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I Got Fired
i was working at Petco and this fat lady comes in with a puppy she comes up to me hands me the puppy and says she does not want and to keep or sale. i take the puppy and decide keep it. my cheap boss finds out and fires me for keeping the puppy and not selling her for money! stupid i know.
Violence DOES cause poverty.
Okay so, once upon a time, there was me. A guy named Joshua. I worked at a laser tag place in Pittsburgh. Now, with laser tag, you expect to encounter a little bit of animosity from time to time. People come in, they get shot, they don't get shot, they get mad. Because they weren't shot. Or maybe they liked to get shot. I don't know, I'm only the cashier.
Anyway. How I got fired. This one boy went by himself to play laser tag with a group of strangers. They, well, to be blunt, they beat him really badly. The kid sucked at this game. About as badly as a Hoover Vacuum sucks when clogged up with socks.
Well, who likes to lose? This boy---let's call him, oh, Billy---came stomping up to me with his face all red like a balloon and perspiring, and he said, "Yo man, I want a free game. They's cheatin'!"
"Nah," says I, full of good will as always (who says I can't make it sound a little better?) "just because you lost, doesn't mean I can just hand out a free game. Bring back some money and practice and I promise you won't lose."
Well, long story short, Billy told me he disagreed with this notion, and that he could cause my defeat any day of the week (even Sunday). Only in much worse vulgarity. I won't repeat it word-for-word.
Now me, I'm competitive. I said, "Bring it, sucka." So I have a gun. He has a gun. We gunfight. He loses. He cries. Well, not really. He should have.
You may be asking yourself, how did I get fired? I said I was competitive. I did not say, not once, that I was a graceful winner.
After winning, I proceeded to prance around him like a unicorn singing "Ha, ha, I beat you, little kiddie, nyah, nyah! I win! Pay up! No free games, no free games!"
So he got all mad about it and smug and he smiled a vindictive little smile on that face like a bruised apple and told me, "Well I got a free game out of you, right? It's practice!"
So I flung the gun at him. The manager disapproved of giving valued customers concussions.
...and they all lived happily ever after, except me, 'cause now I can't buy pizza rolls.
Sweet, sweet pizza rolls. Melty loves of mine....
Ok, I was working a JCPenney for about a month, and I have a raw sense of humor so I did a few things to try and lighten peoples moods because I know how bad work sucks. I did things like writting "watch for deadly stealth ninjas" on the wall (in pencil!) in the stockroom, I tied a noose with a shoe string and cut out a paper man and hung him (the paper man bore no resemblance to anyone or any ethnicity), and on the line for the phone number on a merchandise hold tag I wrote "didn't give (lets shoot him!)". all of these things were done out of simple humor and were in the stock room where no customers could see and were not done out of anger towards anyone. It was just plain, simple, raw humor intended to brighten up peoples days. Well, the loss prevention jerks (who's job it is to tattle!) found all of this stuff and reported it. It was also the end of a 30 day job performance evaluation and i guess they didn't like the way I
was working. They were going to give me 2 weeks to
straighten my act, but in conjunction with all the stuff I mentioned, they fired me. I see how my termination could be justified, but come on! I was only their for 30 days! I had recieved no warnings or write-ups or anything! I feel like I should have gotten that 2 weeks to pull myself together. Oh, and by the way my brother took the job I got fired from the day I got fired!
Woodford Cafe
OK so I had this stupid boss every morning I had to be on work very early and wear stupid yellow and green ribbons.I was a server and had to cash, mop the floors, wash the dishes and lock up the store everyday for a freaking dollar more than minimum wage. my boss was a jerk she would fuss about every little thing so i decided to prank her. one early morning i put the dirty bin on the door before she came in and to make matters worse I put crazy glue on the door knob so she couldn't move.Bam! on her head she like a skunk stuck the door and every car that passed threw somthing at her before she ran inside. Her pesky daughter ratted me out that evening i got fired and no pay check.
She didnt fire me I quit
Im 16 and i was excited about my 1st job over the summer...It wasnt a glamorous job I was a housekeeper at a 5 star Hotel,but hey i was making $9.50 and hour which is so good for a student who can just spend cash LOL anyways...My mom always told me that i cant handle a job because of my attitude, my tounge has no limit i speak my mind without thinking of later conciquences.
