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  Firing Stories
Radio Shack Mafia
I was working at a Radio Shack down the street from my house. I had been there for about 3 weeks and my boss was terrible. I mean, his idea of training was 'here, watch this video and memorize it, leave me alone' (an we all swore he wore a tupee). Well, I had made good friends with a few of the guys I worked with and we used to hang out all the time and complain about Gregory (our boss). I had been there for about 6 months when Gregory fired one of my co-workers for 'stealing from the back room' because some of the iPods had gone missing from the cage. Well, number one, none of us had the keys, and number two, Gregory was the one stealing from the store, and everyone who worked there knew it. We were all outraged that he fired my friend but we went about our day. The next day, he fired another one of my friends for 'standing around too much while closing'. This was just ridiculus and we all knew it, he was just trying to get rid of all
the teenagers he had hired. So we came up with a plan.
My friends were very into combat/military style things, so the last guy quit the next day, but I stayed (we think he would have kept me the longest anyway cuz, even though I didn't know as much as the others, I was a girl). So just before my boss was scheduled to leave for the day, all three of my guy friends came rushing into the store in full decked-out Navy SEALS-type uniforms with paintball guns. Gregory was terrified and hid behind the counter. So the boys ran up to me, threw me over their shoulders and carried me out of the store, keeping their 'guns' aimed at my boss. On the way out I yelled "By the way, I QUIT!" Everytime I go back to buy batteries or something, Gregory always asks me if my 'escort' will be arriving so he can evacuate the store LOL.
My Adventure
Well I was kinda bored so I decided to get a job at a fast food restaurant.
Then when I got the job I started messing with the prices. Like I charged $3.50 for a drink and $1.00 for a sandwitch.
They didn't catch me.
Then I started stealing other people's nametags and stuffing them in the playplace.
Nobody noticed.
Finally, I started throwing things at people. Just randomly. Then I'd deny it.
But I got fired anyway... whoops...
Jealousy from other employees
After high school i got a job working at a Mcdonalds. the first three days went well. On the fourth day everything went bad. the trainee manager chewed me out for being an hour late. the day before i had asked the manger Mellisa when to come in because they have not yet put me on schedule. so Mellisa told me to ask the other manager Freda she told me Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9-5. so i repeated to make sure. and she repeated it back. that Friday when I showed up for work the trainee manager Michelle with a you know what attitude. said you're an hour late i said no im here on time and then she grabbed the schedule. and turns it to the page with my name and points. I told her that the manager Freda said to come in at 9 which was the time id been coming in. i even told her that i had to ask Mellisa and Mellisa said that i had to ask Freda. Freda looked at me and said you know that i dont start any employee out at 9. so the
day continued and this chick which i dont even
remember her name came up to me while i was moping the lobby and chews me out because the other new girl that worked with me Glenda was not working the counter like i asked her to i turned around and there was a big line of people waiting and where was Glenda? she was busy filling french fries in the boxes. later, i was cleaning up and Michelle said you've got the cleaning part down well but you are going to have to be more friendly at the cash register. I couldn't help it i was so ticked off. then later i noticed Glenda had come back without washing her hands after taking out the trash and she was handling the burgers which she wasn't supposed to be she had to work a certain amount of time and take the food handlers classes before messing with the food. it made me mad that they didn't say a thing to her but they kept chewing my rear all day and what she did was worse than anything i done that day. i just knew it wouldnt be long before i was fired. so i quit.
Happy Birthday
I worked at a School Age Care facility for 8 months. Let me start off by saying that wasn't even the job I applied for. I was originally working at a Teen center which I loved. They told me that the School Age Care center was short staffed and they needed me to go over there and help out for a month. I wasn't thrilled but I knew it was only for a month...6 months later I was still there. They wouldn't move me back OR show me legal documentation that they were allowed to move me. I ended up just dropping it since I had been at SAC longer than I had been at the teen center. We had to do training modules every month and I was a couple weeks behind on one that I needed to turn in. The reason I couldn't get it done was because I was too busy with the kids. My thought was that I would rather get in trouble for paperwork than not watching the kids and have one get hurt. Well they finally out of nowhere said "Hey, we need you to go back to the
teen center"...8 months later! Then they asked
if I could come in later that week for a meeting. I didn't have a problem with that. The day of the "meeting" also happened to be my birthday. I went in they all sang Happy Birthday to me, then said, "I'm sorry, we have to terminate you. You have 2 hours to check out" They tried to say it was because I was late on my paperwork, but they all didn't like me there anyway. I was the only white female, and I was younger than most of the people that worked there. I can promise you though, ALL of the children at that center loved me like I was family and so did most of their parents. OH and then they tried to tell me that I couldn't get a job with the company ever again. (This company supplies hundreds of different jobs) I told them I was getting ready to marry a Marine and that I was going to be around this company for a long time, and they weren't going to let me have another job ever again because of late paperwork?! I was not happy at all. They told me that I was young and would get
over it.
