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I stole there food for fun
Basically i worked at mcdonalds near enough when i left school and the managers were so nasty to the young staff saying we didnt work hard enough and were lazy but i actualy was not i was a keen worker even though it was mcdonalds. Anyways after a long period of time working there they took the piss giving my break, i used to work 7-3 and staff who came in after me had there breaks first and sometimes id have to wait 4-5 hours for a break!
one day i came into work without eating any breakfast as i was a little late so i was really hungry, i asked for an early break but it was too busy apparently to give me one :( at about half 10 when it was change over from breakfast to normal day meals we had alot of spare food in the breakfast trays that were going to be thrown away anyway so i grabbed myself one tiny bit of bacon out the tray and ate it.
unfortunatly the managed caught me and had a right go at me & apparently she was going to send me off on a break but instead i was sent home lol.
couple of days after i had a meeting with these managers from different stores and basically got the sack just for eating a tiny bit of bacon when i was hungry & it was ready to be thrown away, the most pathetic thing i've ever known in my life! lol
I worked at this outside mall called streets of tanasbourne. it was a very cool place and everything. but all the young attractive chicks hung out there. ALL THE TIME!! and i had to walk around cleaning up cigarette butts and gum off the sidewalk. it was stupid because i had to wear a purple polo shirt. so i worked there for 2 hours. and some girl laughed at me. it was embarassing so i jumped on my skateboard and bombed down the hill. by then i obviously wasn't wearing my stupid polo and i was swinging it around over my head. blew the hot chick a kiss and slapped my butt to my supervisor.
Hope you choke on it
I was an asst. mgr. of a deli and worked like a dog. The manager was lazy and would only work her schedule with no exceptions. I was pregnant and was working 16 hour days, 7 days per week. They were unsympathetic to the fact that I was newly pregnant and would tell me I had to lift 150 lb. boxes by myself. Just real jerks, but I needed the money, because of the impending hospital bill.
The fateful morning, I came into work to a huge number of catering orders to get out. I had instructed my co-workers the night before to clean inside the chicken fryers because if they didn't the chicken would taste burnt. Lo and behold, that morning the fryer had not been cleaned. Catering orders HAD to go out immediately, so there was no time to do anything about it. By midday, the oil was smelling burnt and the chicken tasted awful, so we had to make an executive decision to change the oil and the orders would have to be delayed.
Go to grab the oil for the fryers and there is none. The manager, in her infinite lack of wisdom, had not bothered to order any. We ended up having to run to a local KFC and get these blocks of shortening, which dont' work properly in our machines to broast chicken.
Then, one of the ladies decides to have her yearly nervous breakdown (don't get me started about why she didn't get fired) and leaves. Her co-worker decides to drive her to the mental hospital, which was fine, except she failed to return.
This left me with myself and another gal who was really slow. She moved slow, she thought slow, and she was just plain stupid. I told her to take the counters and I would tackle the mounting catering orders.
We run out of breaded chicken, so I have to run back to the freezer to grab some more boxes to bring up front. This chicken we had to bread ourselves in a cooler. Again, something the girls were supposed to do the night before.As I'm pulling the chicken out, by myself, 3 months pregnant and cramping, the box falls on the floor, spilling it's contents onto the filthy backroom floor, with cleaning products spilled all over the surface. Totally unusable. Finally, one of the meat department managers takes pity on me and decides to help me.
I go back to the deli and call the manager and beg her to come in, explaining our situation. She refuses and gets nasty with me.
The front counter is lining up and I am falling further behind by the minute. The store manager is having a cow and trying to help and the store owner is yelling at me like I had any control over it.
This old, grumpy lady comes up and insists I slice her some smoked turkey. I plastered a smile on my face and happily told her I would. I was running on pure fumes by then.
I finish slicing 2 lbs of smoked turkey, which she wanted "chipped", which means shredded and it took nearly 30 full minutes to get it all the way she wanted it, only to have her tell me that I didn't give her turkey, I gave her chicken. I showed her the package I'd just sliced, which was labeled smoked turkey, but she insisted that I was wrong and that I redo her order.
I was ready to explode by then and was holding it together with the very last thread of my control. I'm re-slicing her meat and she's muttering nasty things behind my back and I could feel my self-control slipping, slipping, slipping. She finally said something like "It's about time" as I shut the slicer off and started packaging up the meat and that's when I lost it.
I turned around, threw it at her head and told her I hoped she choked on it. I stripped off my smock and threw it at the store manager and told him I was going home.
The next day, I felt horrible about it and my husband told me to go beg for my job, but they told me I was fired unless I apologized to the woman. I told them to get bent and never went back.
