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I was working at McDonalads once and one of the other employees was smoking inside, i told him to take it away, he wasnt to thrilled he told the boss (a fellow smoker) and then sends him over to me, he said, my smoking buddy tells me you wouldnt let him smoke inside. and i was like you cant smoke here go out back you low life, he didnt take to kindly to that, so he fired me.
Not Good!
I worked in a clothes store and to be frank,my boss treated us like bloody slaves!
Anyway, it was one summer day where i was sorting out the new stock. I put the cheaper stuff on display and the hole-in-your-pocket clothes on the side rails! The boss came in and started yelling at me! She kept screaming until i could not take it. i threw my badge at her (it had the wrong name on it aswell!) and walked out. I also managed to accidentally knock a load of clothes onto the floor!
Paper Route,so my friend lets call her Potatoe was working as a paper route she had to do almost 150 papers!!!and half of them didnt even pay her so she phones the guy on charge of the claarington this week says is there anyway i can split the paper route he says sure i'll get to it right now a week later she calls again asking who'd shed be splitting the route with the guy said he had no idea what she was talking about and was definatley not alowed to split the route she got MAD she hung up the phone and went to do her papers a month later the guy calls back ads 50 more people to the list at least and yells at her for not completing the job before 4:00 so she yelled and yelled he still wouldnt fire her so she stoped collecting she didnt have the money to give to the paper people they still DIDNT fire her she got so mad she flat put didnt do her papers and when they finaly fired her. they made her deliver papers for 5 months while they found a replacement. she later found out the waiting list is over 50
people at the time and he could have just picked one.
Calling In Sick
i was working at a supermarket for only about a month, I called in sick (i was really sick) and my boss started swaering and yelling at me about how useless i am. (even tho i never called in before and i was always early etc.)
So after about 15 min of him going on i just out the phone done and went to sleep
the next day i was fired because he still wanted me to show up.
im now a manager of another supermarket and i go in everynow and then to rub it in. haha
I put a spell on you
I was working at a grocery store as a clerk last year. I'm fairly well known in my small town for being that weird gothic girl who hangs out at the cemetery. Lucky for me when I dress normal few people recognize me. After a week of working at this store I started to notice my cover was blown... people started to remember my face and what I looked like off work. Soon people avioded my til, I heard comments from costumers who passed my til by "I don't want to go any where near that freak."
One elderly woman came to my til, put down all her groceries, I started to scan them through. She then looked me straight in the eye for a few seconds... and started to pick up her groceries again. I stopped and asked her what was wrong... no answer. She grabbed the ones I already rang through, "Is there a problem?" I asked, then she snatched a box of hamberger helper right out of my hand, and said "I don't want your kind touching my groceries." And off she went to a new til.
It didn't take long... 2 days later called into the manager's office.
He told me he had been getting endless complaints about me, from costumers. When asked what they were he told me he couldn't discuss most of them, but mainly some saying I was rude, that I gave evil looks at people some saying I had my nose ring in while i work... funny I don't have a nose ring. Said I wasn't nice and cheery enough with the costumers and that I didn't smile enough. I was sacked.
I friend employee who worked the help desk told me she heard the complaints people were saying. Most of them just wanting me gone.. no reason. Others saying I tried to cast a spell on them, some saying they felt i was going to do something sinister to their groceries. Bogus things. I'm a nice person, even a christan, but these old ladies and small minded people kept complaining enough that they got me fired for no reason. It was because the manager would loose their business if he kept me employed.
I was riding my bike to work as usual, since i only lived a few blocks away. I was a REALLY windy day and as I was biking down this particular sidewalk with tall chestnut trees a large branch suddenly fell right infront of me. I was going so fast I tried to turn but the branch was too large, I crashed my bike right into it went head over heel and thankfuly landed in the glass. I was lucky I didn't break my neck. The bike seemed to be fine but my nice white work shirt had grass stains all over it and a small tear courtesy of the tree branch. My leg was throbing as well as my hand which i twisted, but I got back on the bike and rode the last block to work.
When I got in I was first chewed out for being late, then sent to the manager's office. She lectured me about having a nice clean shirt when I arrived at work. I told her what happened, and she didn't believe me, said there were no trees on that street a block over.... It's the main road to get to the store, and those trees have been there for years... every one in the town has seen them, a long path of chestnut trees... can't miss them, can't help driving buy them EVERY day. She still had no idea what i was talking about. As far as she was concerned I was late and arrived not prepared for work, so I was fired. So much for trying to put the job first after an accident. My advice to everyone, if you are in an accident of any kind go to the hospital or stay home from work and phone in. Because it doesn't matter if you look like you have done a front flip on your bike and dragged in the grass and mud. They don't care, because if you are there, they can get mad because obviously you were well enough to
show up.
