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Fire Fighters

Radio Show: Fire Fighters

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001 Tim Collins' First Day 
002 False Alarms 
003 Is Jimmy Collins Turning In False Alarms 
004 Jimmy Not Guilty Of False Alarms 
005 Tim Doesn't Get His Appointment 
006 Fire At Tim's House Put Out 
007 Tim Gets Appointed to Fire Department 
008 Tim Tries to Save a Man 
009 Tim is Trapped Fighting 
010 Chief Cody Orders Men To Rescue Tim 
011 Tim and the Watchman Are Rescued 
012 How the Fire Started 
013 Fire Traps Woman and Her Baby 
014 Woman and Baby Saved 
015 Tim Tries to Save Arson 
016 Tim and the Woman Are Rescued 
017 Man Confesses to Starting The Fires 
018 Tim Lectures at North Side School 
019 School Fire 
020 Tim Joins Engine Company 
021 Searching for Fire on Ship 
022 Towboat Owner is Mad at the Fire Fighters 
023 Towboat Owner is at Fault 
024 Chief Cody is in Trouble 
025 Chief Cody Talks With Nightclub Owner 
026 Plans Made to Help Chief Cody 
027 Chief Cody Threatens to Resign 
028 Gang of Boys Setting Fires 
029 Tim Undercover as Bum t 
030 Tim Trapped, Puts Out Fire 
031 Illusion Maker With Phosphorus 
032 Chief Cody and Tim Attend A Demonstration 
033 Everyone Escapes and Fire is put out 
034 Fire Equipment Display 
035 New Fire Fighting Tug Boat 
036 Tim Assigned to Fire Fighting Tug Boat 
037 Grain Ship Fire 
038 Grain Ship Fire Put Out 
039 Tim Goes On Furlough 
040 Volunteer Fire Department 
041 Chief Cody & Tim Discuss Volunteer Fire Department 
042 New Way to Haul Water 
043 Forest Fire 
044 Boys Trapped by Forest 
045 Tim and Children Safe from Fire in a Cave 
046 Forest Fire Under Control 
047 Forest Fire Out, Chief Cody Offered a Job 
048 Tim Attends a Fire Fighters School 
049 Tim & Crew Rescue a Cat 
050 Jimmy Collins is Upset 
051 Problems With Jimmy and Whitey 
052 North Side Junior Fire Fighters Problems 
053 Jimmy and Whitey Are Friends Again 
054 Unsafe Electric Cords 
055 Finding Unsafe Electric Cords 
056 Another Fire from Unsafe Cord 
057 Unsafe Electrical Cord 
058 Fire Sightseers Causing Problems 
059 False Alarms Being Turned In 
060 False Alarms Continue 
061 Chief Cody & Tim Try to To Catch The Two Men 
062 Railroad Flats Discussed As Dangerous 
063 Children Trapped In Apartment Fire 
064 Children Are Saved 
065 Chief Cody Talks About Fire Fighting 
066 Story of Fire Burning Entire City 
067 Story is Completed of City nearly Destroyed by Fire 
068 Tim Might be Promoted To Lieutenant 
069 Tim Wants Transfer to Rescue Squad 
070 Tim Assigned to Fire Prevention Squad 
071 Production of Fire Prevention Play Begins 
072 Play Wasn't Properly Rehearsed 
073 Chief Cody Saves the Play 
074 Tim Transfers to the Rescue Squad 
075 Tim's Having Problems With Assignment 
076 Tim Gets in a Boxing Match 
077 Fire With Man Trapped in Vault 
078 Trying to Open Vault 
079 Vault is Filling Up With Water 
080 Man Rescued from the Vault 
081 Tim Accepted by Fellow Rescue Squad Workers 
082 Tim Assigned to go on a fishing trip 
083 Tim Learns Hard Hat Diving Equipment 
084 Printing Plates for Conterfeit Money Found 
085 Chief Cody Turns Plates to Police 
086 A Fireman is Missing 
087 Searching for Missing Fireman 
088 Missing Fireman Found 
089 Firemen Work on Drowning 
090 Fireman is Cleared of Any Printing Plate Connection 
091 Dealer Puts Gasoline In Apartment Oil Tank 
092 Furnace Started, Firemen Evacuating Building 
093 Firemen Search for Furnace Shut-Off Valve 
094 Jimmy is in Crawl Space 
095 Jimmy and Tim Get the Valve Shut Off 
096 Jimmy and Trudy Collect Things For Sale 
097 Jimmy and Trudy Discover Wilcox Mansion Fire 
098 Jimmy and Trudy Suspected of Arson 
099 Figure Out How Fire Started 
100 Mrs Wilcox Informed How Fire Began 
101 Barge Filled With Oil On Fire 
102 Tug Boat Tries to Move The Barge 
103 Barge Loose, Threatens Waterfront 
104 Barge Moved Away from Docks 
105 Barge Fire is Put Out 
106 Once Again Collecting Items for Charity Sale 
107 A Snuff Box is Missing 
108 Mister Darby Locked in Vault 
109 Mister Darby is Discoved Locked In Vault 
110 Darby is Freed & Returns Snuff Box 
111 Chief Cody Investigates Fires 
112 Tim Begins Investigating Fires 
113 Fires Beginning in Mattresses 
114 Recalling Mattresses 
115 Cotton Seeds Causing Mattress Fire Hazard 
116 Chief Cody on Vacation 
117 Jim and Jack Attempt a Rescue 
118 Tim Begins Scaling Tall Building 
119 Tim Reaches Trapped Woman 
120 Tim Rescues Jack and the Woman 
121 Chief Cody Returns, Monkey Problem Begins 
122 Trying to Catch the Monkeys 
123 Most of the Monkeys Have Been Captured 
124 Snake Suggested to Catch Remaining Monkeys 
125 Snake Works in Capturing Rest of the Monkeys 
126 Tim's Friend Trapped by Fire 
127 Tim's Friend Rescued, But Floor Might Collapse 
128 The Floor Collapses on Tim 
129 Tim is Alive, Taps on Pipes for Rescue 
130 Firemen Rescue Tim With a Steam Shovel 
131 Chief Cody and Tim Leave For Vacation 
132 Fire in Baggage Area of Plane 
133 Airfield Found, Landing Lights Are Off 
134 Tim Parachutes to Field, But Airport is Shut Down 
135 Headlights on Autos Used To Light The Runway 
136 Tim and Chief Cody on Vacation at Plum Valley 
137 Fire Begins in the Town 
138 Plum Valley Newspaper is on Fire 
139 Plum Valley Tries to Hire Full-Time Fireman 
140 Plum Valley City Council 

More Drama coming soon...

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