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The close-knit community and quality lifestyle available in these communities is coupled with its accessibility to central business districts. (Quote by - Tom Anderson)

The essence of what we do is improving talent and performance across the enterprise. We believe Ahern Rentals is an excellent example of how customers can apply our solution to meet their most-pressing needs. Ahern can get new hires up to speed more quickly and provide learning in a variety of methods, including off-line accessibility. (Quote by - Don Fowler)

Salt Lake City International Airport's outstanding on-time arrival record further enhances the fantastic accessibility of Utah's ski areas. Eleven of them are within a one hour drive of the airport, and a great on-time arrival record further enables many of our guests to hit the slopes they same day they arrive. (Quote by - Nathan Rafferty)

The idea here is accessibility with no records. Anonymity at all costs. (Quote by - Tom Cash)

The first floor could be a restaurant. A good restaurant can survive as long as it has easy accessibility. (Quote by - David Lee)

The successful growth of our 225 seat center in Manila and our future expansion plans increase the need for an on-site account management presence to ensure responsive account management and client satisfaction at all times. Jim Garwood will work in tandem with the Dublin, Ohio-based Client Services team to oversee client relationships from his base in Manila, a move designed to give our clients account management accessibility around the clock for sales and service programs run in Manila. (Quote by - Andrew Jacobs)

Design has been viewed as being aesthetic. Design equals How Something Looks. You see this attitude to design in every part of societ clothing design to interior design, less so in product design, and yes, in web design.... I think design covers so much more than the aesthetic. Design is fundamentally more. Design is usability. It is Information Architecture. It is Accessibility. This is all design." - Mark Boulton)

The principles of good human-to-computer interface design are simplicity, support, clarity, encouragement, satisfaction, accessibility, versatility, and personalization. While i s essential to heed these, i s also important to empathize with and inspire your audience so they feel yo re treating them less like a faceless user and more like a human being. (Quote by - Sharon Lee)

The Voter Accessibility Act is the direct result of bipartisan efforts in the Capitol. It will prevent polls from being placed in political party committee offices or in the homes of political operatives where voters are harassed or intimidated. It makes polls accessible to the elderly and handicapped, and takes special measures to ensure the votes of our servicemen and women are counted. (Quote by - Thor Hearne)

The measure of quality in web design should not be good looks, but graceful transformation: pages that can be accessed under different conditions and keep their integrity... A real web designer embraces the medium and designs for maximum inclusivity. (Quote by - Sarah Horton)

The Marietta Daily Journal has chronicled life in Cobb County since 1866, and we feel this renovation demonstrates our future commitment to Marietta and Cobb County. Our renovated offices, coupled with our central location, will provide greater accessibility for all the residents of Cobb County. (Quote by - Terry Smith)

This will be a great move for the party because it will give us more accessibility and exposure. (Quote by - Jorge Gonzales)

This effort will help continue Michigan's leadership in access and rights for citizens with disabilities. That tradition includes the first Barrier Free Design Act, the first state to mandate universal curb cuts, and the inclusion of disabilities within the Civil Rights Act. It is only natural that Michigan expand this leadership to provide recreational accessibility to its many natural resources for citizens and visitors. (Quote by - Sterling Speirn)

Philadelphia has everything we were looking for and more, A fascinating mixture of old and new, street life and high culture, a booming real estate market, accessibility, innovative technology, cutting-edge restaurants, theater and music. (Quote by - Keith Bellows)

The accessibility of information through the Internet simplifies the car buying process for consumers if they know where to look. Our Web site helps consumers make smart buying decisions, while saving time and money, in the exciting but sometimes overwhelming car purchasing process. We are thrilled an organization the caliber of the Web Marketing Association recognizes the value we deliver to consumers through easy access to expert automotive advice. (Quote by - Grant Whitmore)

The question is how much can people afford to consume? The accessibility of food is certainly in question here. In a country like Angola, with serious transport constraints, parts of the country will produce a food surplus but the costs of moving this to deficit areas is extremely high. (Quote by - Rick Corsino)

The Outfit utilizes the power of the Xbox 360 hardware and accessibility of the Marketplace to deliver a multiplayer experience that is all about chaotic battles with larger than life characters and an unmatched fun factor. We can't wait for people to start downloading the demo and getting a taste of what the gaming press have been saying for weeks. (Quote by - Ron Moravek)

The One-Plus mortgage is about accessibility and giving consumers additional choices and opportunities. (Quote by - Rick Lunny)

If you want to reach the greatest number of users possible, i s best to write clearly and simply and design your interfaces to be consistent from page to page. For some people, simple usability advice like this is an absolute accessibility need... And anyway, people of all abilities fail tasks that are confusing. Why should we all suffer an interface that proves itself to be unusable - Matt May)

The four BIAs in the area support it. Operational benefits include accessibility and a place for police officers to come and go when they're working. Everyone's clamoring for more police presence. (Quote by - Julian Fantino)

Pedestrian accessibility is the key. (Quote by - Kim Delaney)

Parking limits handicap accessibility to your buses. This is especially true in Old Town. (Quote by - Anne Mitchell)

These findings seem to support my intuitions about how cell phones affect our daily lives blurring boundaries between work and family life because of increased accessibility. (Quote by - Tate Kubose)

The issue in Web accessibility is the fact that blind and visually-impaired people need the single biggest boost to achieve equivalence, since the real-world Web is a visual medium. (Quote by - Joe Clark)

Peak 10 offered us the advantages of owning our own data center in terms of security, redundant infrastructure and accessibility without the costs and headaches of building and operating our own facility. (Quote by - Mark Nilsson)

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