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  Firing Stories
Stolen Money
I worked for a Subway owner who owned three of the submarine shops and one day was called in to work the lunch hour at a mall, which was only a one hour shift, At some point during the day someone stole the change container filled with loose change and singles totaling two hundred dollars and I was blamed. As I was preparing to go back the next day the cowardly boss had a 16 year old kid call me and tell me not to come in. I flipped and went to the closet store they guy owned to my house and flipped the store key over the line of customers, then called the owner from his store and informed to have the gumption enough to do his own dirty work and at least accuse some one to their face.
Punching out
I used to work for a shady loan office and one day the guy at the desk next to me came in and his manager walked up and handed him a box and a sheet of paper. The guy started crying and filled the box with his belongings. I went over and he had been fired by being given a McDonalds application filled out with his info. My manager thought it was funny and I assured him if he ever did that to me I'd break his nose. Just as I said it another guy a few desks away was approached by the same manager and handed the same thing, only he stood and punched the guy square in the face. Then threw the box at him as he lay on the ground. He grabbed a couple things off his desk, put on his head phones and walked out. The managers had to have a meeting with the company VP and that specific one went on probation. I was laughing so hard. Good times.
Call Center
I used to work at this call center and had to take rudeness every day. People would call in to order a product or else complain about how one of our affiliates messed up their order. We had to fix everything from our end since we were the ones taking the order, etc. The actual affiliate didn't have to deal with the customers they upset. Oh well, that's why we charged $15 per transaction. It was a convenience-oriented service.
Well, one day I decided I finally had enough. People were calling in and complaining left and right and the supervisors were all on "lunch break" for about 4 hours. All of our temporary help were outside on their smoke breaks and I and a few others were the only ones on the phones. I didn't want to just leave and have everyone else have to deal with the customers - that wouldn't be fair. So I just started telling the customers "how it was". I told one lady that she was retarded for ordering her product and putting in the wrong shipping date and then blaming us for it. This really rude guy called in to complain about his order and I just told him off - "Listen, it's not my fault you're having problems with your order. If you want to complain to someone, complain to the idiot that built this company. It stayed like that for about 3 hours and then the supervisors finally came back and found out what I was doing. They immediately demanded that I leave and it took ME about 4 hours to
leave. Everybody but the supervisors was cheering me on. I felt like a superhero. I know I'll never work at that place again. What a hellhole.
Tim Hortons
I dont know if anyone else in the world besides people who have worked there know this, but Tim Hortons is the most high stress, worst job i have ever worked. I worked there for 2 years but the story i want to tell is about my sister working there. She ran the drive thru window which always got tips and at the end of the day she would split her tips with everyone on drivethru. At every fast food place if they dont like you from the begining they dont like you ever. Well One day she was trying to grab a mans money and he dropped the $5 bill he was holding and it blew down the road a bit, but he just grabbed some more change and gave that to her instead, when she asked "um do you want me to grab your $5 bill for you"? the man told her if she went and got it, it would be her tip for the day (the man was a regular and always gave extra for the girls to keep) My sister bolted out the door and grabbed the bill and next thing you know she was in
the office and they were rolling the tapes back
to see if she took anything. It never showed any footage of her stealing anything but they fired her anyways. never work there, thats my only piece of advice!
Boost Mobile Phone Cards
My friend was working at a local gas station when one her boyfriend at the time called her n told her his minutes were almost up so she went in and ranged up a 50 dollar phone card and charge him 10 dollars she was fired the next after the camera were reviewed and it show her doing the deed.
I work here
I was a stock clerk. This whiny customer was freaking out because there wasnt any of the tea that she wanted. She asked me if I could find some for her in the back, and so I did. I brought 2 half gallons of her tea out. She said how many more are there? I responded 7. and she rudely says "well thats what i want" and she began ranting more as i walked off. when i came out carrying the crate of tea she begins complaining about why we never have her tea and i told her "because people like you buy all of it at once" and then she called me an ill mannered punk. i politely responded "look, I dont like you and you dont like me. But i have to work here. so why dont you go shop somewhere else" i was fired the next day because she claimed i harassed her.