Instead... just do go.
Video Rentals
About a year ago I started work at a video rental store. Having worked in both a library and a movie threatre before it was an easy job.
When I'm not at work, I dress in a gothic style, crazy hair, spikes, boots with loads of buckels, fish net on my arms, black lip stick the works. Needless to say when I went to the job interview my hair was straight, I wore a sky blue turtle neck and jeans with no black makeup. And at work I wear a uniform; good thing too because I only have so many normal outfits in my closet.
One night I was out with friends at a club and we choose to drop by the movie store and rent a few movies and head back to my friends house. The closet one was the one where I worked.
When we got to the til with the movies, my boss looked me straight it the eye and said
"-my name here-... is that you?"
"oo-oh...k well ummm here's your change... have a g-good night."
The next moring I got a phone call
"Yeah hi, we won't be needing you for the next week, come in next friday."
~Next Friday~
"Yeah... it's not working out..."
"Why is that?" Like I didn't know.....
"Well you're not learning the system quick enough."
I know I had lost my job the week before with that phone call. So what the hell I wasn't looking for a reference
"I've been here a week... 4 days and 4 hours a day because you refuse to hire any one full time so you don't have to pay them benifits or give them an employee discount. And you expect me to be an expert after that long? You're kidding you're self. You're only saying that because it's illegal to fire some one for how they dress on their off hours."
"oh no it's not like that-"
"Sure it isn't."
And I walked out.
Funny though, after I told enough people what happened they lost a lot of business. Small town and word gets around. Little did my employer know I also am a known person in the community for working with children and local festivals, and making the towns haunted house every year. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Waitress Drama
Ok so my first job as a waitress when I was 20. I worked at a chinese place, the cook/boss couldn't speak english very well and the head waitress (20 years my elder) was there to instuct me. The first night went well. I'm a fast learner and very nice an attentive, I made $30 in tips my first night working 4 hours, and $60 the following night. I do stage management for a local theatre group when ever there is a play so a busy restaurant is nothing in comparison.
I'm no math genuis but i know how to work a til and a debit machine, the head waitress who was training me choose to test me and give me a money problem to figure out.
"if the costumer gives you $70 for a $20 take out meal and then returns for a refund because something was wrong with the food, how much money do you give them back?"
$20 I said. She arugued and said it was $70, I argued back and said "Well I don't know about you but I would give them their change the first time and not wait for them to come back..."
She made me sit in the back while she thought about it.... 5 min later she told me I was right.
The next night when I brought water to a costumer who had asked for some she yelled at me to stay on my own side of the restaurant... Later the same guy asked for more water... i had the jug in my hand... what was i to say? "Ummmm no... you can't have any" and walk away? Of course not. The costumer comes first in my opinion so i gave him water. This time she yelled at me right infront of the costumer. I apologized to the man and went to the back. An hour later a couple came in and ordered off the menu instead of having the buffet, I asked what I should do. She told me to circle on a take out menu what they wanted and to write "STAY IN" at the top and send it back like we do with take out orders... Half an hour later I'm still wondering where their food is, but chinese boss keeps kicking me out of the kitchen because he doesn't understand me. Then he comes out angry pointing at the "STAY IN" i had written and asking what it meant. I Pointed to the other waitress and explained
had told me that was what to do. She denied it! Said she did no such thing! It caused a huge mess and 'I' got blamed for it all. I tried to talk to her but she got upset and stormed off, told the boss i upset her. Then I tried to apologize to her at closeing time but she told me off! a 40 year old told a 20 year old "Your a terrible person and a liar, and I never want to work with you again." I replied... "i'm sorry you feel that way." very polite like and went home. Makes you wonder who is the mature one here. The next day I was was fired by the boss when I came in to work. She set me up, and got rid of me fast, a few days later I ran into the dish washer lady down town and shared what happened with her. Turns out that place goes through a waitress a week, and the head waitress gets the every one fired if they make more tips then her. So much for trying to be good at what you do.
I was sixteen years old when I got my first job at McDonald's. My stepmom was an assistant manager, so I didn't really have to try to get it. I did an okay job, but it was to be expected that I wasn't perfect. I left my house one night for personal reasons, and I had work the next day. I planned to get my uniform and head to work after that. I found out that my stepmom returned all the uniforms and quit for me.
