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Under the Handle
Me and my friend sarah were walking from her house an i was carrying an ice pack well it was a melted ice pack well it had a hole in it an was leaking while we were walking past my boyfreind's house and i got a great idea i told my friend then i took some of the nasty goo from the bag and put it under my man's car door handles well me and my friend ran back to house and message him we told him to check his car beacause he always keeps the windows down so we ran down and hid behind the tree and watched him open the door right when he let go me and sarah busted out laughing he was so mad and so now were in a prank war.
Scary Bathroom
Ok, my uncle went into the bathroom, and about 5 minutes later, he came out, and I was hiding behind a wall. i jumped out and screamed "BOO!!" He then screamed and ran the other way. He has been trying to get me back ever since...but I have more pranks up my sleeve....
(Slighty) Successful Nickle Brick
Once me and me bff were bored so we glued money onto bricks and took them to library. we kept tally who tried to pick the coins up and the first person took a quarter of a brick and i guess it wasn't quite dry, because he took the whole quarter, but then he got super glue all over his fingers, and that stuff does NOT come off. The others were successful though
Cat Poop
Me and my 2 friends were walking one day and this guy always ask one of my friends for cigarettes so we stuck the bottom in a bunch of cat dumpings it was so funny, but he still doesn't know.
Wilderness Wildness
ok so my and my fam all went to my aunt's house 4 a week like we always do every year and we where down at the bonfire and my brothers girlfriends and her bff went up stairs to go to the bathroom and me and my bff decided to hide in a bush and scare them so when they started walking back down we jumped out and yelled boo my brothers girlfriend jumped into her friends arms and screamed so loud it hurt my ears i almost pee'd my pant's.
Midnight Laughter
Ok so one night i spent da night @ my BFF amber's house and we didn't go to bed @ al and her mom was asleep so we thought it would be cool to got outside @ 12 at night so we went out front and her brother was @ his friends house and when he got home we where outside when he pulled into da driveway and so we ran in a bush by the front door and when he walked up to da step's we jumped out and scared him he screamed so loud his friend from down da street called to know why he yelled and when we went inside he said "that wasn't funny look what you made me do" so he showed us and he wet his pant's i was dying laughing~!
me and my friend ryan were sittin at my house rite? so I decided to do something.....we went on a dating site and signed up but were only 14 so we got a pic of a male model and put it on the profile the next day over 316 girls were asking us out so we deleted the account
Tow Trucks
me and some of my friends got together and started to call alot of random tow trucks and told theme that our car was broke down and watched all the tow trucks drve bye it was great.
He opened his eyes
ok well every year each grade in my skol goes out for a trip that teaches us about the country we live in. so me my best friend and 2 other girls are lying in our big bed and we decide to do something interesting. my friend grabbed her shaving cream and we snuck over to the boys cabin. half way through putting shaving cream on the last boys face he suddenly opened his eyes and dazed grabbed my hand i yelled he yelled and all the girls ran as fast as we could back. the dazed and confused look on their face OMG i almost peed mself.
Got Ya
I went to a sleepover and this girl that i really didn't like was there and so as soon as she went to sleep we put toothpaste on her hand then we tickled her nose and of she smacked her nose and she got it all over her nose and the couch and the toothpaste was blue so it made her nose turn blue. how funny but then she told her mom and the girl that had the party got in trouble.
Get Fired
Ok one day my friends and i were bored so we called xbox costomer support and started hitting on this chick we asked for her name then asked for her manager and said she was was giving us bad service and she was hitting on us hahaha she got fired.
Music call
ok so my friend Alicia was over my house and i felt the sudden urge to prank call someone so we decided we would put our friend Shayne on *67 and play music into the phone...so we did this and he just hung up........about 2 weeks later we all went to the movies and when the movie got out and we were waiting for a ride i was like "Hey Shayne did you get a call about 2 weeks ago with just music playing?" turns out he had spent a while calling a ton of people asking if they had just called him...but he didn't call me because he didn't think i would do something like that.hahah
The Prank Call
I was at my friend's house and we called this girl and her dad answered. My friend said that she was this guy she liked and the dad said you don't sound much like him and she said no I am his cousin and he is to shy to ask but i was wondering if she would like to date him. and then we hung up and we laughed so hard!