When I 1st started working I loved it...I was quick and had evrything done in perfect order...my 1st two days there I met my co-worker she instantly became my best friend...we were tight...anyways my 1st two days there i was getting lunch breaks and 15 minutes breaks since it was a full time job...But after awhile i noticed i wasnt getting no sort of breaks me or my co-worker bff...but every1 else was and my Manager she would hide in rooms with all the other co-workers and eat in their while me and my friend would clean clean clean...we also noticed she would go into our assigned rooms and take the tips left in the rooms and leave and we would have to clean it.
So just after being hired on a wednsday the wednsday after that I got fed up and so did my friend...So I jus went to the Bigger manager (The manager of my manager) and i told her if i can be transfered she responded "NO" so i took my room keys off and said "Fine I guess I quit" The look on her face was so funny she had her mouth wide open cause they hardly had any workers only 3 including us was 5 with 200 rooms.
My other manager came to talk to me so i can stay working there along with my friend who quit with me...she was beging for us to stay but we said no...we can find another job...So my manager looked at us and said fine both of you are FIRED...I just laughed cause her face was so red...Than she said "We dont need ignorant 16 year olds working here" and i said yea but "WHO WAS BEGGING FOR THESE IGNORANT 16 YEAR OLDS TO STAY"...she called us 2 weeks later to get our jobs back but we already had new jobs.
Fired on the first day!
I got a job at this new coffee place in town. I'm heading to work on my first day, and I forget my coffee.(I'm one of those people who can't function without coffee) So I stop at the Starbucks right next my house. I walk in with the cup in my hand and BAM! I'm fired.
Not Fair
I started working at McDonald's when I was 16 and this happened when I was just about to turn 18 (I was still in High School, about to graduate). I had requested 4 days off to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I did it 3 months in advance. I went to the dentist, they removed my wisdom teeth, and I returned to work 4 days later. Having been prescribed Percocets (a narcotic pain reliever) for the pain I was going to have and did have from the surgery of the removal of my wisdom teeth, I obviously went to work with the painkiller running through my system. I was fine and I showed no signs of "being high" as they told me I was. I had 2 spare painkillers in my pocket just in case they wore off and I needed to take 1 before leaving work. I made it all of my shift to the end of the day and my manager called me into her office and told me that I was fired for coming to work "high."
The next day, I brought this up with the actual store owner and I told them that I was going to do something about it if he didn't. Well, he didn't do anything so I got a lawyer and the lawyer helped me to sue them and I actually got $50,350 out of it and the manager that fired me was also fired, I was even offered my job back. I am still recieving monthly checks of $900 each month, 3 years later!
Sliced diced and screwed
I was at a job placement as a butcher for a meat market and i found out i had court the next day late at night so i tried to call them and couldn't get ahold of them. so then i called the teacher involved with it and didnt get ahold of him but left a message he then called back later but i wasn't home saying no that it's my job to call them even though i told him i called. I got fired from the place even though i was working extra hard.
Hell No
Back in 2006, Tamura's Supermarket in Wahiawa, HI wanted me to work on Super Bowl Sunday. I quit.
I'm glad he's gone..
I fired this guy for no reason..
Compliants from the customers.
okay so my neighbor,being the good neighbor she is got me a job at the mcdonalds or "mcfatties" which is what i call it,not far from our house,it was my first job,and i got hired right away,one night i was on drive-through,being the nicest employee ever until one weekend,i wanted to go out of town and tried to find people to cover my shift,well everybody who wasnt working,told me no,so i got fed up,called up && quit,but i was going to quit anyways,they didnt treat me how i wanted to be treated,but soon after i quit,i was talking to my neighbor about it and she told me that they were getting compliants from the customers in drive-through,saying i was rude,impolite and i wasnt doing my job,which is totally wrong cause im not a mean person to begin with,i just get annoyed easily,even though i quit,i had a feeling i was gonna get fired if i lasted another week.
My first ever job was, typically, at our local Maccas. I was 15 and had previously hurt my back as a dancer and athlete. After 3 months I landed my first fries shift. Anyone whos' been a Maccas slave should know the fries shift - for anyone else, its spending a few hours making fries and only fries. My back played up during this shift and ended with a visit to the doctor and the physio, which meant I wasn't able to work the following day. The day after, the store manager called my mother and I in for a meeting and I was told to hand in my resignation... which is devastating news for a 15 year old in her first job!
No Sympathy
I worked for a little restaurant in my town. I worked double shifts often, stayed late, came in on my days off, and received 2.50/hr. Plus the owner was "taking taxes" out of my pay. My boyfriends mom was sick and in hospice. I had stayed with her for about a week. My boss knew of the situation and let me have time off. Well, after the funeral, I went back to work, and she told me "If your mother-in-law's death is more important than working here, than you dont need to work here anymore". so i was fired.