Never Work for Lone Star....
Well I worked there for almost 7 months and I supposed to be trained as a waitress, but since they needed hosts they told me that I could be a host first and then be a waitress. I was there so long I became their head host, which just meant I ran the board while eveyone else bussed tables. They told me I was given a raise, which I never got, and they even tried to give my job away several times but no one else wanted it. I worked evry weekend almost ten hours a day and only making 3$ an hour.
We even got a new manager who was a total jerk most of the time. Well one night during a home college football game, me and my roomate (who was also a host promised to waitress training) went in for our shift. They told us that we would be bussing and they were giving our board to two other bussers. I told them that that would be the last straw and that I was leaving. They trid to get me to stay but I told them to go to hell. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door, with my freind right behind me, right before the busy dinner rush.
They tried to give us our job back but we told them we weren't interested. It wasn't worth the stress or the non existant money. I even tried to talk to them about giving me the money they forgot to give me from my raise but they never returned my phone calls...
Overall...The whole place is a joke....
The Travel Counselor who hated his JOB!
When i started being a travel counselor the pay and the benefits were great. I had 2 months of paid training and then headed to work with real clients. Clients who traveled domestically were pretty easy to deal with, but after I started to book international travel and being bumped up to $16.00 an hour the job started getting harder. The customers were really nasty on the phone and would bitch all the time about how they missed their flights and that I was the fault of their problems! Anyways I tried my best not to let the stress bother me and tried to take many days off as i could. But the day had to come when all my stress at work would come to an end, and i wouldn't have to deal with travelers anymore. Anyways back to the story, It was a normal day got my second call, and i had to call a hotel to make a reservation, the hotel front desk agent answered the phone and started to take down the information that was required to make the reservation and the asked me to hold on for a second. 30 minutes later I was still on hold, then an hour later i heard the phone ringing as if i was never on hold and they never answered the phone. And then as frustrated as i was, finally this guy answered the phone and asked me how he could help me????? So i said that this other front desk girl was making a reservation for a client of mine and that i was on hold for an hour, the guy then paused and said that he had no reservation at all and that he didn't know what i was talking about and asked me to be put on hold again!!!! So i said sure, and while he had me on hold i think i was on hold I whispered to myself" these idiots" and i guess the guy heard me and asked what did you say? Any ways my phone call was monitored that day and i was fired the next day.
Fired for being kind hearted
long story short i worked as a waitress at flying J and i would always buy this homeless man a pack of cigarettes before leaving, so one night i heard two customers talking about how a homeless man just got beat up outside in the parking lot so i went outside and offered him something to eat, i bought him something to eat with my own money i earned that night and of course a pack of cigarettes, i didn't use my discount for his meal..but i did use my discount for my meal i took home that night since nothing was set out for supper. I went to work the next day to find out i was being fired for "FEEDING A HOMELESS MAN" yeah feeding a homeless man..i explained to him that i paid for the man's meal with my own money and didn't use my discount i thought it was obserd i got fired for that so i said to him before i left "I don't need to say any further because karma is going to bite you in the bum soon and your going to
wish you didn't do this". Well apparently a
couple months later the man who fired me got fired himself. I am a big believer in karma, always have been and i think karma did much more than i could ever do...so that's my fired story, and i still go and feed the homeless because i care about those who are less fortunate than others.
Neighbor's Dog
i was watching my neighbor dog while she was out of town for the week and i decided to have a party at her house thinking it would be ok because i would have so much time over the week to clean up the party was a ton of fun (the parts that i rememeber). the next day i cleaned up really good and by the time my neighbor got home everything was all clean. i was so happy that everything worked out the day after she got home my neighbor called me and told me to come over so she could pay me when i got there she told me to go inside and when i got inside there was a video playing and it was of the party it turn out that one of her neighbors had made a video of the whole thing through a window! she didnt pay me and i never watched her dog again.
