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Movie Name: Vampire Over London

A 1952 British horror comedy directed by John Gilling, starring Bela Lugosi and Arthur Lucan. Von Housen seeks to dominate the world from his headquarters in London with an army of 50,000 radar controlled robots powered by uranium. He believes himself to be a vampire and has several young women abducted, most recently Julia Loretti who has a map to a uranium mine that he needs for his army. At the moment, Van Housen only has one functional robot which is shipped to him and through a mistake is shipped to Old Mother Riley's store with Mother Riley's package sent to Van Housen. Seeing Mother Riley's address in the label, Van Housen sends his robot to abduct Mother Riley to his headquarters. This movies was also known as Mother Riley Meets the Vampire and My Son the Vampire, it was the final film of the Old Mother Riley film series.