Fired for education
So I had been working at this grocery store for over a year, and I did EVERYTHING (bakery, deli, cashier, book-keeping, deposits, accounting, opening, and closing the store), and I was only making minimum wage. Whenever somebody called out, they would always call me, and I would go in. I was also a university student, and had asked for a week off at the end of the semester for finals. They only gave me 3 days off, and one of the days they scheduled me in was on the day of a major math final. The schedule only came out a few days ahead of time, so I asked every day if they could switch that day for another day. They said no, and that I would have to call somebody to cover for me. I called one of my good friends who worked there to cover for me as a cashier, because that's where I was scheduled. She did it without hesitation, because I've helped her out before. The next day when I went into work, they put me on suspension from being
able to work, and wanted to see proof that I
actually had a final. I got my math professor to call my boss an hour later, and fax her in my graded final (I got a B+) so she could see that I was telling the truth. But still, I was suspended from working for the rest of the week. I had never had any warnings or complaints. At the end of the week I went in to get my pay stub, and inside the envelope was separation papers. She later told everyone that she fired me to "set an example". I wasn't aware that getting an education would be frowned upon.
Okay, my friend was fired form McDonalds for call the 'washcloth' a 'rag' in front of a customer.
Crazy Hicks at Farmer Jack
I was working at Farmer Jack and I started as a bagger but eventually they put me at the front of the store to be a greeter. Easiest job in the world. Just stand there and hand sales books to people.
Now in the entrance is the bottle room where customers can returned their soda cans and bottles and there's always suppose to be somebody in there but there sometimes wasn't because the kids they hired for that sort of thing were always off goofing around.
So I'm standing there doing my job and this gap toothed red neck old lady comes in from the bottle room and starts yelling at me about the bottle machine being broken and I have to fix it for her RIGHT NOW.
I tried to explain to her that I didn't know how to fix the bottle machines but if she went to the customer service counter they would send somebody to come help her.
So she goes stomping off mumbling something about me being useless and rude and I tried to say sorry as she walked away.
She came back and started yelling at me some more because they hadn't sent anybody to help her with the machine yet. I was trying to apologize to her for having to wait and apoligizing that I couldn't help her.
She ended up telling my manager that I was rude and I had terrible customer service skills and I got fired.
Fired on my day off
I worked at a grocery store in high scool as a sacker. I requested a weekend off for a school function more than a month previous to the day. The weekend came and I was out of town. My boss called my house and spoke to my mom that Sat. He asked where I was and she said I was on a school trip. He told her I was supposed to work that day and since i did not give notification, I was fired. When i came back I heard this and thus did not show up that Monday for work.
The following Thursday i went in to get my paycheck and saw the manager. He asks me "Where have you been? Why haven't you shown up for work?" I look at him bewildered and said, "Remember I asked for this past weekend off?" He replied yes. So i repsponded "Well you called my house on Sat and told my mom i'm fired b/c i didnt show up for work!" He looked at me and said, "Oh..." then walked off. I got my check and split!
Friendly's - not so friendly
So a new manager said something inapprorpiate to me. Uncomfortable, I told the regional manager and four days later I was fired for wearing earrings that were too big, (keeping in mind there was a rule about not wearing earrings) and for not wearing the right shoes (cuz I was still waiting for Friendly's to order them for me five weeks after I asked). Being 17 and only having this as a part time job, I was upset about being fired, but all I could think was what if it was my full time job and I needed the money.
$$$ OOPS $$$
I worked at a store and somone bought about $350 woth of clothes. Well, they decided to pay with a check and the check machine wasnt working and i thougth it did but when my boss was on the cash register next to me he saw it didnt charge her and so she got free aclothes and i found out i did the same thing to another costomer that owed around $500 :(
How I Got Fired
I was a chashier at McDonalds and this Fattie lady came up to me and ordered 2 Big Macs with A large Fries and a Coke. So when the order came out i gave it to her and she grabbed my hand and she was like "now we say the Lord prayers!" And im like im not christian and she gave me this stern look. and stared at me. I was like LET GO OF ME and she was like MISS BETULA (my nametag said hi im Betula) We should all thank for the food we have here upon the altar of goodness! Im like Ohhh Geez. so she wouldnt let go of me and so i pulled my wrists out and the Coke happend to co flying onto my passing by boss. And. the rest was history.

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