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Haunted Halloween
It was halloween right and me and my best friends wanted to do a prank. Regan went and told Eric, the guy who lives down the street, that there was something out in the woods. Of course men always try to ACT like there tough, so not. He follows Regan into the woods and she pretends like their lost. Eventually he starts freaking out and so me and lily jump out and scare the living crap out of him.
Burger King
A few of us were at a party, and we decided to call Burger King. We called and we ordered some McDonalds food (Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets), and the guy said, "Call back when you get some brains, idiot."
Me and my frends thought we were super cool when we were like 11, so we all went DDDing one night or ding dong dithing. We had gotten like thirty houses in a row in one night so we kept going in this one neighborhood. We were going to go home because it was like two in the morning. We decided to do one more. So me and my best friend went up to the door while the other three ran down the huge street or hill. I started to run but my friend thought it would be cool to hide behind the guy's truck. Of course the guy comes out and gets in his truck. I didn't notice it but one of the other guys did. So the other guy went up while the three of us stayed at the bottom of the street. I was just about to go up and help them when all of the lights turned on. We had to stay down a the bottom of the hill for twenty minutes in some guy's backyard wondering if the other guys got caught. We just sat in the guy's ivy wondering if this was poion
ivy, if there were spotlights, and was he watching us. Finally we see two guys sprinting down the hill. They had been staring at the guy through his own car window and he didn't see them. Some how they escaped. But, the guy had started to drive around the neighborhood looking for us. So we had to take back ways through woods and parks and creeks. It took us an hour to get home instead of five minutes because it was too dangerous to walk on the streets. I'll never forget the best DDD ever.
Dead girl
One day I decided to play a prank on the class. My bff helped. The night before we made prank blood at her house. So we got in the classroom before school started. We lay on the floor and put fake blood on our selves. Then when the class came in they freaked out! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!
The Ring
I was watching The Ring with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. the movie finally ended and my dad was messing around saying "the phone will ring and you have seven days." then suddenly RING RING RING the phone was ringing and the whole house got quiet i started screaming "OMG DONT ANSWER IT where all gonna die" and my dad did answer it and the person on the other line hung up. then my sister ran out of her room laughing to death i was just freaking out and my dad started laughing also, i was lost i had no clue wat was going on and then i finally got it. IT WAS MY SISTER....omg was it funny but i felt like killing her (not literally) =]
I was at a resturant with 3 or 4 friends and we all were having fun and just acting dumb so i decided to put sugar in the salt shaker so i dumped all the salt into my drink and put a ton of sugar in the shaker. well it seems that he was skatboarding outside with some friends and he saw us in here through the window he sat next to me and asked if i was going to drink the cup of water. me forgeting what i had put in it decided to give him the drink. him being super thirsty drank it all in 2 gulps.his face turned a bright red and he started screaming how much his throught burnt. he never talked to me again. and for the salt shaker... after he had left the lady behind us asked for the salt. she put a big amount on her food we all ran out of the resturant and befor i reached the door i could here the lady screem dumb kids get back here
Poor Teacher
My Physics teacher is a real moany old bonebag. He once kept me behind this one time for 2 hours after school on a friday. Later on that night, around 8pm, me and my mate got his dog to poop in a paper bag. We went up to his front door and I set the top of the bag on fire and left it on his front porch, rang the doorbell and we sprinted away. He came out, stamped on the bag to put it out and got poop all up his leg. Lololol.
Hello Butlers Pizza
Once, when i was at a friends house we called some random person and said " Hello Butlers Pizza how may I help you?"And the guy was like " Uh sorry i didnt call you guys" I we were laughing so hard so we hung up!!!
Delivery on halloween
So for Halloween i made this costume... its just a box and when i like stand up it looks like a man, well not a man but an opened box... so my friend dresses up as a delivery man... So we go up to the door, ring the door bell, my friend runs behind a bush, then i get in box form, then when the door opens my friend walks up and says (while looking at his clipboard) "umm, mam, i believe this package is for u"... then when she comes up my friend gives me the signal (which is, "OK i guess i'll be going then") and i jump up into man formation and say "TRANSFORM" and they all scream and then we all stat laughing... BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!!
Toilet Paper
Last night me and 4 of my friends got bored and decided to go toilet papering. We were too scared to cross the street since the neighbors didn't have their lights on. So we ran back and toilet papered our own house...I know, stupid right? Well we decided to toilet paper the house right next to ours since our garage light was light enough. So we ran over and toilet papered their front yard. We thought since we toilet papered ourselves, they won't think it was us. So we woke up in the morning and the neighbors kids were cleaning up our yard for us. It was pretty sweet.
Hide after dark?
