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At, school, there was this guy that I hated, but, now I can stand him. So, before English class started, during lunch, I put a thumbtack on his chair. When he came to class, he sat down and shrieked, "Augh! Who put a thumbtack in my chair!?" I laughed and he never believed it was me. Heh heh...
Play Dead
I was at a pool party with my friends and idiotic guys were throwing us girls into the pool as a playful prank. I told them specifically that if they did it to me i would kill them. They didn't think that i would since i was the smallest weakest person there. So when it was my turn to be the victim of their stupid prank, i pretended to drown. Flailing my arms splashing and what not and then suddenly not move. they thought i was dead so they pulled me out the swimming pool and saw that i was not moving. then you see me say "GOTCHA" they never pulled another prank at me ever again. not only did i got those guys back but my crush used the CPR to get me to breath. HAHA. best prank i ever pulled.
Sticky Nickel!
So, one April Fool's Day, I decided to play a funny prank. I went to school early and glued a nickel to the ground right outside with super-glue. After i made sure that it was good, I sat on a bench by it. Watching my peers go by trying to pry up that nickel was hilarious! And, my math teacher tried to pick it up too!! Best thing is that the nickel was still there a couple weeks later!
Elevator game
Me and my 2 friends liked going on the elevator and pushing all the buttons, so one time when there was alot of people in the elevator, we pushed all the buttons, it was FUNNY lol lol. We had to wait to get to our floor though but it was still fun
April Fools!
My teacher had this word search and for april fools and i looked for the words for like 30 minutes and then my boyfriend helped me and finnaly about 10 minutes later my teacher showed us and it wasn't anything on the list it sayed APRILFOOLS = )
Toothpaste Oreo's
I wanted to get back at my really annoying brother, so I wanted to do the toothpaste oreo trick. I took an oreo and scraped the cream off and replaced it with toothpaste. I did that to 3 oreos. When he came home I said I prepared a snack for him and my brother took a bite and started to scream, it was hillarious!!!!!!!!!
ok so i live with this totally obnoxious guy. every day he would slam the door on his way to work. so i decided to show him my discomfort. i woke up 2 hours before he would. i took the stick of butter out of the fridge and rubbed it all over the floor near the door. he fell so hard that he made a dent in the floor. when he didnt get the message, i decided to butter the whole floor. i called the house from my cell and OMG he took down the garbage can when he fell. it was sooooo hilarious.
scary day
Me aileen and my best friend miles (boy) were at the mall when we saw this very scary looking toy i got it and when we went back to the house we wanted to scare my cousin so i got this voice thing and tape it in the back of the toy and when my cousin was walking Miles turned off the lights! my cousin could not see where he was going so we turned on a little light and put the doll there holding a knife and i was like "i will kiiiiiiiiiill yooooou!!" and he cried and..........PEED HIS PANTS. IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!
Super Glue
I put Super Glue in my friends lip gloss. IT WAS FUNNY.
One day in school A kid fell asleep in my 6th period. SO the teacher told everyone to leave the room and hide. Then she went up to the kid and said "Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP! then she said gosh i have been trying to wake you up for an hour it 5:00! Everyone left! You just wouldn't wake up!" Then HE started crying about how his mom is gonna kill him and he got histerical! Then she gave us a nod and we all came in and said just kidding!
Snails or beef?
My little sister's friend came round, Michaela. We were having beef stew for dinner. We wanted to find out if she was gullible or not... not we played a quick prank on her... the stew we had wasn't beef.... it was snails. We got a little carried away.... and she is so gullible she fell for it! she actually didn't want anymore dinner, and we forgot to tell her it was a joke!
last year on april 1st i woke up at like 1am and went downstairs. I hid all the chairs in the under stairs cupboard and hid the dining room table outside! it was hilarious an when my parents woke up we thought we had been robbed!!!! when they saw me laughing they realized.
Cardboard cake!
So it was my sister's birthday and my dad and i were going to buy the cake. My dad said,"It would be hilarious if we got your sister a display cake." So the cake she wanted just happened to be on display. So we bought it and we brought it to her party and we told everybody it was cake time. We acted like we actually cut the cake. And we gave my sister the first piece and everybody was in on it so they said dig in! And she put her fork to and noticed it was cardboard. It was hilarious!
Marble Madness
Ok I'm like 10 years old and I have one older brother who is 12 and so I was bored one day, cuz I don't have any sisters. So I decided to pull a prank on my brother. I took a bunch of playdoh and I rolled them into little balls of different sizes. I left them sitting out overnight so the next morning when I got up they were hard. I took the clay marbles and put them under the thing that you put over your matress. My big bro didn't sleep at all that night lol :)
My friend Ciara came to my house on the same day my neighbor Luke was there. She had to use the bathroom and our bathroom door doesn't stay shut. Luke was standing outside the bathroom door while she was still in there so i ran past him and kicked the door open while she was standing up pulling down her pants and Luke was like HELLO!!!and she still doesn't know it was me who kicked the door to this day.
Doctor Who prank
There's this really annoying boy in my class who is obsessed with Doctor Who. So one day I came into school with a letter inviting me to come and play a part on the show, which my dad signed. I also had a picture I faked with the producer. When he saw it he totally fell for it, and for the whole day he was asking questions about it. It was only after I fell over laughing did he realize it was a prank!
Okay, well my friend Sarah had me,and my friends Sam and Barbara sleepover. One Problem was that her older brother had his friend over too. So all of us were outside, catching Fireflies. My firefly flew under a tree, so i went over to get it. I hear someone calling my name. So i freak out and run to Sam, Sarah, And Barbara. They all got scared because a black shadow came running out of behind the tree i was by. Then the same thing happened to them as me with the name calling. =/ Barbara ended up crying!!!! it was terrible when we found out it really Sarah's brother and his friend!!!!! it was terrrible.
Snow Ball
Me and my m8tz were throwing snowballs at a mans house, the man came out and as i threw the snowball at his window he opened it and he got the cold wet snowball in his face..........it was hilarious lol!!!
Bye Bye!!
we were leaving my dads friends house and he said lets go like 30 times! he got so mad cause my sister Avery didnt listen to him.... so..... we pretended we thought she was in the car and drove off to the end of the neighborhood and she started to run after us! it was really hilarious!!
Jumping Devils
My brothers took the toys out of the toybox and helped my sister in. They took the toys and put them in a suitcase, and closed the toybox lid. My sister started screaming on cue, while my brothers jumped up and down on the suitcase, so when my mother walked in you can guess what she assumed! She basically threw both of my brothers a few feet to get my 'sister' out of the bag, only to have her pop out of the toybox laughing hysterically.

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