not willing to help me in my time of need. Sometimes i juss want to yell
One thing that
One thing that really pisses me off is when people try to teach me something that I already know. I get angry and very bitter~ and then I feel all bad... Pride seems to always get in the way of good times to relearn something.
i haven't gone
i haven't gone to church since senior year in HS, and i haven't felt a need to. now i feel empty inside.
I've been going
I've been going to church all my life, as far back as I can remember. This is my last year in college and now I've been to church like twice in 2 months. I don't know why I'm not going anymore. It's not that I don't believe in God anymore but rather that I don't feel like I have a good church I can go to...
Sometimes I can't
Sometimes I can't stand my roommate. I just wish they would stop using my stuff, stop being hypocritical, and stop being so damn insensitive... I feel bad that I feel this way and I've tried to look on the brighter side of living with them, but overall it's just a really annoying situation.
I still love
I still love her deeply. What am I to think what she is doing with her life is wrong, I'm not a part of it anymore. Maybe I'm just being over protective of her or maybe i just know her well enough that shes making another mistake in her life... who knows. Now that i have confessed my love for her, it's time to lock away these feelings and move on with my life.
I remember...every time
I remember...every time i think bout her...i just think of what i could have had with her. I always think about how she was the coolest chick, almost perfect for me. Only if i had more time, maybe if i lived in a different location...somethin could have happened...who knows. All i gotta do now is find a chica that even compares to her, cuz its hard...real hard.
This isn't anything
I know I am not alone in this but at times, actually all the time I feel so inadequate. It's as if I do not measure to anyone or in anything I do. I wonder sometimes if I should just tell myself that things are good enough or if I strive to do better and be better.