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10-2-4 Ranch
13th Juror
20th Century Fox Movie Premieres
20th Century Ltd
20th Century Reformation Hour
50 Year Celebration of the Phonograph (WOR)
7 Front Row
Abbotts, The
ABC News
AFRS Phonograph Album
AFRS Sportsreel
AFRS V-Discs
Aimee Semple McPherson
Air Checks
Alan Cairns
Alan Partridge
Alan Prescott
Albert Martin
Alka Seltzer Show
All the World's a Globe
America United
American Album of Familiar Music
American Family Saga
American Forum of the Air
American Heritage
American History Thru Eyes of Radio
American Jazz
American Legion Asks and Presents
American Town Mtg
American Weekly, The
Announcers' Auditions
Appt With Fear
Are You a Genius
Armed Forces Radio Service Phonograph
Art Linkletter's House Party
Aunt Jenny's Real Story
Aunt Mary, Story of
Awesome Courthouse, The [La Tremenda Corte]
B&D Chucklewagon
Bachelor's Children
Bailes Brothers, The
Ballad Hunter
Baseball Broadcasts
Baseball Sound Clips
Basil Rathbone, Word Detective
BBC Misc
BBC Plays
BBC Science Fiction
BBC Science Fiction 68
Becker House Detective
Believe It Or Kill Me
Beyond the Green Door
Bill Lance
Billy Burke
Billy Sunday
Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney
Blind Buddy Burt
Blvd of Make Believe
Bog Band Remotes Featuring Tommy Carlyn
Caldwell and Pollard
Calvin and the Colonel
Camel Caravan [Benny Goodman]
Campbell's Short Stories
Canticle for Leibowitz
Carson Robinson
Catholic Hour with Fulton J Sheen, The
CBS (World) New Round
CBS News Unspecified
CBS Radio Mystery Theater Rebroadcasts
CBS. The World Today (Tonight)
Challenge of the Yukon, The
Champion, Adv of
Chancellor's Program
Chapel Platform
Charles Alexander
Chase & Sanborn Hour [Bergen & McCarthy]
Checkerboard Fun Test
Cheloni Skin Ptogram
Chet Cheeter's Tales from the Morgue
Chicago Theater of the Air
Chuckles in the News
Cinnamon Bears
Cities Service Hwys in Melody
Citizens' Comittee
City Hosp
Classic Chilling Tales
Cliffie Stone's Record Coral
Club 930
Coca Cola Top-Notchers
Coconut Grove Ambassadors
Coffin, Scarely Used
Colonel Jack
Comedy Writers Show
Committee on Constructive Gov't
Constitutional Govt
Contact News Detroit
Corrie Ten Boom
Country Express
Country Fair
Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players
Crisis in War Town
Dairy Smooth Orchestra
Dan Dare
Dark Island
Date with Chris
Day of the Triffids
Dean Faussner and Anita Carroll
Dear John
Decoder Ring Theater
Deerslayer, The
Democracy in Action
DFR Beale
Dick and Jeanie
Dixieland Club
Doc Savage
Don McNeill's Breakfast Club
Don't Touch That Dial - Don Wilson Tribute
Dr AW Tozer
Dr Bob Jones, Word of Truth
Dr Ian R K Paisley
Dr IQ Jr
Dr John Brinkley
Dramas of the Courts
Drene Time
Duncan Campbell
Dunniger The Mentalist
Dwight Eisenhower
Earl Johns
Earl Ross' Fairy Tales
Edgar Alan Poe
Edgar Bergen & Charle McCarthy
Eleventh Hour, The
Ella Fitzgerald
Elza Schallert Reviews
Enchanted Hour, The
Enchanted Keyboard
Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise Show
Esquire Jazz Concerts
Fairy Tales Source Unknown
Falstaff's Fables
Family Altar, The
Fat Man (Australia)
Father Edward Flanagan
FDR's Death
Fibber McGee and the Good Old Days of Radio
Five After the Hour
Five Star Matinee
Flair Hosted by Dick Van Dyke
Flannery O'Connor
Flether Henderson
Foodtown Pops Revue
Ford V-8 Revue
Fourth Tower of Inverness, The
Francis Langford
Frank and Archie Watanabe
Frank Merriwell, The Adv of
Frank Muir Goes Into
Frank Singiser and Other Mutual News Broadcasts
From Ragtime to Rock
Fu Manchu, The Shadow
Fulton Lewis
Fun at Breakfast
Fun with the Revenuers
Funny Side Up
General Mills
George Jessel
Gerald R Ford's Speeches
GI Jills All-Time Jukebox
Gideon Fell
Glamour Manor
Glenn Miller from the BBC
Glenn Miller Uncle Sam Presents
