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Firemans pranks
I work as a fireman at an airport and i just wanted to share a few pranks we all get up to with the new guy. 1st is the 'hold-up' where we get the new fireman to get dressed in full fire kit and give him a fire extingisher to carry and a pre-written letter in a sealed envilope. we then tell him to go up into air traffic control (ATC), which is only 30 yards walk away from the fire station. the new guy is orderd to go and find the senior air traffic control officer (the big cheese/boss/head hancho) and hand him/her the letter and wait for the boss to read it. there both parties will discover that written inside is:"GIVE ME ALL YOUR BUISCUTS/COOKIES/CAKES OF I'LL SQUIRT YOU!!!!"Normally the boss is very wise to this prank and knows what is written even before the letter is read and normally he/she just hands the letter back to the new guy and asks him to read it himself only to let him realize what a fool of himself he is standing infull
firekit, fire extingisher in hand, demanding all of the boss's cakes
A movie ending
i was on MSN and i was talking to my friend, she asked me about a new movie on at the cinema. (knowing that it isn't true) i told her that at the very end there's a really funny bit. past the cradits, the very end bit but it's worth it. a few hours later she comes back onto MSN and says 'OMG i invited all my friends from a club and their parents and i convinced them to wait, and it was so embarrassing beacuse we waited 20 mins and nothing came up!!!'it was so funny when i saw her face! priceless
Tokyo Airplane Lines!
One day me and my friend were SOOO bored so we decided we would prank call people. So we called these one ppl and my friend (name's Kasi and is Japanese) said "Herro, dis is Tokyo Airprane Rines... we call to say your tickets be billed now. Right now." Poor lady was like "I didn't buy any tickets to Tokyo..." and we were like "That be five hundred dorrars. Give me credit card number. Number now!" She was like "Honey, I didn't buy any tickets." Finally she got so pissed she called the police and they came over and asked if we were prank calling. we were like nooo i dunno whatever happenned to that lady. XD
Cookie's In Bed
okay so i spent the night with my friend natalie and our other friend sydney spent the night. well she doesnt like to stay up late so me and natalie were doin karaoke and stuff. we got hungry and were eating pizza and cookies (this was at like 3 a.m.)and natalie got this bright idea to feed sydney a cookie while she was sleeping so we went upstairs. we put it in her mouth and she spit it out. we tried a few more times and she wouldnt eat it so we gave up and went to bed but we left the cookie in me and syds bed (natalie was on top bunk) well about an hour later syd starts screaming"THERES A COOKIE IN MY BED!!" natalie was laughing like crazy because syd was punching me and still screaming. it was hilarious!
Water World
You know those sinks that have the facets where it has a hose that unattaches? Well I told my freind to go get somthing out of the different room. Then while she was gone I tied the button down. When she came back I smeared soap on her hand she walked to the sink very confusingly. When she turned the water on it squirted all over her. She started laughing and screaming lol she talkes ABOUT HOW SMART I AM ALL THE TIME NOW.
It was my friend's birthday party so there was me and 2 other people and i remember my brother telling me about how he pulled this prank on someone i thought it was hilarious so what i did i changed my name in my friends mobile contacts to DEATH and sent her a text so 5 minutes later she comes running in screaming OMG Death sent me a text MY TIME HAS COME me and ma other friend burst out laughing.
Okay, so this is what happened - me and my cousin decided to prank call some mean girl we both don't like. She was really concieted and always put other people down. So we called her up on private caller and acted like radio show hosts. So I said "HELLO THERE LUCKY! IF YOU CAN NAME ALL 31 BASKIN ROBINS ICE CREAM FLAVORS IN 31 SECONDS, YOU'LL WIN 31,000 DOLLARS!" All the while knowing she had never been to Baskin Robins in her LIFE. So she literally sat there saying thing like "ummmmm, chocolate? vanilla? strawberry?" and after 12 seconds or something we were like "EHHHHHHH--SORRY YOUR OUTTA TIME" and then she was like "BUT THAT WAS LIKE 5 SECONDS!" and we were like "No sweety, your just bad at math-but you should be able to figure this out! THIS WAS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY!" And we could hear her gasping for another chance, so we just hung up. The next day she was like "Oh-I won 31,000 dollars from KTW.56 radio" (that's the
fake radio name we used) And then people were like...ummmm, Cori? There's no KTW.56.... then she turned bright red knowing full well she couldn't get away with her satany ways (;
ok soo some of my friends were sleeping over and we were up late and bored and we wanted to prank my older brother. so then we snuck into his room and drew on his face with eye liner. we drew like hearts and silly words. he never woke up through the whole thing. he was really pissed the next morning tho.
me and my friend got bored at a sleepover that i was having. n my lil sis is soooo gullible, rite? and so we decided to pull a prank on her. so we told her a ghost story:'once upon a time - not long ago in this very town there was this old man that used to be a car salesmen. so 1 day, he was taking a young women for a driving test or something to c if she wanted to buy it. but they crashed when a train hit them on their way back to the dealership. but rite b4 the woman had told him a confession. it was that she had started people watching one day as a boredom hobby and it became into an obsession of spying. and it was contagious. her brother, friends, parents, and boyfriend all started spying on peeps too after at least half an hour of talking to her. the two had actually been talking for a full forty minutes. the man didnt believe it. but he was wrong. every nite when a car passes ur house and u look at the window, u can c the man or the woman
watching u!' this actually scared her half to death! she was crying for about an hour. my mom and dad yelled at me tho and told my friend's parents. but it was funny anyway.
