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Allied Radio Artists radio jingles

Radio Show: Allied Radio Artists radio jingles

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Alamito Dairy 1 
Alamito Dairy 2 
Alamito Dairy 3 
Alamito Dairy 4 and 5 
Allen Home Lumber 
Baker's Ice Cream 
Bradfield Drug 
Bridgeman Dairy 
Brown Duncan Dept 
Busse's Food Diner 
Camera Centres 
Campus Record Shop 
Cass Clay Dairy 
Cawley Tater Flakes 
Cawley Tater Flakes - 10 sec 
Chicken Honey 
Christina Flowers 
Coast to Coast 
Come to the Fair 
Crest Oil 
Crest Oil - 10 sec 
Curry McElroy Tires 
Davis Motors 
Dawson's Bar 
Dennis Donuts 
Dixie Stores 
Dodger Beverages 
Du'ree Portrait 
Dyckman Hotel 
Eatmore Meat Products 
Eno Upholstery 
Erickson Banhart Insurance 
Exclusive Furniture 
Flying 8 Gas 
Galesberg Tent Company 
Gilpin's Paint and Glass 
Greenlee Meats 
Guarantee Laundry 
Guarantee Laundry - 10 sec 
Hettinger Cafe 
High Boy Donuts 
Hill Rexall Drug Store 
Hol - Gurn Milk 
Hoods Super Value 
Jasper County Savings 
Jeffreys Gas Station 
Jerry's Supper Club 
Jess Auto Parts 
Jimmy Ruth Motors 
Jinny's Maternity 
JP Albright 
Ken Eddy's Drive-in 
Kenally Furniture 
Landstrom Jewelery 
Lee Dance Studio 
Leever's Super Value 
Leon Food Mart 
Lindy Winky Bootery 
Lynns Photo and Art 
Maguires Appliances 
Main Gas 
Marshalls Drug Store 
Mc Chords Office Supplies 
Mc Donalds Photo 
Mc Fayden 
Midwest Chev 1 
Midwest Chev 2 
Midwest Chev 3 
Midwest Chev 4 - 10 sec 
Milkmaid Drive -in 
Modern Appliance 
Nakota Hatchery 
Nietz Electric 
North West Roofing 
Old Home Bread 
Old Home Bread - 15 sec 
Ole's Floor Mart 
Palais Royale 
Palais Royale - 15 sec 
Peter's Meats 
Provident Loan 
Provident Loan - 15 sec 
Ramseys Motors 
Robert Gibb and Sons 
Santa Claus 
Sapulpa - 10 sec 
Sportsman Shop 
Stan's Carpetirium 
Standard Motors 
Star Sewing Machines 
Tavis Ironing 
Texas Motor Exchange 
The Beer Cooler 
Tots and teens 
Tulsa Window and Door 
United Federal - 5 versions 
Viking Chicks 
Viking Insurance 
Viking Insurance - 15 sec 
Vincent Chev 
Wagoner 20 Lanes 
Walter's Beer 
Watt Plumbing 
Wett's Drug Store 
Witt's Truck Rental 
XL Cleaners 
Yak's Pontiacs 
Yegen Dairy 
Yellow Cab 
Young's Dairy 

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