Dollar General
Okay. So I worked at the local Dollar General for about a year when the lead clerk (kind of an asst. manager) got fired for stealing money. My boss comes to me and asks me if I could work her hours, close the store up, all that fun manager-type stuff. Being she promised me a raise, I agreed. I did that job for about 2 months, then one day I walk in to pick up my check and she tells me, "Oh I hired this great new lady for that lead clerk job!" I said what the hell BJ you already put in for my promotion! She tells me that she already called Home Office and cancelled it, but could I work the day before my wedding because she needed off. Then to top it off, the lady she hired was coming in at 6 a.m. to put up stock while I was still working as the manager on duty every night for minimum wage!! When she heard I'd put in an application at Wal-Mart she "needed to see me" and said she'd heard I was trying to get hired there..
....I told her, "I'm not trying to get
hired....I start this Friday. Good luck finding someone that'll cover my night shifts next week!!" She was soo mad....even madder when I recruited 2 people from there to come to Wal-Mart, and 2 more quit less than a week before I did.
Nothing comes before work. NOTHING!
My first job was at a McDonalds store, I had been working there for about two years (since the store opened). When the casuals started the manager put great stress on ensuring that our schooling would always come before work. We soon found out that this was rarely the case (He would often give school students closing and open shifts, and giving them way too many hours). Most of the nice managers ended up quitting or moving, and I was getting very stressed. Anyway, my high-school grad ceremony was coming up, so I went in on Wednesday to ask for the night off (The rosters for the next week are posted on Thursdays). He said they had already done the rosters so I would have to see if I could swap shifts.
This is no easy business, as the managers would not call for you, but neither would they give you the other workers numbers, and you couldnâ??t ask during work, so you had to come into the store and wait for the other guys to finish and then ask them.
Needless to say, I couldnâ??t find a replacement. I told my boss that this night was very important to me and that there was no way that I would be able to come in. He still said no.
On the night of my graduation, I called in sick. He said fine but he wanted to speak to me the next day. When I arrived he sat me down and began the lecture, a few minutes in, he asked me â??Do you seriously want your job?â?, I had had enough. I smiled at him, replied simply â??No.â?, gave him my uniform and walked out the door.
One year later, and the store has less than one-third of the original crew left. I wonder why?
Cubicle Farm
I worked @ a business as a telephone service rep. basically a cubicle farm the size of a ranch. Bloated servile cattle shuffled about with bags under their eyes and the lie of corporate egalitarianism in their hearts. Mind- numbing monotony prevailed: Thanks for calling Thanks for calling Thanks for calling Enough I said! I made friends w/ the comp tech and lower management in HR. Gathered info & figured out you could set up the soft phone to drop calls & not record. Manipulated the software to track false stats. Surfed the net all day! This worked for like 7 or 8 months. Would have gotten away w/ it if I hadn't been careless - only way to override is manually. Boss can listen live. Only listened in twice a year, random date on a certain month. I just forgot about it. It's ok, I drew a fat cheque long enough. I was getting fat anyway.
The Other Store"
when i was 19 i worked at the dollar store. best job a 19 year old can get right? Everyone who worked with me was great, great boss and everything. Until he retired = (. On my day off me and my friends went to the other dollar store. To see what competition we had. While going inside My friend (has his skateboard) so the manager comes out and says you kids don't even come in here just go home. And i said we were just gonna get 1 thing he will wait outside. And the guy says is that right? Then if your just getting 1 thing you dont need to come in here do you? Well we could go to the one down on so and so street. And my friend (who just got off work) was wearing his vest from the store i work at. He goes off swearing at us. then he says: WHAT ARE YOU SPIES IM CALLING YOUR BOSS NOW GIT! we of course ran. The next day we all returned to work and found that we had been fired for "spying" on the other store.
No Way Out
So, I was working at a K-Mart at the time, and was quite happy about it (what can I say, I was easy to please). However, at the time, K-Mart and SEARS were merging, and still trying to get their act together, which is where my trouble came from. One thursday, when we got new items in, I was working the morning shift. Now I knew i had to get the new cds in, including a country singer whose name I can't remember but was very popular, but by half an hour after I had arrived, no stockers had arrived with my goods. So I called the front desk to ask for the call number for the back room, only to be told that in my position as the electronics cashier, I didn't have the right to know. So I asked who to page, again I was told that I wasn't allowed to. So how am I supposed to get the cd's that I need to stock. The shift leader just gave me the "um..." nose and hung up. So a few minutes later, a customer comes by and I have to, lo and behold, tell
him to come back later for the cd he wants. 5
customers later (I repeat, really well liked country singer for the area) I remembered there was an overstock room they gave me the key for. So, stupid me, I tell the customer to hold on while I go check this room. When I get back a minute or two later, the store manager is there with the shift leader and the customer yelling at me for leaving the customer alone. I ask what I was supposed to do and the manager said I was to call her, at which point I asked her extention, and she said she wasn't allowed to tell me because of a new policy. So what was I supposed to do? I asked, still no actual answer. A few days later, I was fired. However, the computers from SEARS and K-Mart weren't using the same system, so instead of being fired then, when I could have still gone back to college, I wasn't fired for another 2 weeks, the week after college admits had to be turned in.