Cellphones and cousins
This wasnt me but my best friend had her cuzin over. well, tracy (her cuzin) had a cell phone and took candice's (my friend) to see wat numbers she had. she saw a girl named octavia (just another girl from skool) so she took the number and texted to it on her own fone to make sure octavia didnt know who it was. so she said something like hey its george fatling. octavia texted back, 'who is this?' so again, tracy's like 'george fatling.' octavia again said 'really who is this?' so tracy texted 'george fatling.' (candice was probly just laughing.) octavia said 'howd u get my number?' tracy: 'my mom had it on her fone.' 'whos ur mom?' octavia asked. tracy didnt want to giv up so she said 'george fatling.' lol! (when candice told me, i was cracking up!) and finally octavia is like 'im calling the cops! this isnt funny and u need to get away from me!' so tracy had to tell octavia the truth in order to get away from
trouble. luckily, nobody was hurt or got in any trouble! lol. idk. i thought it was funny.
The ULTIMATE D-D-D (ding dong ditch) plus a prank phone call
Well me and my neighbors were outside playing, and we had an idea to play ding dong ditch. First let me explain how the houses are so you will understand how we did it. Ok we live in a compound, so there are lots of buildings, 21 to be exact. In each building there are 7-13 floors. On each floor there are two apartments with numbers, for example on the 5th floor the numbers would be 501 and 502. The front doors into the buildings (not the apartments, the BUILDINGS) are locked with a special magnet thingymabobber, so the only way in is to get a special key or type in someone's house number on this communicator thingy beside the door and they can let you in. Got that?So we went to Building 10 to do our D-D-D. On the communicator thingy, we typed in 201. After a while, someone started speaking out of the communicator thingy, and opened the door. We didn't bother to go in, and was just leaving
when a window on the second floor opened and this person was yelling out of it, "Siimooonne! Simooone!" (at least i think that's what they said.) It sounded so hilarious. I guess they thought that we were 'Simone'. Not wanting to get caught, we bolted after that. Now for the prank call. Here is some more stuff you need to understand. In our compound, there is a clubhouse, and in the clubhouse there are two playrooms, a gym, a reception desk with telephones and some multi-function rooms upstairs. Now we couldn't very well make a prank call right in front of those receptionist people. So we snuck into the playroom. This playroom had a little office in it, with a TELEPHONE. We locked the door behind us and prepared to make our call. We called my home number. I knew my brother was home alone, since my mom had gone out. So he would pick up the phone. One of my neighbors, Thomas, pretended to be my piano teacher, Annie, and called. Anyhow, my brother never even KNEW it wasn't Annie (and we didn't tell him
either)! It was a very awesome prank day.
Moldy toilets
so at my old school, some girls heard there was going to be a health inspection. they put green food die behind some toilets and sinks.
Smellmop Who?
Well my best friends and I were bored at lunch so Jane said lets go tell this joke my brother told me. The joke was Knock knock. Who's there? Smellmop. Smellmop who? (Run away laughing. This sounds like Smell my poo.) We did this to anyone who would listen then we went inside because we told it to everyone. Then a lunch aide came and said," You girls are so mean you humiliated Sara and you can't go outside tomorrow." It was so funny but it was too bad we couldn't go outside.
OMG funny!!
I was with my bf at a resturant and i like to put sugar in my coffee so he switches my sugar with salt and makes me a coffee i thought it was the coffee so i never went to that resturant ever again!
Me and my friend both get 2 school early everyday so we decided 2 do a prank on our teacher. We put salt in his water he drank it and ran out of the room to spit it out. Later he got us back and poured water own our shirts.
I was at my friend's house and it was night and we were bored so we look in the daring book for girls for a prank and we found this really good 1. We went into her little sisters room and dipped her hand into a glass of water. She wet the bed!!!!
Once I put salt on my lil' sis's toothbrush and the next day, when she brushed, her spit turned GREEN! OMG, I got in a little trouble, but is was HILARIOUS!
One of my friend's friend's ex's mom talks to my friend, so one time we were IMing her. We told her that her son got my friend pregnant, and his mom was freaking out. Then we told her we were kidding, and his mom got really angry.: )
YouTube Madness
Ok so i was on Youtube and i told this guy he was hot and he really wasn't hot he was ugly so he said thanks and we started talking about random stuff and then he told me his name and it was my uncle Ryan i was like WOAH didn't see that comein!
Bank Account
this one time my auntie dared me and my friend to go into a bank and try and open a savings accoutn with Monoploy money the banker got pissed and called for security we were dragged out lmao

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