The annoying colleague..
My friend was working at McDonald's, and his colleague was being really annoying. But, he was preparing the burgers and his colleague was at the deep fryer, and he gave a little push, and the colleague's finger went into the deep fryer. Needless to say, he got fired.
Bird Store
As a teenager, I worked at a cute little bird shop. Business was slow, but my job was to train, raise, and sell birds, anything from a little Finch to a large Mollucan Cockatoo.
I worked here for 2 months, and within 2 months, I made them approximately $12,000 in bird sales alone. No commission offered. They hired a new girl, who would constantly talk on the phone and run up their phone bill. This girl never did any work, and constantly disappeared from the main floor.
My hours began to dwindle, one week I was working 5 days, and the next, just one for a couple of hours. This was hard on me because she wouldn't do her work ALL week, and I would come in on my 1 day and have to do her job.
I tried to go to my manager about this, she was even given a key to the shop, but I was forced to do her labor and work the worst hours.
One day, I walked into the back room, two days worth of bird dishes sat in the back in the sink. The smell was horrendous, and the rest of the chores had not been done. I did ALL of the work, but instead of doing the dishes, I placed them all in a large plastic bag, set them on the back counter and wrote her name in sharpie across the bag.
My manager saw this and promptly fired me. =] Thank God.
Not so Secure
This is actually just the last chapter in a very long story, but I was working a security job at a local college. During the day-time hours, there were 3 guards and one supervisor (me in this case) watching 2 administrative buildings and 5 dorms (one of which was on a separate campus).
On what turned out to be my last day, I came in for my 7-3 shift and started my daily routine (which included 4 tours of the campus). In the course of this day, I had to deal with angry parents ranting that their car had been towed overnight. (There were signs on the entrance to every parking lot warning vehicles will be towed)
I had to work a detail in the school's theatre because the people in charge didn't have enough foresight, or perhaps was just too cheap, to have another guard on site that day.
Meanwhile, I get my normal calls at every little thing that happens. One of said calls? The manager asking me to stay over for the 2nd shift (The 2nd shift supe was on vacation).
So, I work through the second shift (which was thankfully much calmer than the first).
Anyway, part of the second shift routine was to go through all 5 floors of the school library, clear out stragglers, turn out the lights, and escort the librarian (the school president's daughter) home.
At 11:57pm, WITH my relief on site, I get a call from the main desk telling me they have a leaky bathroom at the other campus. At this point, I'm a 5 minute walk from the desk (where the keys are located) and standing about 20 ft from the van. Naturally, I said to pass the message on the the 3rd shift supervisor. (OH! Did I mention this school had a full time security guy that is furnished with a house on campus? Yeah! LAAAAAZZZYYYYY).
Anyway, the next night, I come in and the Manager is waiting for me with a write-up slip. The jerk's eyes lit up when he handed it to me. I was being written up for post abandonment for not staying over at the end of a 16 hour shift when it was maintenance problem to begin with.
I was about half-way through signing the form when I stopped, turned to the manager and told him "You know what? YOU can stay over tonight." (Oh, did I mention he'd just worked a 16 :D). He almost cried as I stormed out the door.
This is sorta like being fired... I worked Accounts Payable (A/P) for about 9 months at a concrete construction company. My boss was the meanest, most bitter person I've ever met. The type who are never at fault (even when it is blatantly their fault).
Anyway... I had been dealing with her griping and nagging for 9 months. One day she picked the wrong day to mess with me.
She started getting on my case about a PO (Purchase Order) that was entered incorrectly. I told her the reason was because her husband trained me to do it that specific way (he was in charge of the purchasing department), and that I had just done it the way he trained me.
