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so i worked at superstore. i had a very unproffesional manager (so horrible i once saw the tattoo on her butt) anyways, she would never put the schedule up, or let me change my availability. everyone else in my department would get a phone call telling them when to work, so that left me having no idea. i would go there everyday after school to see if the schedule was up, but it never was, then i would walk around the store looking for her, and i could never find her. eventually i got fed up. one night i went in to check one more time and it still wasn't there so i decided i wasn't checking it anymore. the next day i get a phone call from my manager yelling at me and telling me i was supposed to be there an hour ago. so i asked her how was i supposed to know when there was no schedule. she went off on me telling me how i never show up anymore, and how she was going to get human recources involved. so that night i decided to quit. i worked there for five
months, but she still claimed that i was on
probationary hours, so i decided to go with that and didnt tell her that i was no onger working there, i just didnt show up. well three weeks later, i get a phone call and she tells me that i have to come in and work a shift on tuesday. i was like, well i havent worked for the past three weeks and you want me to come in now? she was like yup and then hung up. so with some pressure from my mom, i decided to go. i went there, and she took me into an office with the store manager, and they bassically gave me a lot of lip and then told me i was fired. when i tried to say something, they cut me off and said that if i was going to be a problem that they would have me escorted from the store. so i left. what they didnt know was that the whole time i was talking to a union rep. and he was following the whole story, and since they didnt have a union rep. present when they fired me, my manager got fired.
She was askin for it
Well, I worked at this resturant and I had to take orders from customers (I hated them,,especially the ones with the attitudes, always thinkin theyre right, and think they have the authority to yell at me) well there was this really screwed up customer that thinks just because she doesnt have Jesus in her life; she can act like a jerk to me. She would order and TELL me to make sure her fries are not cold and that if they were she would return them and not pay for them. She also told me that our delivery drivers are stupid and can't count change. So i told her to go to hell and to not order from there again. I told her that i didn't need her messed up self to be tellin me what to do. Well, at that, The resturant lost a customer..and an employee
Bad Timing
I had been working at Sears for about a year, so I knew my job and all the other peoples jobs pretty well. My job was to stock shelves and place orders for more merchendise, but I new how to run the cash register and we were getting SLAMMED. Holidays you know? So I jump up on the register and start getting people through. There was one lady who just wanted to return a pair of shoes. I offered here an exchange but she just wanted the cash, I thought it was weird, but whatever. So I check her receipt, make sure the shoes are in the box (oh yeah, they've tried it before) and print out her receipt and hand her like 100 bucks. The next day when we were closing down the store the manager pulls me into the back. Says that the lady brought in a box, put the shoes into it, and came into my line. Im thinkin, no way, thats freakin slick. Im not worried, because we have cameras and someone watching them who is supposed to catch these people. Oh no, I got canned
because all of us are "Theft Prevention&
quot; and I should have known what was going on. I found out later, the fat jerk that was running the cameras was out for a smoke and they didn't catch it till they reveiwed the tapes. Screw retail, Join the Army.
Valentines day
I worked at Flowerama, a flower franchise store for a year. Two weeks before Valentines day, the biggest day of the year for the flower business, my assistant manager and general manager quit due to the owners attitudes. I was immediatly bumped up to manager for the holiday.......
I worked everyday for two weeks, preping two semi-trailers of premade deliveries, over 300 of them, and made sure all was done for the big days(feb 13th and 14th) I worked until 1am on the 13th and came back in at 6 on the 14th. I was the "manager" those days, i dropped cash in a box next to the owner who was there "supervising" the store. Pretty much sitting there while i ran around and answered complaint calls on 4 phone lines, kept change in the registars and help do flower prep.
I did the best i could being the manager by default. in those two days the business did over 80,000 dollars in business and i was the over seer of it all.
Two weeks later, i was approached by the owner telling me i would recieve a raise for all my hard work and i would be permanent manager.
We found out later that while i was dropping money into a box next to the owner of the store, someone stole 1000 in cash....620 on the 13th and 480 on the 14th...obviously it was an employee (transfer from another store to help) that stole the money.
The day after i was told i'd be getting a raise, woke up found out my boyfriend was cheating on me... decided to go to work to get my mind off things and talk to my coworkers, half hour into work, i was approached my the owner with a check in hand saying they were restaffing because of my inablility to find out who stole that money.
In a way, i am responsible for it, i was the manager, but if i had more help, we woulda caught it.
All in all, it was a bad day and a waste of time!
Ice cream
I was working at an ice cream parlor. I was there for six months and the only person left from the mass hire. While I was working there I saw numerouse people come and go and one person in particular was promoted after only being there a month while I hadn't been since I started. The fact that he was the manager's cousin supposedly had nothing to do with it.
