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Astronomy Quotes
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Let no one expect anything of certainty from astronomy, lest if anyone take as true that which has been constructed for another use, he go away... a bigger fool than when he came to it. (Quote by - Nicolas Copernicus)

Nothing can be more destructive to ambition, and the passion for conquest, than the true system of astronomy. What a poor thing is even the whole globe in comparison of the infinite extent of nature! (Quote by - Bernard Fontenelle)

Scientific truth is too beautiful to be sacrificed for the sake of light entertainment or money. Astrology is an aesthetic affront. It cheapens astronomy, like using Beethoven for commercial jingles. (Quote by - Richard Dawkins)

If the Lord Almighty had consulted me before embarking on the Creation, I should have recommended something simpler. (Quote by - Alfonso X)

To command the professors of astronomy to confute their own observations is to enjoin an impossibility, for it is to command them not to see what they do see, and not to understand what they do understand, and to find what they do not discover. (Quote by - Galileo Galilei)

These earthly godfathers of heaven's light, That give a name to every fixed star, Have no more profit of their shining nights Than those that walk and wot not what they are. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

There's some ill planet reigns. I must be patient till the heavens look With an aspect more favorable. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

When thou cam'st first, Thou strok'st me and made much of me; wouldst give me Water with berries in't; and teach me how To name the bigger light, and how the less, That burn by day and night; and then I loved thee And showed thee all the qualities o' th' isle, The fresh springs, brine-pits, barren place and fertile. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

It does at first appear that an astronomer rapt in abstraction, while he gazes on a star, must feel more exquisite than a farmer who in conducting his team. - Isaac D'Israeli, (Quote by - Isaac D'Israelic)

And God made two great lights, great for their use To man, the greater to have rule by day, The less by night, altern. (Quote by - John Milton)

My lord, they say five moons were seen to-night-- Four fixed, and the fifth did whirl about The other four in wondrous motion. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

O how loud It calls devotion! genuine growth of night! Devotion! daughter of Astronomy! As undevout Astronomer is mad. (Quote by - Edward Young)

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