Evil Owner.
A friend of mine was the manager of this little "mom and pop" movie store,which was locally owned and operated. Unlike all the franchise chains, it was a quiet and cool place to work where you could watch movies all day. Pretty much anything went as long as your customer service was on key. I hired on as a clerk, and should have known something was wrong from the start when the owner told me I'd be paid "under the table." Still, I stuck with it, and eventually became manager. Once I was, I organized the store far better than it had been, and our rentals jumped 60%. I got a small raise, and started enjoying the job more than any I'd had. After a little over year, the owner stopped in one day and informed me we were losing money. After consulting the accounts and payroll, it was obvious that we were far from losing money. We were making more than we ever had. After an argument over this fact, he took me outside to have a look at
the new Hummer he'd purchased, decked out and
with a price-tag of 60,000 dollars. It comes to my attention at that point that we aren't losing money, we just aren't making enough to cover his new ride. When i ask him if this is the case, he smiles and laughs. That night, he calls me to inform me that he'll be giving his wife my position since he "didn't have to pay her." My hours, and every other employees hours, were cut down to maybe one day a week. Within a week, he'd fired everyone of us on trumped up charges, and hired high school kids who'd work for minimum wage. I thought for a long time on turning him for tax-evasion, but decided to leave his doom to karma.
Caught on Camera
My sisters ex boyfriend used to work in the local co-op in our village and had done so for a matter of years over which time he had stolen variuos food from the shelves and drinks from the fridge, eventually he found a new job and was working his 2 weeks notice when on the secound to last day they were training the new employee how to use the monitors and asked her to type in a random date time and camera of which she chose to my sis ex's luck camera 2 (the fridge) at 12:05 on a saterday in june which displayed him taking an oasis from the fridge n drinking it hehehe.. inevitably he got fired ...one more day n he woulda got away with it!
Cleaning bathrooms as a dishwasher
Not really a fired story but a good i quit story I was working at the busiest mexican restaraunt in town as a dishwasher... i was the fastest dishwasher there so i had all the hard shifts friday saturday sunday and monday our busiest days.... well one day the bathroom over flows and one of the waitresses comes in and tells me that i need to clean the bathroom i told her no because we were in dinner rush and i was buried up to my neck in dishes she got all pissed and walked out but came back like 30 minutes later and told me the boss said it was my responsibility to clean the bathrooms so i argue with her some more saying nowhere in the description of dishwasher does it say i need to clean the bathrooms after a while the boss of the shift tells me i need to clean it or im fired so i clean the stupid bathroom, calmly finish my shift collect my last paycheck (it happened to be payday) and never show up for work again... i heard
that it took them 2 weeks to find another
dishwasher.... HAHA thats what they get i say
Well my friend was working at a local grocery store and evidently had had enough with it because he was bagging a woman's groceries and ended up putting a bag of potato chips on the bottom of the bag and then putting more stuff on top of the chips. She made a comment about this, saying "You're going to make the chips nothing but crumbs." My friend looked at her and yelled "THERE'S GONNA BE CRUMBS ANYWAY!!!" Needless to say he was fired the next day.
Customer Service Sucks
I used to work for a small outsourcing company that handled customer service for the T-Mobile To Go line of cell phones. It was an easy job, good pay, but you just sit in front of a computer talking to people who sometimes ask how to turn the phone on without even having the battery inside, and take all their abuse. It's a very boring, stressful job. So after about 11 months I got bored, and when some idiot was on the phone, I just started playing "Polly Wolly Doodle" on the keypad of my phone. Needless to say, the call was being monitored and recorded, and I was let go. I have some friends from there who I still talk to (and agree that that job was bad), and I see some jerks occasionally that I try my best to avoid. A week after I was fired, the outsource place shut it's doors, and now I'm working at a store doing floor maintenance (buffing/waxing) and it's SO much better, better pay too! So yeah, I've seen Office Space,
and I've sorta lived it.
In your face!