At the zoo!!!!
Well one day me my mom and my friend olivia went to the zoo. We got there and there were animals everywhere. It so wasn't what we expected. we were like so totally freeked out. Then a parrot appeared out of nowhere and began to peck me and Olivia until we were blue in the face. My mom had gone for lattes and as she came back with the lattes she was so shocked and suprised that she didn't know what to do so she threw the lattes at the parrot and we all ran out of the zoo screaming. It was without a doubt the worst day of my life. But we got our money back because it was a trained parrot and the man had told the parrot to come and peck us. AND THAT WAS THE HILARIOUS PRANK!!!
Ok! so my cousins and i were playing ding dong ditch on Thanksgiving, but! it had a twist! we would ring the door bell and hit the house with Juice Boxes!!! My cousins then got the bright idea to throw said Juicebox at a moving vehicle!! the driver got out of his car and chased my cousins across 2 fields over 1 fence and to the edge of the county (about 3 miles)!!! they got back about 1 1/2 hrs later huffing and puffing! they had managed to give the guy the slip!!!!
So one day my bf jake and i were on the phone and i told him i was really bored and he said he was too, so we decided to prank call our teacher. so we did and she answered the phone and said hello this is mrs ______ and i said in a indian voice how could you and she was like what did i do and my bf said i just knew we couldn't trust her in his indian voice and she was like what did i do and i was like i knew shamsham marrying an american was bad just knew it and she was like i think you have the wrong number and so i said the number and she noticed laughter my bf was laughing but had the phone away from his mouth although she could still hear him and asked who it was and so we hung up she called back and i didn't notice the number and said hello in my normal voice and she said Cali?? and she was like young lady i am calling your parents. So i hurried down stairs to tell them and when she said hi mrs. __________ my mom was like shamsham and hung
up. so my teacher called back and my teacher said Cali get ur mom on the phone (she had never met my mom) and my mom said this is Cali's mom and she was like that was quiet rude and my mom hung up i got a D in that class!!!
well we went to a scary house this week and well my sister went in the scary house and she thought it was real so after that night ive been behind her door and i would make scary nosies and i would throw things and make ot seem real and the she tould on me and i blamed it on my older brother
Shaving cream and fluff","I was at my friends for a sleep over and we were really bored. Her brother was right next door so we gathered up some mucky stuff and went into his room. He was asleep and so we squeezed shaving cream on his hand, put honey in his hair and took some fluff sprinkled it over him and then tickled his nose... the shaving cream went all over his face and his hair was yellow by the end and the fluff was stuck to his face and hand!!!!"
once i was over my friend's house and we prank called this guy, she told him that she was a friend from high school. and he believed her!!! he asked her if they could get some coffee tomorrow!! he totally fell for the whole thing! although he was a little currious as to why we were calling him at 11:35 pm.
The Toilet Fairy
One time me and my two best friends slept over at my house. we got bored so we decided to play a prank on this little girl on my block who thought that she knew everything there was to know (it was still pretty early in the day) so we took her up into my room but we only let her see me and my friend Bri. my other friend Melly was hideing in the bathroom she had a whole bunch of make up on. anyway we let the little girl (Tiffy) up to my room and let her play with my cat. after about 5 minutes Melly came barging into the room carrying a long pencil and saying that she was the toilet fairy she gave tiffy this long speech about how if she didn't stop bugging us, her husband the toilet wizard (who i had pretended to be a few days earlier) would suck out her soul when she used the bathroom. the best part is that it has been over a year and Tiffy is still afraid of the toilet fairy, in fact every time she sees Melly she runs screeming into her

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