My sister and I went into my parents room and put up all of these stupid little pranks. Something that fell on your head when you opened your door, fuzzy sticks in the bed, fake bugs, etc. I thought that it would've worked, but my sister said this as soon as my dad was about to open the door. "Dad, you might wanna go in with an umbrella." That gave away the ENTIRE thing. He dodged every single prank! Or, so we both thought! My sister went up to our parents door after they went in and everything was dark. She stepped in a little bit but left the door open a crack. She said she was sorry for the stupid pranks and left. Meanwhile, while she was talkin, I slipped in and crawled to the foot of the bed (where no one could see me)! So my mom and dad thought that there was no one else in the room. He didn't know I was there! So I tapped my mom on the shoulder and she asked who was there and my dad thought she was crazy! So I jumped up and
shouted, scaring the heck out of them! It was hysterical!
There was this girl and she was really into me. Although she was decently good looking i decided to not go for it. So one day we were talking and she asked for my phone number so i told her 911-4532 (P.S - doesn't matter what you press after 911 it always call the police.) needless to say last time I talked to her.
Everything unpleasant!
I was invited to a sleepover and i was the first one to fall asleep. In the morning when i woke up, everybody was laughing at me. Then i felt something weird. I was missing my pants! But i felt this gooey stuff. I looked down (in my sleeping bag of course, and there was like, everything stuffed into my briefs! (they were white). And this brown gooey stuff all around it (on the outside) and it wuz disgusting. i didnt have a change of underwear so i just put my pants on over it. it wuz horrible. then my pants looked brownish so it looked like i went poo in them. Then my friends brought out a camera and showed me some pictures. they showed me on a bed with nothing on. then then stuffing the stuff in my underwear. after that it wuz a video. it wuz of them putting the underwear on me. they brought the video to school and showed another person and the next day i was known as ppp (poo poo panties)! Later on, i found out they had also
stuffed real dog poo in there! i wuz soooooo mad!!!!!!!! i still have never lived it down.
All tied up
So this one time a friend and I were at the beach. We saw these guys sitting on some park benches with their backs toward us watching some girls play volleyball. These were annoying guys that made our lives hard at school, so we thought this would be a perfect time to get back at them. We quietly crawled along the ground up behind them, and noticed that most of their shoes were untied. We made quick work to carefully tie their shoes together, and to the legs of the bench. We then quietly and quickly got away from them, and then sat and watched them. After a little while, they went to get up, and they all fell on their faces. They quickly untied themselves, and then one of them saw my friend and I laughing. The six of them ended up tying us to a tree, and we couldn't get untied for a few hours.
Monster in the closet
Ok so i was at a sleepover and we were playing a sort of lame game called BOO where the booers went around in the pitch black and scared people, and the victims walked around the house with lit Nintendo DSs to see were they were going. it was really goofy cuz noone could stop laffing so i decided to spice it up a bit. I found this giant stuffed bear in my friends room, there was this skinny closet with barely any space in between the door and the shelves. I got an idea. I opened it up and threw the bear to the top, then slammed it real quick on the bear. it fit! The next time a person opened the door it fell on them it was high-larious!
Skinned knee
When I was a kid I found this old faded rubber ball in the backyard that had split in half. Being bored I was playing with it and realized that I could stick half of it on my knee and it looked like the bone of my knee cap was sticking out through the skin. So naturally I got a red marker and drew some fake blood around it, and went running to mum pretending like i had fallen over and skinned my knee. When I removed my hand to show the fake injury she was shocked and went all faint, but laughed hysterically when I showed her i was just pretending :)
We Are Evil
So one day me and my friends were all just chilling in the basement of are friends house. we decided we would just stay there all night so my friend mike fell to sleep way to early so me and my other friend got him back, with a series of pranks first we superglued his hands to his face. 2nd we shaved his eyebrows off. then we got the best idea to saran wrap him to his bed. then on about the middle of the stairs we put oil on the stairs so he would fall when he chased us but we skipped that stair when running. oh and we put tacks at the top of the stairs haha. probably the funniest night of my entire life.
Don't Look Under the Cup
One day, when my family and I were out camping, I found a giant water bug. This thing was literally the size of a Matchbox car. I put it under a cup and set a book on top to keep him from getting away. Just then my sister walked by so I told her that whatever she did, not to look under the cup. I walked off around the camper and listened. 3...2...1... *Shriek!* The best part was that I couldn't get in trouble for it, after all, I told her not to.
we made a spider web of tape on this dudes bed at my camp, and turned out the lights. He came in and when he went to his bed all tired like you heard the ripping sound of tape and a crash. The lights turned on and you found him covered n tape w his shoes off caught in the tape web. Da crashin sound was his head hittn da bed
Father-Daughter time!
My dad and I always go to baseball games and that's like our bonding experience. One night, our home team won and as we were leaving he said he was gonna mess with people. He went up to so many random people saying "Hey! There you are!" The people would be like "Do i know you?" and my dad would say "No but you're right there." the people were so angry because the crowd was getting stopped up! now everytime we go to a game, he does the same thing!

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