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I think that the PC, the PC peripheral, and the semiconductor space is in a pretty big slowdown period right now, and I don't see this abating anytime before the summertime. Maybe the PC market picks up a little bit in the second quarter, but really you are looking at summer before it starts to come back,. (Quote by - Andrew Barrett)

What anger worse or slower to abate than lovers love when it turns to hate. (Quote by - Euripides)

Contracted last year because corporate profits grew faster than expected while the market was locked down by inflation fears. Those fears should abate as the Fed eases off, and we should see valuations expand. (Quote by - Gail Dudack)

You've got a decent summer rally under way with good breadth in the marketplace and, mostly, that's attributable to the fact that fear over what the Fed could do to the economy is abating and that helps all sectors. (Quote by - Kevin Caron)

Construction costs continue to escalate, and there's no sign it's going to abate. An additional six or seven months of waiting to move forward with this project is going to continue to make those costs higher. The governor would like to continue having a discussion with the Legislature about moving forward as soon as we can. (Quote by - Mike Journee)

If you look at the 12-month change in producer prices, it's positive 0.9 percent. As recently as May, the 12-month change was negative 2.8 percent -- so there were a lot more deflationary pressures earlier in year, and those seem to be abating. (Quote by - Gary Thayer)

The linchpin is the abatements. (Quote by - Paul Goldman)

The selling abated, prices stabilized and people decided the path of least resistance is up. (Quote by - Chris Rupkey)

Unlimited Edition is a very important development. Companies have had a very fragmented view of business processes; there hasn't been anything that allows them to get a 360 degree view of the customer. Now those using Unlimited Edition can standardize on the same kind of environment for all occasions. They can have integrated processes from one end of the enterprise to the other so that the problem of information silos can begin to abate. (Quote by - Denis Pombriant)

This first major survey of the green roof industry shows the growth has not abated and I believe the industry is poised for even greater growth in 2006 and beyond. (Quote by - Steve Skinner)

And never lets his splendid strength abate. (Quote by - Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

When men are ruled by fear, they strive to prevent the very changes that will abate it. (Quote by - Alan Paton)

We are currently conducting an asbestos abatement. That should be complete within the next week, and we're hoping that demolition will be completed by mid-May . (Quote by - Joseph Romano)

Abated and we are back on economic stabilization and growth mode. (Quote by - Ignacio Bunye)

We should every night call ourselves to an account: what infirmity have I mastered to-day? what passions opposed? what temptation resisted? what virtue acquired? Our vices will abate of themselves if they be brought every day to the shrift. (Quote by - Seneca)

It shall not be abated from them and they shall therein be despairing. (Quote by - quran)

Those are state permits, They do not need city permits to abate asbestos . (Quote by - Kevin Burke)

We do see the pricing pressure abate. We don't see it as a straight line going down. (Quote by - Phil Sproger)

What someone is, begins to be revealed when his talent abates, when he stops showing us what he can do. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

We expect strong fourth-quarter results but foresee abating organic growth and falling margins in 2006. (Quote by - Greger Johansson)

That's imposing a ceiling of sorts on any rally. But the good news is that at the end of next week, tax-loss related selling may abate dramatically . (Quote by - Ned Riley)

The frenzied level of industry gas drilling shows no sign of abating in the near future. (Quote by - Randy Eresman)

In the beginning, the abatement program was 100 percent responsible for getting things going. Now there is a discussion going on about whether or not it's still needed . (Quote by - Paul Levy)

While activism will assuredly rise in 2006, the movement will likely abate. (Quote by - Paul Taubman)

The fever in the truck market continues without abatement and our industry leadership in that arena through May is more testimony to the durability, reliability and customer enthusiasm for our trucks, particularly our pickups and full-size sport utilities. (Quote by - Ronald Zarrella)

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