Glenn Miller. Last Broadcast and MIA Bulletin
Glenn Miller. Music for the German Wehrmacht
Globe Radio Repertory
Gloria Swanson
Golden Era of Radio Interviews
Good Word, The
Goons, The
Gospel Hour, The
Great American Indian Stories
Great Moments in Sports
Greatest Sports Thrills
Groucho Marx
Guess What Quiz Show
Guess Who
Guest Star Time
Gus Arnhein
Guy Lombardo
H.V. Kaltenborn
Hackleberry Hotel
Hall of Horrors
Hank Thompson Show
Hank Williams
Hanoi Hannah
Hardy Family, The
Harry Truman
Haunting Tales
Hawaii Calls
Hayward Sanitarium
Heartbeat Broadway
Helen Trent, the Romance of
Hello Mom
Herbert Hoover
Heros of Civilization
Heros of the Merchant Marine
Hidden History
Historical Sound Bites
History of Old Radio, The
History of Radio Comedy on the BBC
History of Radio Rock 'n' Roll
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hobbit, The
Holiday Specials
Hollywood Fights Back
Hollywood Movie Previews
Hollywood Startime
Hollywood Theater of Stars
Home Front Reporter
Hometown Jamboree
Hometown Sketches
Hoosier Hot Shots
Hootenanny Road Show
Horace Heidt
Host Planet Earth
Ian R K Paisley
Idiot's Weekly
Indiana School of the Sky
International Incident
Invisible Man, The
Invitation to Learning
Ira Cook
Irving Strobing
Is There Not a Cause
Jan Savitt and His Hop Hatters
Jane Arden, The Adv of
Jason & the Golden Fleece
Jazz Club USA
Jeep, My Son
Jerry Browning, The Casebook of
Jerry Gray Show
Jill's All Time Jukebox
Jim Gunn
Jimmie Fidler's Hollywood
Jimmy Wakely
Joe Garagiola
John B Kennedy
Johnny Lee Wills
Johnny Madiero
Johnson Wax Prgm w Meredith Wilson
Join the Navy
Jon Cameron Swayze
Jukebox USA
Junior G-Men, True Adv
Just Before Midnight
Just Between Us
Kathryn Kuhlman
Kay Fairchild Stepmother
Ken Dodd Collection
Kennedy Nixon Debates
Keys to the Capitol
KGW Radio
King Cole Trio
King of the Royal Mounted
King's Jesters, The
Kitty Keane Inc
Kracken Wakes
Kraft Music Hall - Various Hosts
L.R. Shelton, Voice of Truth
Lands of the Free
Lanny Ross
Laugh Parade
Lawyers, Attorneys, etc - Misc Programs
Leonidas Witherall, Adv of
Les Brown Show
Les Paul and Mary Ford
Let's Go Nightclubbing
Let's Go to the Opera
Let's Go With Music
Lincoln Hwy
Listener's Playhouse
Little Abner
Little Orley Radio Shows
Long John Nebel
Lord Haw Haw, Nazi Propaganda
Lord Peter Wemsey
Lutheran Hour, The
Lux Radio Theater - South Africa
Mad Hatterfields
Magic of Music, The
Majestic Mastery of Mystery
Major Gregory Keen
Make Believe Ballroom
Mamola Entertainers
Manhattan Melodies
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
Marco Polo, Adv of
Martin Luther King
Marx Brothers Show
Mary Foster Editors Daughter
Mary Noble Backstage Wife
Masters of Mystery
McGarry and the Mouse
Medical Milestones
Mel Price
Melody Round-Up
Men of Vision
Mercer McLeod
Mercury Wonder Show
Merry Go Round Melodlies
Metropolitian Opera
MGM Movie Premieres
Michael Shayne Private Detective
Minnesota Old Tales and New
Minnesota School of the Air
Mirror of Life
Moments of Melody
Moon Over Morocco
Morning and Evening Devotionals - Charles Spurgeon
Morning Stories of Life
Morse, Adventures By
Movie Playhouse
Movie Previews [Misc]
Movies for the Blind (Audio + Visual Description)
Mrs 'Obbs
Murder for Christmas
Music From Your Hometown
Music in Miniature
Music Transcription Library
Musical Special Events
Mutual Radio Theater
Napolean's Retreat
Narnia, Tales of
Nat King Cole
Nati'l Committee...Constitutional Gov't
National Barn Dance, The
National Lampoon
Navy Swings, The
NBC Breakfast Club
NBC Monitor
NBC Morning News Roundup
NBC News
NBC News of the Hour
NBC War News
NBC's Anniversary Shows
Nelson Olmsted's Short Stories
New Theater, The
News and Letters from Home and Abroad
Nightcap Yarns
Nipsy Russel's Comedy Time
Norman Corwin