Anyway, she tells me that anyone with common sense could see that it was wrong (which really wasn't the case, she was just salty 'cause her hubby trained me wrong)...
So I pick up all the paperwork on my desk (a good chunk, too - about the thickness of a phone book), threw it all on her desk, and said: "If you're so perfect you can do it your self - I quit".
The office manager asked if I would at least finish out the rest of the week - which I agreed to. I get home and my sister informs me that the office manager called and said she didn't need me to come in anymore.
Oh well... They're going out of business anyway >=]
The Girl
okay so i was working at a restarunt and this new worker came in and of course she was hot (yes i am a man). well i got to talking to her asked her what her name was (Brittany) so i asked her out three days later she said okay. well my boss liked her to. so he made a new rule about workers not being able to date each other but i continued to date her and he fired me. we continued to date and finally got married.
Fired a week before benefits
Steins Generator and Starter service in Philadelphia. They hire some idiot for miminum wage & work the heck out of him and just before he is eligable for benefits they find a reason to fire him and try to screw him out of his unemployment. I worked there for years and watched them do this time and time again.
Day off
I was working as an assistant store manager at EB games while it was in transition to becoming gamestop. Before I got hired the store was the last in our district in warranty sales. After I took over the Asst. Manager spot we were 3rd in the region! My boss was a warcraft addict who would stay up all night playing the game and drinking whiskey (he was an alcoholic too). Because he mistreated our minimum wage employees, constantly firing and hiring new help to the point where in 3 months our entire staff turned over 3 times, he constantly had to call me in on my days off to cover shifts, but would never pay me overtime. It got so bad that he even told me that I shouldn't plan anything for my days off just in case he needed me. After calling me in on my days off and constantly changing my schedule, I finally decided one day that I had had enough and didn't pick up the phone. The next day at work he didn't say anything to me...until I had spent
half the day rearranging the entire store for the
gamestop change. Halfway through my shift when I had finished most of the hard work, he called me in his office and fired me. The reason he gave is because he couldn't get a hold of me the day before. I was fired for not coming in to work on my day off.
Fired for Moving
I worked for approximately three weeks as a new paralegal for a small law firm in Downtown San Diego. After my first week, I noted that my bosses (the Partners) were very unreasonable people. Anyway, during that first week, I gave one of my bosses prior notice that I would be moving soon (due to foreclosure on the owner of the condo I was renting), but didn't know exactly when because I hadn't found a new place yet. Also, I did let the boss know that I didn't think my moving would interfere with my working hours but I'd let her know if it would as soon as I could. To make a long story short, I didn't find a place to move until the very night before I had to be out of condo by eviction law. There was now no way to avoid moving on a work day. Since, I was a new employee, I didn't yet have the bosses home or cell numbers, so I called the office number and left a voice-mail message letting them know I would not be in because I
absolutely had to move that day. The next day I was called
into a closed-door meeting and told that I was needed for some important work and should've gotten their permission to move first. Can you believe it? I needed their permission to move? I tried to explain that I had absolutely no choice but to move the previous day or risk my belongings being thrown out on the street, because I'd just found a place hours before I moved and had to be out by law or have an eviction on my record. They wouldn't listen to reason and fired me because I didn't have their permission to move on a work day.
Theme Park Mixup
So I worked at a major amusement park for a couple of summers. These amusement park had thousands of people employeed there. One of these summers was when my favorite sports team was in the World Series. Some friends and I posted signs all over the employee lounges, employee cafeterias HR buildings, etc, telling the thousands of employees that worked there that they did not have to wear their normal uniforms while the team was in the series. They could instead show up to work in their sports jerseys. Upper management was not thrilled since it would be dang near impossible to know which people were employees and which were guests in the amusement park. I was suspended until further notice. Its been years, I guess im still waiting to hear from them.
No wheels
I had been at my job for 2 years and this week i was driving to work and blew a head gasket in my car had no way to get to work that day and the fired me!

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