Once I decided to work for my mother n' law, big mistake! Of course she had to tell everyone I was related so right away I was hated. I have always been a hard worker and of course working for her I had to be an even harder worker because if I screwed up it would make her look bad! Well I'm working retail which I have a lot of experience doing and I had proven myself to her so she wanted me to take over their mall store as a manager. Well little miss quiet princess that had been hoping she would get the job based on seniority wasn't exactly thrilled that I was going to have "her" job. I understand what it probably looked like to her but she wouldn't even talk to customers or try and make sales or anything. She just wasn't management material! Anyhow she was being a total jerk to me all day, I was getting fed up with and I felt bad for my mother n' law having to deal with her childish employees so I decided to quit. No big deal
right? I was doing the right thing of walking away! As I
was walking towards the entrance this little idiot opened her mouth and said that it was good that I was leaving I didn't fit in anyways, who was she to talk to me like that! So with my bottle of Dr. Pepper in hand I slowly opened my soda while I was totally stewing and drenched little miss better than everyone! May seem childish to some but it totally relieved my tension and at least I didn't get arrested for beating the heck out of her like I really wanted to! Needless to say I had some dry-cleaning fee's taken out of my last pay check from the clothes on the wall behind her. Totally worth it!
health care bonanza
ok, so one day in june i was going thru a hard time cause I just found out that my best friend of 16 years had just shot him self, me and my girl split and i wrecked my truck. this was all in about two days. so i go into work one day and i was not feeling up to taking care of my patients for the night you know being upset from the days prior and everyone could tell something was up so i would explain what i was going thru and most felt sorry for me and comforted me, well i ended up leaving after about 5 hours of people crying, and screaming because of injuries. well to conclude the story the floor manager was all pissed off cause i left 3 hours early from my shift so the next day i was walking out the door to go to work and the admin of the hospital called me and as nice as can be he asked what i was up to and i replyed im on my way into work and he laughed and said well don't bother i have your last check in my hand come pick it up. so i
went and got it and he shook his head and turned
around and walked in his office and closed the door. all in all never work for a hospital they don't have sympathy for employees.
Would you like stitches with that?
Ever have someone burn you so bad that you tell yourself next time you ever see them you're going to get even no matter what? Dude stole 1500$ worth of music gear (Guitar, Peavey Classic Chorus 212 scorpion equipped, couple boss pedals, hardshell case, etc), proceded to disappear off the face of the earth. 9 Months go by. He walks into the Tim Hortons where I was working as a baker. I told my manager at the time I was really sorry for what I was about to do. In the dining room. One Punch. 8 Stitches.
Dunken Donuts
well i was working at Dunken Donuts for almost a year. and the first few weeks everything was fine. after awhile i started to realize people where always talking about me behind my back. i was even told that i was gonna get fired because no one liked me. for what ever reason. well one day i got really sick and i couldn't go to work or a week (i was in the hospital) well after i got out i went in to work to get my check and they told me that i fired and not to come in any more.
Soup with that?
I was working as a waitress for Olive Garden, and with the meals you get either soup or salad, and the guy i was waiting on wanted both salad & soup. So I went in the back, collected all his stuff along with Im guessing his wife or girlfriend's food, and proceeded back to the table & the second I put the salad down he was like "Umm could I maybe get some soup with that?" so i just looked at him and started to grab the soup off the tray and in the process of him rolling his eyes like a jerk, i "accidentally" spilled the soup all on the side of his body. Needless to say he started freaking out saying I did it on purpose, so I put the tray down and right as it reached the table my manager came over, got pulled aside by the customer, then I got pulled in the back and of course fired about 5 minutes later. They couldn't have someone working there with a "hostile" attitude. Oops. I obviously can't work
in customer service.
Call Center Wreck!
okay i was working at a summer camp and needed some extra cash to start off the school year. so my friend tells me about this call center where all you do is just sit and take pizza orders... im thinking to myself okay piece of cake! i can do that. long story short i get a interview and get the job. but boy was i wrong! that job sucked! it was boring and they had us working hard for 7 funky dollars, and the supervisors were all jerks! so about a month into the job i QUIT! and told all the supervisors to go drink bleach. p.s. dont EVER take a job that a friend recommends
I was working at winners(the ugh disgusting clothing store where everyone tries everything)
I was a cashier there, but I don't know why at Winners they train you everything cause they are cheap idiots who pays you minimum wage and wants to see you moving 24-7!
well I got fired because I joked with a co-worker saying that I will punch you in the face (me joking and in a humour way of saying) because the co-worker was being bossy, so sure this ugly jerk co-worker went to management next day and told them about me threatening her (violence). AHA way to go people. i bet she spent all night thinking about how i am going to punch her when i see her next! and yea one more thing the manager was like telling me how I always lean on the wall while i'm on cash, like what the heck man i am not allowed to lean for a bit! managers do nothing anyways all they do is sit and eat and boss everyone around....

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