I finally got the paperwork changed, but they would only change it so that I only couldn't work with children again, like I'm a criminal or something!! Happy 20th birthday to me... Can you tell I'm still not quite over this? ;)
Nice tip!
I used to be a server at a local restaurant. One day, during a break, a few of us were telling funny serving stories. One of my coworkers told of the time he worked for and Italian restaurant chain. His cowrker had been slaving away at a table, getting numerous refills and pretty much bending over backwards to make this table happy. They racked up a decent sized bill, and when the check was given to them, they put the money in the server book and said to keep the change. The server thanked the customer and went to the back to cash them out. The wonderful "tip" that was left for him was less than a quarter. Infuriated, the server followed the customer outside, threw the "tip" at the gentleman, and shouted swears at him!; Needless to say, that server was fired.
Never draw on taget products!
i worked at a big target by my house. i was a cashier but often roamed the store messing the stuff. My friend, kym, convinced me to write with a sharpie all over the products. i crossed out the brand names and wrote "RIP OFF!" but my boss didn't get the joke. he fired me, and we were both banned from every target 30 miles from here.
I'm a money maker without anyone knowing
i worked at a big hollywood video. the pay, decent - but i thought i wasn't making enough at the time so i asked my boss for a raise. the next week, i asked him again. but he kept raising it and i asked for more and more. after a month, he was tired of it, and he left on vacation. my co worker was in charge, and i said i needed a raise and my boss was going to give me a $90 raise, and she believed me! so she raised it and i got a bunch of money:]] after my boss came back, i got fired.
TP when the manager ain't there
my friend lesley worked at a Burger Ville and i always came in and hung out with her there. I'd get discounts without the manager knowing, he thought i was just a great custumor! well, the manager had went to hawaii with his family and was gone for 2 weeks so my friend was in charge. we decided to get toilet paper and TP the whole resturaunt. we were caught by security camera, i was banned from the place, and my friend was fired. oh well, it was a good prank:]]
Not a good reason to be fired:[
I worked at a really loud Chuck E. Cheese resturaunt when I was nineteen. I really hated my job, serving little kids pizza and giving them cake. One day, I asked a kid if i could have some of his pizza and his mom told the manager, then the next day he said i was fired for taking the kids pizza even though i didnt eat it!! My manager also told me i had to apologize to the kid, by email. it sucked.
Fiesta This!
I got a job at a Fiesta and my manager put me on my own register after a half day of training and granted I'm not the most CHIPPER person to ever greet a customer but I was great at my job. My manager wrote me up twice telling me that my register was short, telling me to carefully count money when giving change. I was already double and triple counting as I went and the day before my last write up one of my co-workers who worked in the cash booth told me that my money was never the issue, that I was great with handling cash, that I wasn't storing my coupons correctly. How could I fix a problem I never knew existed?!? Thanks for Nothing. Oh and by the way they tell all employees that managers and regular employees and or booth workers can't date - HE HAD A BABY WITH A REGULAR EMPLOYEE THAT WORKED IN THE CASH BOOTH! The next day I was called into the back room and was fired. I looked like that kid who got the last golden ticket, "Oh, thank
god. I hated this job. It was like waking up to a
nightmare everyday for 8+ hours. You were there and you were there and oh,I'm free." Grabbed my purse and went out for the best happy hour I've ever taken part in!
Pet Store
After working my butt off, while attending school, at a small local pet store for a year, I was surprised to come into work one afternoon at the start of my shift and find the owner waiting for me. She immediately asked me where the key to open the front window displays (where we had a litter of kittens living at the time) was. Since I had closed the night before, and the day manager couldn't find it when she came in that morning, they automatically assumed I had stolen it. Why I would steal a key, and force animals to suffer, is beyond me. The owner informed me that they were firing me, but on Monday. I was still expected to work that weekend, since they didn't have anyone who could cover my shifts until then. I told her off and walked out. I found out later that the day manager, who never liked me, had knocked the key behind the display fish tank we had at the front desk, and didn't even bother looking for it before blaming me for stealing it.
