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  Are you absent and lost minded?

1. Do you often forget where you keep your car/house keys?

 Yes     Some times     No   

2. You go to the market to buy things. And you come back home empty-handed, completely forgetting what you had gone for.

 It happens regularly.     It has happened once or twice.     Hasn't happened with me.   

3. Have you ever ended up wearing socks of different colors on either foot?

 Many times.     Once or twice.     Never.   

4. Do you ever forget your appointments/dates?

 Very often, people keep waiting and I don't turn up.     Rarely.     Never.   

5. Have you ever gone to school/office on a sunday/holiday?

 Many times, only to realize my mistake.     Once or twice.     Never.   

6. You go to meet a person and totally forget the reason of your visit. Has it happened?

 Many times.     Once or twice.     Never.   

7. Do you keep forgetting names of your friends?

 Yes.     Rarely.     Never.   

8. Do you keep losing your stuff while traveling?

 Yes     Rarely     Never   

9. Do you catch the wrong train/bus while traveling?

 Yes, very often.     Some times.     Very rarely.