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Bulldog Drummond

Radio Show: Bulldog Drummond

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0022 - Death Rides A Racehorse 
0023 - Death Loops The Loop 
0035 - Death Uses Disappearing Ink 
410926 - Closed Circuit Audition. First American Adventure 
410928 0012 - Hijackers 
420104 0022 - Death Rides A Racehorse 
420111 - A Study In Mink 
420125 0029 - Circus The 
420601 - The Case Of The Hare And The Hound - BD becomes a truck driver to trap a gang of dangerous hijackers 
420608 - The Case Of Carnation Charlie - breaks up gang of counterfeiters dealing in bogus War Stamps 
420622 - Blind Man's Bluff 
430920 - Axis Sub 
440110 - Terror In the Circus 
440626 0155 - Nazi Sub 
450416 - The Case of the Double Death 
450423 0198 - Dinner Of Death 
450813 0214 - Help Wanted 
450910 0218 - Murder In The Death House 
450917 - Death On The Diamond - NY broadcast moves to Mondays @ pm 
450924 0220 - Escape Into Death 
461014 - Case of the Fatal Right 
470117 0282 - Claim Check Murders Aka Atomic Murders 
471224 - Bookstore 
480421 - Devil Flats 
480512 - Fiery Island 
480609 - Death Uses Disappearing ink 
480616 0036 - Death In The Deep 
480714 0040 - The Deadly Stand In 
481201 - Penny Arcade Story 
Blind Man s Bluff 
Devil Flats 
Fiery Island 
Porcelain Ming Cat 
Ride In The Moonlight 
xxxxxx - Blind Man's Bluff 
xxxxxx - Capt Drummond Fights the Nazis 
xxxxxx - Case of the Atomic Murders 
xxxxxx - Claim Check 
xxxxxx - Death in the Deep 
xxxxxx - Death Ship 
xxxxxx - Geiger Counter 
xxxxxx - Porcelain Ming Cat 
xxxxxx - Ride In The Moonlight 
xxxxxx - Train Encounter with Linda Bennett 
xxxxxx - White Star and the Ringer 

More Mystery coming soon...

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