She had also been telling the owner that I was
mistreating the animals, being rude to customers, and that she had been getting complaints about my hair, which was dyed smurf blue at the time. I decided to return her kindness by calling the Animal Control in the town and informing them of her 6 cats and 4 dogs, all over city allowances.
i got a job by one manager one week and the next week this new lady comes in. well i had been having medical problems so i'd have to take off weekends to leave to go back home (3 hours away) for doc appts. she kept getting pissed off at me for missing work (even though i gave notices of when i needed off) and finally one day when i had to be rushed to the ER because i fell at school and hit my head (and couldn't make my shift) she told me i didn't need to come back. like i could really help that i had stuff i had to do to get well.
I was working in this lame sandwich shop all day, and then this rude, ugly woman came in and started insulting me. I got so pissed, I loaded her sandwich with peppers even though she said no peppers! Turns out she was allergic to peppers and had to go to the hospitial. whoops... (but it was so worth it).
Nice One
I was employed in Subway. This costumer was really annoying telling me to get him everything on his sandwich. I got really pissed because he said I wasn't working that fast,, So I threw salami in his face and he left, then I just walked out because I knew I was fired. :)
Menards Secrets
Ok, so I was working at Menards in West Chicago Illinois just off of North Avenue and Route 59. Anyway, my boss Javier is a real jerk. He is the kind of boss who talks down to you instead of to you. Anyway, he pissed me off so much every single day to the point where one day he told me to organize all of this different fiberglass foam. So i opened a package and draped some all over him. Needless to say he was itchy for a week. I got fired on the spot but he knew he deserved it so they didn't look at it as an attack.
Fired for being ginger
My friend had worked at a local market for over 5 or so years, her old boss had retired and a new one appointed, she was fired the next day because she had ginger hair and he had something against ginger people.
Rip Off
basicly i worked at BP owned by indans and they had not done inventory and i took full advantge of this. i probably lifted 1000 dollars worth of cigs and candy out of that store. and the fun thing was i got fired becuase one day a regular came in and i gave him on pack of smokes for free. i got fired. but it was all good becuase the owner doesn't know about the rest of it.
Dominos Uniform
My friend, lets say Joe, was working at Dominos he just got hired. Joe is very cheap and tries not to waste more money that necessary. he went in for training, they gave him his uniform and that stuff. he went the the training, and at the end the trainer told joe that $20 was going to be deducted from is check for the uniform. when joe left the dominos that night that was the last time he went to work.
I was collecting carts in the grocery store and I found a wallet. I took the money (I didn't count it)and hid it in the bush with 2 other friends. A lady came up to me asking where the wallet was and I told her it was inside. She came out with a manager and told us they would look at the video cameras. The lady told us to give her the money and she promised we wouldn't get in trouble. She was a single mother and just got her paycheck ($1700). I felt sorry for her,(the other two guys just ignored her). I told her where the money was and she ran inside telling the managers that she found her money. The next time I worked, they brought me in for questioning. I told them the story and I told them: "She got her money back, right? That's all that matters." They fired me (I'm Mexican) and they let the other two guys off with a warning (They're White). I don't know I think I should've gotten a write-up.
Kacy's Carry Out
About 7 or 8 years ago i worked at this convenience store that had a pizza kitchen in it as well. well it was quiet so i came to the front and was at the cashiers. so i saw that the gum display rack was a little jumbled and at the time i was straightening the gum rack just below the registers. it was cold that day so i had a little bit of a runny nose so i use my sleeve to wipe my nose so my boss looked at the video and accused me of stealing so she handed me my check and told me to get out of her store so i did. Needless to say my father-in-law was standing there at the time and he heard it all. so later that day he brought me back to the store and slashed all 4 of her tires to her brand new truck, even got the spare. he he. then i called the head office and told them that she was firing employees to hire friends. the next day i was on a bus back to Houston when i got a phone call saying that she got fired and were trying to give me my job
back. Stupid!,
What comes around..goes around,So i was working at a cattle farm. I was always on time, never missed a day of work (even know i was sick the whole time i worked there b/c of allergies), covered for coworkers whom never did cover me back. well one morning i was called in for a chick who had the flu, so i went in and fed the calves and then told my manager that i had a doc appt at 10am and needed to leave early (reminder was not my day to work) so i tell her and she goes down to tell our lazy boss and he told her, to inform me that would be my last week. So i went to my doctor appt. ended up having a serious sinus infection and having to buy meds that cost $115.00!!! went back showed him the paperwork and he goes why are you showing this to me, i don't care.
but i didn't go my last day i was to work, screw him like he did to me.
but its all good, after he fired me 3 others quit in a 2 week times and then HE got fired from the other investors!

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