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It masquerades itself as many different things - migraines, headaches, toothaches, sensitive teeth, neck aches, back aches and numbness and tingling in the fingers. Typically the patients we treat have been to many different doctors and no one could come up with proper diagnosis. (Quote by - Michael Rogers)

My conscience aches but it's going to lose the fight. (Quote by - Allanah Myles)

Rodolfo is doing very well today. He's eating, his pain is very well controlled, X-ray evaluation has failed to reveal any serious injury at this time. He's just going to have a lot of muscle aches and pains that you would expect from having a significant injury in a car crash. (Quote by - David Bannon)

O thou beautiful And unimaginable ether! and Ye multiplying masses of increased And still increasing lights! what are ye? what Is this blue wilderness of interminable Air, where ye roll along, as I have seen The leaves along the limpid streams of Eden? Is your course measur'd for ye? Or do ye Sweep on in your unbounded revelry Through an aerial universe of endless Expansion,--at which my soul aches to think,-- Intoxicated with eternity. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Be as a page that aches for a word/ Which speaks on a theme that is timeless. (Quote by - Neil Diamond)

Tell them, that, to ease them of their griefs, their fear of hostile strokes, their aches, losses, their pangs of love, with other incident throes. That nature's fragile vessel doth sustain in life's uncertain voyage, I will some kindness do them. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Today I didn't feel anything. There were no aches and pains, no twinges. Second point going up for the smash I'm thinking this could hurt, but fortunately it didn't and that's a good sign. The next 24 hours is still important, but I do feel confident that I'll react okay. (Quote by - Tim Henman)

I have my good days. My face aches, but I'm here. And I thank God that I'm here. (Quote by - Victoria Ruvolo)

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