Anyway I arrived at work one day and the regional manager called me out to talk to me. she basically told that I was getting in trouble because my higher up (the guy who'd only been there a month) wasn't trained right and that after the new people were trained then I was out. So I decided to work until i finished out the week and on my last day I gave away over 100 dollars worth of Ice cream. I actually had some people come into the back to make their own.
I was the manager of a blockbuster in Indianapolis. being that I transferred from Cali making more then the District manager his budget was less to pay for me so he needed an excuse to rid my 6 year career. He put me up running a ghetto store. I ran it to its prime. then on my day off the store got robbed $200 extra cash for my assistant having to much in change drawer. well I was canned saying I was responsible for his actions and I put the store at risk for another possible theft.
an old friend and coworker of mine worked at one of my serving jobs with me. This guy smelled horrible and was generally a dirty person. Honestly he got like 3 complaints about his smell. So my mangers waited until he had worked a 12 hour double shift and then pulled him into he office to tell him he was fired. Needless to say he walked out screaming walked to the back door and dumped the employee ashtray all over the place. Highly entertaining. People still talk about it
Just because you got rid of HIM???
When I was a teen, (many years ago, this was) my brother got me a job at the restaurant where he was working, because DishDogs are so hard to find and keep. I willingly accepted this job, not because it was great, mind you, but because my brother got it for me and I needed money.
I worked there for a while, probably close to a year, then my brother and the kitchen manager got into it one day and he fired my brother.
Needless to say, the next week, my name was no longer on the schedule. I inquired about it, and said, "Just because you fired my brother, you're going to get rid of me too?"
As you might expect, no reply, just a lousy grin.
That's how it goes, folks.... watch out for them kind of people
Temp Office
I got an office job as admin assistant through a temp agency in Edinburgh called "Office Team". They seemed nice at first and would always call to check everything was fine at work but in the end turned out to be unprofessional backstabbers. Basically the office I worked for never had enough work for me to do. I always had to ask for work or find something to do. After a while there just wasn't anything to do and my line manager was out for the morning so I couldn't ask for work. I decided to amuse myself on the internet until she came in. The receptionist was also very bored since we basically shared all the odd jobs around the place. She spent her time applying for other jobs. So here I was surfing the net looking for tickets to gigs, and the office manager who isn't even responsible for me comes up and asks me what I'm looking at. I say "just a website" and she kinda gives me a dirty look and tells me she is putting me on
reception in another department. This is her
obviously admitting there is nothing for me to do. I found it ridiculous how she wanted to put me in a job that I wasn't being paid to do (receptionists get paid more than i was being paid) and had no training for and no knowledge of the department. Plus I didn't like the way she spoke to me. I always did all my work to a high standard and was always asking for things to do. So I wrote an email to the agency saying I did not like the way she spoke to me and I felt like I was being "watched" and it was unfair because I always did a good job, it's just there was no work for me to do. So my agency called the office after I had left for the day and apparently there was an argument between the managers and they ended up terminating my contract. The next day I went in to get my things and I saw that I had already been replaced by someone else. Just goes to show how agencies are not your friend!
No sneeze on my extra cheese
My friend was working at the Pizza place down my street. He was making pizzas and when he was giving the pizza to a customer, she wanted to check and make sure that they didnt burn her extra cheese. About two seconds after she opened the box he sneezed right on top of the freshly made pizza. The lady was so mad that she complained to the manager for about an hour. He got fired right off the bat without any warning or chance to say he was sorry.
I worked at Subway for about three months. I loved the job - free lunches and I didn't come home smelling like grease (like I did at Hardee's).
I didn't get along with the employees. They all didn't like me for some reason. Mind you, I get along with EVERYONE. One day, we were all sitting around after we'd gotten our paychecks, and I put mine in my purse and went to the bathroom. I came back just in time to see one of the employees putting my paycheck back in my purse. They had looked at it to see how much I made an hour. I made more than some of them did (I had a lot of experience) and that's why they didn't like me.
One Sunday I was working with these two guys who were total jerks. We were so busy and I was in charge of drive thru, and it was taking forever for one of the guys to make a sandwich. The lady waited 20 minutes and bless her heart, didn't yell at me. After the rush, I went back to do dishes and I was super mad. I knew that the guy was going to come back and yell at me. Sure enough, he did. He told me that I was stupid and slow and he was going to tell our boss what happened. I slammed the dish I was washing down into the sink (soaking him in the process, hehe!) and screamed "You can't talk to me that way! I'm done with this place!!!" I clocked out, stomped out, and peeled out of the parking lot.
I never returned my uniforms and never picked up my last paycheck, which was a whole whopping $20 (Did I mention that since I got paid so much, my boss cut my hours to about 8/week???)
