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I have loved you since 7th grade and now 20 years later we are finally together. You were the one all along and you never even knew it..........neither did I! I love you
Sometimes when I
Sometimes when I see hot girls on the road, I follow them just for the hell of it. I don't stalk on them or anything, but it's just fun. I can't help it. It's like there's some kind of magnetic force pulling me to them. I hope none of them noticed and got scared.
my girlfriend thinks
my girlfriend thinks im in love with her.. but the more time that passes... the more i grow apart from her and realize that she is not the one for me.. i know she loves me and that is why it is so hard for me to break her heart and tell her how i feel...
im scared to lose a friend and hurt someone i care about..
I am married to a great guy, I truely love him. A fews months ago I found a number in his cell phone, it was some girl he had been hanging out with. He promises me they were only friends and nothing happened, but I don't know if I will ever really be able to fully trust him again. We have become closer since then but how do you get past this? I have been maticulous in my searching and spying since then. I look through the phone records and email and anything else to see if I can find any evidence of the two of them talking, she is younger than him and is very FAT. I'm thinner and I think prettier than she is and I'm still angry about it. I have told her to stay away, and I've even thought of spying on her. I know its creepy but I want vendication and revenge. She almost ruined my marriage!!!!!!!
one time at
one time at a resturant some cop's left a tip for the waitress and after they left I took the money
Throughout the year,
Throughout the year, i have been waiting in the library for people to use the bathroom. when they leave, i would steal their books and sell them online.

i feel bad. but i'm poor
Let Me In
"What's Wrong?" I asked. I wish that I would have know what I just got myself into. That horrible feeling creeps in my stomach. The fact that he questioned the status of our relationship, I wish I would have kept my mouth shut. All I did was ask what was wrong. I'll never understand quite exactly the extent of the demons that reside in his mind. It seems like I will never be able to help him. I'm not good enough. Possibly, it may be the fact that he treats me like I am not even in this relationship. He hurts me when he does not let me in. I wanted to just help him...that's all. I will always love him despite everything..........
When i was
When i was a little kid i took money from my piano teacher's drawer, and i lied to him that i found it behind a trash can on the street.
I tell people
I tell people I have a girlfriend that I've had for a couple years now, but in actuality I've never even had one. The one girl I tell everyone about, she is a close friend that I hope to marry. She hasn't been seeing anyone but I'm too nervous to actually ask her out.
when i'm sick,
when i'm sick, i like to infect others with my illness. preferably people i don't like. (like my roommate)
ear piercing
so i've wanted to pierce the top of my ear for the LONGEST time, just because it would look great and well, sometimes you just want to do something. so i got home last night and decided to just do it. i grabbed an earring, cleaned it off and tried to make it go, but it wouldn't. so then i got a needle and just wiped it off and pierced my ear. i showed it off all day but i was afraid it would get infected. now, it is. i have no idea what to do, so i took out the earring, only to look it up and it says not to take it out. but i can't get it back in-it hurts too much. so now im basically wiping my ear with rubbing alcohol and i took an ibuprofen cuz i have no clue what to do and im hoping that against the odds it will just go away. my parents don't know about it and they would be so angry and dissapointed in me if they did. IM SO SCARED!!! what if the infection spreads of something- i dont know what i will do and in regret piercing my ear so much. i feel so guilty and afraid and totally alone.
Honestly I don't care for make up. I think I look fine without it. I just wear it so you would stop having your hissy fits about it mom. Sometimes I just put on foundation.
two girls
i think im in love with my best friend, but i feel bad about it, because i also feel that im in love with my girlfriend of 3 months. sometimes i just wish my best friend would dump her boyfriend and that my girlfriend would dump me so that finally we could be together. but then other times i feel as if i never want to be without my girlfriend.
while i was
while i was changing in the fitting room i peed on the pants i tried on and put it back on the rack
Animal Abuse
As a former vegetarian I feel ashamed to say I've taken out my aggression on my family's pet when it urinates in the house... for some reason punishing that dog brings out the darkest side of me. I've strangled it and beaten it badly. I realize how terrible these acts are and I know this effects my karma in the most awful kind of way. I pray for forgiveness and will from now on try to treat it with the respect it deserves as one of God's own.
I once placed
I once placed keyloggers on the computers at my college. Then I got everything everyone typed sent to me via FTP. I found one girls credit card info and spent $300 on everquest stuff, mostly platinum. I don't feel bad about it at all. It's been a year and I haven't been caught.
i'm waiting for
i'm waiting for my grandfather to pass so that i will inherit all his money
revenge is sweet
I once ran in to an old girlfriend who dumped me days before my junior prom. I was shattered. My friends weere going and at the time it appeared I was not. Months later I ran in to the dumper who was working at a McDonalds tending the register. I ordered a large Coke --- "with no lid" When she gave me the coke I poured it over her head. To say she was pissed would be an understatement. As the coke was dripping down her face, back, chest, etc, I hm sure I had the look of delight on my chops. She muttered something and left her register. The sweetest part of the story was I told the replacement cashier I spilled my coke and she gave me a new one. I felt a sense of vindication like I have never felt since.