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Boris Karloff

Radio Show: Boris Karloff

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480912 - The Babysitter 
500310 - The Tailor and the Mouse 
501126 - Johnny Appleseed 
57-12-UU Special Message To Station Owners 
571216 Who Killed Chung Ling Soo? 
571217 Shakespeares Hometown 
571218 Story Of Wood 
571219 Dr Harvey Cushing 
571220 The White House 
5712xx - Message To Station Owners 
580110 - Aunt Chloe's Reward 
580111 - How Smart is a Fish 
580112 - Laughter is the Best Medicine 
580113 - Napoleon 
580114 - Teacher's Tricks 
xx12xx - Message To Station Owners. Not for Broadcast 
xxxxxx - The Raven III with Bela Lagosi. No Begin. No End 

More Mystery coming soon...

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