Pizza revenge
I worked at a pizza place the summer before my senior year of high school. I loved the job, got along great with other employees, and was real good friends with the boss.
About a month or so before homecoming, I wrote a big note and posted it in the office, asking for homecoming weekend off. My boss said I could have it off. So did the other managers. A girl got hired about a month before, and she had requested that same weekend off. When that week's schedule came out, guess who got that weekend off? Her. Guess who had to work 3 8-hour shifts? Me. I was mad, so I went to my boss and asked her what was up. She said that I had never asked for the weekend off, and I told her that I had posted a note a month ago about it. Even the other managers were backing me up. My boss said there was never any note and I just needed to stop whining, that was the way it was.
So the Saturday of homecoming, when I went to pick up my corsage from the florist, I went to my boss's house and told her that I was quitting. She looked at me and said "You really need to grow up." I retorted, "At least I'm not a 35-year-old with no college education working as a manager of a pizza place!"
Here's the irony - I was working at a fast food place about a year later (as a manager), and she applied and was hired as one of my employees. How funny is that?!
Ritters is a living hell
I would rather live in a cardboard box on I95 than work there again. Only old jewish people go there and the boss is the cheapest man alive. I got fired for accidentally getting some coconut custard mixed with vanilla. At least I think so. They make you sign a form saying they don't need to tell you why they fired you. It's okay though, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because the month I had to go in there everyday and wear that stupid hat I was completely suicidal.
Canadian 'Fire'
I worked at Canadian Tire in Canada when I was 19. I was hired as a cashier, and right from the beginining I knew that the head cashier who trained me didn't like. I didn't even know why, I was always nice to her and polite to customers. Anyways, I was there for 2 months and 28 days. In order to be a full employee, you have to be there for 3 months. So 2 days before my 3 months were up, I was called up the office. The head cashier who didn't like me was there with the account (not the boss, he had no idea what was going on), and they told me that there were too many problems and they had to let me go. I asked them over and over again what I did, but they wouldn't give me an answer. So I got all my stuff out of my locker and left. I then found out about a week later that some other girl who worked there who also did not like me told the head cashier that I brought a large bottle of rum to work and was drinking it in the locker room.
It was completely not true at all, I don't even
drink rum. So I was fired for something I didn't do, they didn't even have any evidence of it, and they wouldn't even give me the real reason to my face. That's okay, I hated that place anyway. It was for the better.
Dirty Doughnut
So I was running a double at the KT and I was like, "Damn, the stomach is rumblin today." And the great thing about being a productive KT employee is the vast array of eateries produced on site. So I ambled into the back room and saw a succulent nutmeg caramalized doughnut lying all pristine like atop some plastic casing, and sure, it was in the garbage but you tell me if you can turn down the doughnut of all doughnuts when the tummy juices are running a screen play right up the middle. So I grabbed and munched and it was Super Bowl Sunday and Easter all wrapped into one. I'm talking pastry heaven, here. Anyways, the day manager walked in and apparently saw my sneaky lunch special in progress and they gave me the proverbial bootsky. But let me tell you, if I had to do it all over again that sweet baby would have gone down all the same.
Fired more than once
well, ive been fired a few times. but the best story was when i was working for the state park at the floating marina. but first you must know that fishing on the dock was not permitted for anyone. i learned that when i cleaned out the cricket box and threw the dead crickets in the water, alot of small fish would come up.so on one really slow and boring day i decided to put a hook on the dead insect.well, little did i know, the boss was down a ways,and seen this.so i was fired for fishing off the dock on the clock.
Didn't need me
I was doing low paying factory work, second shift. We were always short handed. I worked very hard and was trying to get training to move up the ladder. But it wasn't working because I was a woman. I had put in a request to move to first shift, and my boss said it was turned down. I was stuck on the worst machines every day, and my last day was the worst. I had to lean in and move a lot to get the parts out, and my jeans snaged, and ripped. So my but was hanging out. i yelled for my boss and told him I needed to go home to change. He told me no and to borrow a sweater from some one because he needed me to run the machine. If he had needed me he should have been kinder. As I'm walking out, cussing my boss and all such. I am told by his boss that if I could have kept my temper I wouldn't have been fired and I would have been going to first shift next week. Major suckage.
The Dead Plant
when i finished college i started at this plant company. I worked my butt off. I came in early, I was NEVER late. In turn they were good to me as well. They put me up in a fancy hotel when my dumb landlady did not pay the gas bill and the heat and hot water turned off. I loved that job and thought I would stay there forever until....... There was a huge change in managment and we were given a new manager from another country. He was a little odd. Unforuntly I had family issues and had to move. (That means I had to quit) I told my boss what the situation was and that I was very sorry. And he said no.... I said pardon? and he said you will not be quitting. I said i am prepared to give 3 weeks notice and train a new person if you find him/her in time. He said no again.....I was like okay..Well i have to go to work now soooo bye, and off I want to work. 2 1/2 weeks later my family issue became worse and I had to leave. I told my boss that morning.