French fries
My sister worked at A burger king. Her boss was a huge jerk. He would always be yelling at someone. One day he was yelling and she just picked up a thing of ketchup and fries and threw it at him. She wasn't fired. But she immediately quit. :)
big mouth blabber!
so i was working at this sports bar which will remain nameless. anyways, i had never been caught on my cell phone or anything, but this guy who USE to be a manager there got a DUI and got demoted back down to a server, didnt even get fired! and so it was his first day back serving, and it was dead in my section, and my room mate had sent me a text, so i opened my phone to read it and he walked by and saw me and weas like OOoooh im gonna tell. so 5 minutes later my manager walks up to me and hes like were you on your phone/ and i said yea. and he was like come with me, and he fired me in the office. then gave my table that i had to the guy who told on me. their bill was around $200 . and so he got the tip off them after my work i did on that table.
I was fired from a job once because Worked with this lady who was rude to everyone so one night my friends and I Went and wrapped her house. Not only did we tp it we stuck 100's of plastic forks all over her yard. I also syran wrapped her truck shut so she would be late for work. It Worked. I got fired... I dont care though. i hated that job.
My boss threw a Christmas party at his house. He gave me a bottle of wine to take home, a really expensive red wine. When leaving I dropped the bottle on his 100 year old rug from Germany. Then when I was rushing to get towels to mop it up, I knocked into the china closet and smashed his grandmother's china. The next day he called me into the office and told me that they had to cut staff. Bye bye KLutz.
Burger King Calls
During my younger years I worked at Burger King where I answered a phone call from a person asking to book a table. The next day I got a call from someone claiming to be in the drive thru but unable to find the window. Almost every day this person called and harassed the store, it annoyed me more than the others and so I one day yelled when the phone rang, just after this pranker had dialed twice. It was someone's mum and friend of the manager, not the pranker. I got fired, but I yelled out swears as I left, made me feel good
Fired By Text!
What's worse than getting laid off the week before Xmas? Getting laid off via TEXT!! I was working for an optometrist and his patient load was low, so he decided to lay off some staff - I'd just been hired a month earlier, so it was "last hired, first fired". But by TEXT?? Think there's a correlation between his management practices and his inability to retain patients?? hmmmm......
Unannounced Termination
I had been working at this bikeshop for a little short of two years when they started cutting my hours. I live on my own so I had to make up the lost money somehow so I got a night job working at a restaurant/bar. Since I didn't get off at the resaurant until 2 sometimes 2:30 in the morning I had about 4 hours of sleep between my next shift at the bike shop. I had always devoted almost my entire life to that job, staying sometimes almost 2 hours late, going above and beyond helping customers, and always tried my hardest to make my money drawer equal out to the penny. The bikeshop got fed up with my new tired mornings and new unenthusiastic attitude after a few months so they fired me the morning after I quit the restaurant to cater to their needs. So I was left without and job period. There was no warning, they just let me go. Thanks so much for nothing.
Super Bowl
well i was working at subway and we have tvs there. My boss was a jerk and i told him three months in advanced that i need superbowl weekend off because i wouldnt be in town. well time went by and he said ok to my time off but when the time came he took his vacation and i got stuck working him. so when superbowl sunday came i closed the store 3 hours early and had a bunch of friends come over and ordered in wings and pizza. well needless to say i got fired the next day when they watched the tapes.
Joe shmo
well this one time when i was working at the keebler factory, one of the other elves said that i was a b**ch Subway BLOWS.I had already worked at a Subway resteraunt before, and swore I would never work there again. needless to say the economy blows and that was the only job I could get this year. After a month or so I was working the register when a big rowdy group of guys came in. they were being rude and kept ordering things then after we made them, would say "never mind I dont want it anymore." After twenty minutes of this I was getting really pissed. One of the guys grabbed my hand really hard when I handed him his change.
I called him a bad word and told him to get out of the store.
The next day I sent my boyfriend in with a note saying I wasn't coming back.
1 hour job
My friend had a job at a supermarket and she was very excited and when she cam home she told her daughters about her job and they asked : How did you get fired Mum? and she said i kept throwing out all the bent bananas! :)
a "friend" of mine got fired at mcdonalds (it was "her" first job). apparantly you arent supposed to put big mac sauce on a cheeseburger, even if the customer requests it (and pays extra AND vouches for you!) go figure!
Drunk at a bar.
I was a barkeep at a local watering hole - my buddies show up on a dead tuesday night and how do we decide to pass the time? long story short the owner shows up at 4 am to check up on me and my buddy is standing at the bar in his underwear trying to get some girl to take off her shirt - and the only person drunker than the guy in his underwear was me. And so im no longer a barkeep at the local watering hole.

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