Norman Vincent Peale
Now Here This
O'Henry Playhouse
Old Sunday School Program
Old Tales
Omar the Wizard
Once Upon a Tune
One Night Stand with Big Bands
Orbiter X
Orsen Welles Radio Almanac
Our Land Be Bright
Out of the Silent Planet
Packard Hour
Paper Plates
Paramount Movie Premieres
Pat O'Brien From Inside Hollywood
Pat O'Daniel & The Hillbilly Boys
Patch and Click
PC49, Adv of
Pet Milk Show
Peter Marshall
Phil Rizzuto
Phil Spitalny & His All Girl Orchestra
Philco Summer Hour
Phillip Marlowe
Phillip Marlowe [BBC]
Phoenix Sun Ranch Chuck Wagon
Phyllis Isley Radio Theater
Pick and Pat
Planet Man, The
Play of the Week
Portia Faces Life
Prelude to Dusk
Press Club
Private Files of Rex Saunders, The
Public Service
Qtr Century of Swing
Quick as a Flash
Radio Adv Theater
Radio Bible Class
Radio Moscow News
Radio Movies
Radio Novels
Radio Plays of Charles Dickens
Radio's Adv Theater
Railroad Hour, The
Raymond Graham Swing
Raymond Scott Show
Rays a Laugh
Readers Digest with Boris Karloff
Recollections at Thirty
Red Nichols Show
Renfrew of the Mounted
Renfro Valley Barn Dance
Reporter of Odd Facts
Reveille Roundup with the Hometowners
Rexall Hollywood Revue
RFD America
Richard Aurandt Show
Richard Nixon
Right To Happiness, The
Ripley's Believe It or Not - Half Hour Shows
RKO Movie Premieres
Rocky Jordan, Adv with
Rod and Charles Show
Role of Science in War, The
Rolfe Barnard
Ronald Reagan
Rosie All the Way
Rudy Valee
Santa Fe Trail
Santa, Adv of
Scarlet Queen, The Voyage of the
Scout About Town
Screwtape Letters
Search, The
Second Holmes
Seeing Eye Theater
Serenade for Strings
Sermons, Various Speakers
Sexton Blake
Shadow of the Pharoah
Shell Theater of the Air
Sherlock Holmes, Stories of
Signal Carnival
Silver Platter
Sing Along with Karl, Jack & Dan
Singing Bandit, The
Single Episodes
Skelly News
Skinners Romancers
Skippy Hollywood Theatre
Smiley Burnette
So The Story Goes
So You Think It's New
Sounds of War
Southland Echos
Special Broadcasts
Sports Illustrated Interviews
Star-Spangled Theater
Steptoe and Sons
Stop Messing Around
Stories of the Bible
Stories of the Railway
Story Behind the Headlines
Story Behind the Song, The
Story of All of Us
Story of Satan Place, The
Story Princess
Storyteller Baron
Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters
Strollin' Tom
Sunday Night at Eight
Sweeney and March
T. Austin-Sparks
T. F. Rutledge Beale
Tac Hammer
Talent Theater
Tales of Suspense
Tales of Willie Piper
Tandy McKenzie
Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher
Tarzan The Fires of Tohr
Taystee Loafers
Ted Lewis
Tennessee Jed Sloane
Terry Gilyson, The Solitary Singer
Texaco Star Theatre Summer Show
That Was the Year That Was
The Secret of Dominion
Theater Royal
Theatre Guild
Theatre of Hits
There's Alway's That Guy
This is Nora Drake
This Is Your Life
Three Suns and a Scarlet
Thrice Told Tales
Thrills of the Hwy Patrol
Tide Show, The
Time Machine, The
Tizzie Lish
Tommy Handley
Transatlantic Call
Treasury Salute, The
Tune Up America
Twelve Players
Twenty-First Precinct
US Marine Corp Presents
Voices of Christmas
Wake-Up Ranch
Walter Winchell's Jergen's Journal
Warner Bros Academy Theater
Wayside Theater, The
Wendall Hall
Western Auto Arrow Circle Show
What Ho Jeeves
William Nicholson
William Randolph Hearst
Wings Over Jordan
WJSV Complete Day's Broadcast 1939-09-21
WLS Barn Dance
WOR Reference Recording
World Program Service
World's Greatest Short Stories
World's Greatest Stories
WPA Presents
Wylie Fulton
Yankee Yarn Time
Yiddish Radio Project Vol 1
Yiddish Radio Project Vol 2
You Can't Do Business With Hitler
Young Doctor Malone
Your Navy Show Starring Tommy Dorsey
Your Radio Almanac
Your Radio Novel
Zero Hour, NHK
Ziegfeld Follies of the Air

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