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Free Prize!!
Last april fools day i put a letter in the mail box that said that my sister won a prize either a car, $5000, or a flat screen. i gave her my friends cell number in the letter and said she had to call it to claim her prize. my friend used a fake accent and totally got my sister!
Mom getting wet
Ok, so it was the day before April Fool's Day. I had looked up pranks on the internet and found one that i really liked. It was the one where you put a rubber band around the nozzle on your sink. Since it was dark out, and we have really bad lighting in our kitchen, I decided to try it. Later that evening, my mom wanted to do the dishes, and when she turned on the faucet, she got sprayed with water! It was so funny to see! But, I got a little lecture afterwards. It was worth it, though!
Blue Teeth
My mom pulled a prank on my once so I decided to get her back. I put blue food coloring in her toothpaste that was already blue so she wouldn't notice. She started brushing and couldn't figure out why her teeth were stained blue! It took a while for the food coloring to come off.
OMG it was so scary but funny. me and my 2 bffs (dani and lacey) it was dani's b-day PARTAY so we were spending the night. we decided to prank call ppl and we called this one guy at our school and his dad picked up and we were like OMG where is my orange juice dont kill cows! then we hung up.later we called him back and someone picked up and said 911 whats ur emergency and lacey was like OMG i didnt call 911 this is the number i called________________ then later we called back and lacey was like omg uguys we should pretend like we r the dad. so we called him back and lacey said u r being very rude scary these little girls like this saying its 911. im gonna track ur phone down and tell the police that u were impersonating a 911 person. the person hung up and we almost peed our pants from being scared and laughing
Roll Ball Prank
One time I was at my dads house and I rolled this ball that had a fake eye in it and my dad jumped up so much !! LOL!
a little bit before math class, i got a screw driver out of my book back and unscrewed my teachers chair. when he sat in it, the chair fell over and every one heard his butt pop. lol he broke his tail bone. I never told anyone that I did it. But i swear when i went in my room that day, I laughed SO HARD!
I was about eight at the time, and my little sister was four. I had just found a mask of a witch and the fingers you put onto your own with the long nails on them. There was no way anybody could have believed they were real, but I decided to scare my little sister and I stood waiting at the kitchen door until I heard her coming out of her room. I walked out and she looked up. Her reaction was literally hilarious. She began to scream hysterically, running back into her room and baracading herself in until I reassured her it was only me. Honestly one of the funniest memories of my entire life.
Funny stuff
me and my friend were about 12 years old at the time and we would ride our scooter at night in front of cars and pretend to fall and pretend to be hurt and the cars that stopped asked if we were all right and we said no and she's like "do you need a ambulance" and i was like yes so she called 911 and told them to come where ever we were. then we booked it haha it was so funny. we would do that every night
We called NYC!?
Okay so my name is Shaylee (or Shay) but anyways I live very far from New York and one time my friends Kyle and Amanda and me decided to prank call 1-800-CARPETS...so Amanda is god at disguising her voice so we made her speak. She was like "I need a blue, shaggy carpet on the double in Kansas city." and it was silence after that so she said "Did you get my order?" in a weird accent. The lady on the other line replied "Yeah I got your order and Im going to call your parents!" We freaked! So she called back and talked to Kyle's mom and his mom was all cool about it and she was like "Yeah I need a carpet, and there's a storm here so they sounded funny." We laughed so hard!!! Then We soon found out that she had called from NYC!!! We were suprised! Moral of this story is never to call a business number when your prank calling because they can reverse your prank call and get lots of information and your phone number and call you back and get
you in trouble! The END. -Shay
Cheerios and plastic wrap!
I was like 12, and I had a devious little mind. As it turns out my sister really didn't have a mind, so she didn't notice when I replaced the sugar with salt, (she puts sugar on her cheerios!) and put vinegar in the milk! lol! After that I knew she would accuse me first so I put plastic wrap across the top of the doorway to my room. She ran to come get me and... BAM! I love pranking!
Tanning Eggs
My friend ashleys' mom has her own tanning salon. and upstairs is where she lives. so one night i stayed the night and me and my friend ashley took an egg from her fridge, snuck down stairs, and fried it on one of her moms tanning beds and left it there for the next customer!!!
Animal Farm
One night me and my two best friends were having a sleepover and we were talking and watching movies all night. When we got bored of that and had nothing else to do we decided to pull some pranks. All we could do was call people though. So at about two in the morning we called this guy and started making animal sounds. All different animals..then we hung up...a little after he called back because we had forgot to hide the caller Id and he told us that if we want to be animals we should go on a farm. Lol..We died with laughter that night.
April Fools
It was April Fools day and me and my family had just moved to a new state. I was only ten at the time so I wasnt there. We had half of the town at our soon to be house helping us fix up our new place, we had a bunch of dangerous tools btw. My mom (who is easily fooled) was in the house. One of the teens helping runs in the door yelling for her, he was 17 I think. So my mom runs outside to see what he was yelling about and she looks on the ground to see the 17 year old cousin laying on the ground covered in blood holding a chain saw, then they started laughing and told her it was just blood and said April fools. Ha!
One time my friend wuz over and we were in the kitchen and my brother wuz making soup so every time he left the kitchen i would scoup out some hot water and pour in freezing cold waer so then it would take longer to cook then he kept coming in to check on it and he would think that the stove wuz broke but the whole time me and my friend were cracking up lol.
There are 5 high school seniors and one freshman in the middle of nowhere (sounds like a lame joke i know). well the 5 seniors (me and my friends) decide to take our little freshman (one of my friends' little brother) snipe hunting. for those who dont know snip hinting is where you take someone to the middle of a field or some woods, when it gets dark, you have to "scare the snipes towards the bag holder (victim)" and either A. Leave them there holding a bag till the next morning or B. come around behind them after at least 3 hours and scare them or C. let a cow scare them...well originally we were gonna do A, but if we left him we woud have been in huge trouble. so we opted on B, luckily for us my friend's neighbor's cows had gotten loose and ended up scaring the freshman for us. it was great. we saw the cow get up behind him and lick him...he jumped, pissed his pants, and cussed at the same time. i almost died laughing. he wants to go snipe
hunting again (moron).
Bloody mess
I found some fake blood in my bathroom cabinet so i put a ton on my arm and put a paper towel over it and got a knife out of the kitchen. then i went to my sisters room and told her i had an "accident". she completely freaked out. It was HILARIOUS!
Good Prank
One time me and my older sister were talking about doing pranks on our dad (he drives us nuts!) so my sister put a doll under his pillow (the doll can sing when u press a button) and when his head hit the pillow good enough the doll started singing then he threw the doll on the ground and it stopped singing.
So there was this kid who was not very liked by my friends or me and we decided to play a prank on him... So this kid didn't have texting at the time so he had to pay 10 cents per received text..What we did is print off around a hundred pages or so which said that you could win 500 dollars if you texted you favorite song to the phone number below (that kids phone).Below that we said, "If your song matches the mystery song, you win!!" So, throughout the day, you would see everybody texting that number... lol By the end of the day, 1180 texts were sent to his phone..!
Prank Call
I was online at night and i gave ppl my friend's number and i said if u call this number u get a free phone and a bunch of people told me hey u lier i didn't win a phone i won sum kid yelling at me i was cracking up i almost fell off the chair
Alarm Clock
one day my sister got me so so mad so I went upstairs and went into her room (verry verry messy) and turned on the alarm for 2 thirty and hid it under her clothes. When she went to bed after a while it went off and she couldn't find it to stop it.

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