He was well madder than a madcow. He started to
freak and say you promised the 3 weeks. I said sorry family is more important. He said well then don't bother coming back to work, Your fired. I was like what???? He said give me your key your fired. I was less than thrilled and left. I haven't looked back since. o yah and on my t6 slip it said that i was fired..... okay Robert okay....
Sexist Taxi Manager
I drove cab for a sexist fleet manager who thought women shouldn't drive, only dispatch. He was always rude to me, worked me long hours, especially shifts I didn't want. He accused me of driving around all day on a flat because women didn't know what a properly inflated tire felt like! One morning I was 5 minutes late to work and he fired me. He was just looking for a reason. Now this jerk owns the whole company. I always tell people to take the other cab company in town. They overcharge people too.
Race Trac
My second job was working at Race Trac. During training they didn't really teach me anything, the other guy being trained was shown the register, and how to change out the mixes, etc etc. I was shown how to clean... oh joy. Then the last day of training our trainer doesn't show up... so we just mess around the store till our shift is over and then we get to go home. They said they'd call us when our next shift is. No call... so I call the guy that hired me, no answer. Leave a message a few times then I get a survey calling me asking me why I quit Race Trac... which I didn't.. so she asked why I was let go. I explained that as far as I knew I still had a job. So I explained the situation. When my dad got home he told me it was all my fault, screaming and yelling at me for not calling them (Which I did) and I kept telling them they told me to wait for them to call. After I stormed off to my room he waked in an hour later, told him again they said
they would call... he said "oh I didn't know
that". This is all before I'm actually working there (exciting isn't it?) The survey lady helped me out a lot, she made the calls and finally I get a call saying that I'll work at a certain store at this time. I go in and I'm supposed to report to the manager.. who doesn't work that day. Awesome. So I get told to clock in and work that day. Then I wait a few more days before finally getting called in and meet the manager and get my schedule. I have to be retrained on EVERYTHING because I hadn't been trained in the first place. Everythings ok for a few days until they start deciding it's a great idea to have the smallest person in the store do all the unloading when the trucks come in, which in turn gets me yelled at for taking so long (small, not much muscle, having to clean and work the register at the same time as this because everyone goes on twenty million smoke breaks). But whatever, I ignore it. Then this girl who worked at a desk job in the corporate office (basically as a secretary) gets
sent in
as a manager. She hates me immediately. I come in ten minutes late one day and she's waiting outside smoking a cigarette and tells me to go home... I find out the next day that this left only 2 people working in the store, her and another girl. This manager never did anything except flirt with the assistant manager. So the other girl got stuck doing everything in the entire store, I apologized to her because she actually is a pretty cool person. That day the girl starts yelling at me to do this and that while I'm trying to do other things. Then the truck comes in. We have ovens in the back room to make the food, so it's pretty hot in there, and as you know heat rises. So I'm sitting on top of a ladder opening boxes and organizing the mixes like I'm supposed to (terrified of heights btw). And getting pretty hot. Finally I finish, I get halfway down the ladder when I black out. Thankfully there were boxes below me because obviously I fell. When I got back up I felt dizzy and weak. I told the manager and
told not to do it again... no break.. not a thing. Btw we never are given lunch breaks, 8 hour shifts (sometimes more) with no lunch break... Unless the shift manager is one of the nicer ones. Anyways, I barely make it through the rest of the day. After that I feel better. But a few days later when I'm restocking the cigs I collapse again, thankfully it was just behind the cashwrap and no ladders. To get some air I go outside to sweep the lot, it's night and my shifts almost over. My dad pulls up and the shift manager (the really nice girl from before) comes out and tells me to go ahead and clock out. She takes the broom and pan, when I get in the car I'm freaking out because I'm terrified about my health, I'm bawling to my dad. The manager says she'll take care of things at work. I go to the doctor and find out that I have a lot of health problems I didn't even know about. Next time I come into work I had decided to quit, I just couldn't do a job like that with those health problems. I tried talking
to the
store manager, who has always been a complete jerk, and he did not care. So I looked at my schedule. There was a break were two days before my next shift, so the day before my break I wrote a note on the schedule saying I wasn't coming back. I couldn't take it anymore. Not to mention that they never listened to what was supposed to be my availability, and also anytime I asked for a day off he would say he's not allowed to give me days off when requested.. which is complete BS. So never ever ever work at RaceTrac. They treat their employees terribly. Everyone I know that still works at one agrees. It's a little better now that it's pay before you pump on all of them. but still. Never again.

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