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Adventures of Dick Cole

Radio Show: Adventures of Dick Cole

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ep 01- Dick And The Boxing Match 
ep 02- Dick And The Chicken Thieves 
ep 03- First Year Man 
ep 04- Dick Is Accused Of Counterfeiting 
ep 05- Two Crooks Create Mayhem At Farr 
ep 06- Basketball Tournament 
ep 07- Laura Gets Jealous 
ep 11- Dick And The Burning House 
ep 12- Dicks Everglade Mystery 
ep 16- The Big Baseball Game 
ep 19- Dicks South Sea Island Adventure 
ep 20- The Werewolf Of Farr 
ep 22- Hermit of the Silver Mine 
ep 23- Murder At Grays Castle 
ep 25- Dick Catches Spies 
ep 26- Escaped Convict 
Football Cheat 
Rangefinder Spy Case 
xxxxxx - [01] Boxing Match 
xxxxxx - [02] Chicken Thieves 
xxxxxx - [03] First Year Man 
xxxxxx - [04] Counterfeiters 
xxxxxx - [05] The Circus 
xxxxxx - [06] Basketball 
xxxxxx - [07] Laura Gets Jealous 
xxxxxx - [11] Simba's Warts 
xxxxxx - [12] Judo 
xxxxxx - [16] Baseball 
xxxxxx - [17] Spies 
xxxxxx - [18] Secret Ink 
xxxxxx - [19] Island Adventure 
xxxxxx - [20] Werewolves 
xxxxxx - [23] Murder at Grays Castle 
xxxxxx - [24] Gang Plans Robberies Using Walkie-Talkies 
xxxxxx - [25] Man on a Train 
xxxxxx - [xx] Laura Gets Jealous 

More Adventure coming soon...

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