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We knew it was going to be a tough case, that's why I urged my client to take a plea bargain. Off the top of my head, I don't think he has any complaints, the jury was out for or hours. (Quote by - Brian Donohue)

Enterprises are in a position to bargain for the rates and services they want and the customer service they demand. (Quote by - Dana Gardner)

Some investors have returned to pick up the stock at bargain prices. (Quote by - Andrew To)

It really dilutes the efforts of collective bargaining. (Quote by - Pat Santeramo)

We're very comfortable with the terms of the plea bargain. We believe the DA has taken an appropriate response to Mr. Berg's actions. Natalie just wants to put this behind her. (Quote by - Charles Feldman)

I think it was expected. We knew it was going to be a difficult case. That's why I urged my client to take the plea bargain. (Quote by - Brian Donohue)

This speaks volumes about Tyson's approach to bargaining, . (Quote by - Gil McGowan)

Surely if each one saw another's heart, There would be no commerce, No sale or bargain pass: all would disperse And live apart. (Quote by - George Herbert)

While money doesn't buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position. (Quote by - Christopher Marlowe)

The bargaining committee is pleased that we were able to bring back a settlement to the membership that provides wage increases in each year as well as significant improvements in our pension and benefit package. This is a reasonable and responsible package that will enhance the future prospects for continuing production at the St. Thomas facility. (Quote by - Richard Laverty)

The picketing is for informational purposes. We are, in fact, going to be back at the bargaining table in a couple of weeks, so a lot of the concerns they're expressing will be taken up at the bargaining table. (Quote by - Lynelle Jolley)

This is not a plea bargain case, ... There is not a deal going to be made here. He'll either be found guilty or not guilty. One or the other. He will go to trial. (Quote by - Michael Sherman)

It would be a thousand pities if women wrote like men, or lived like men, or looked like men, for if two sexes are quite inadequate, considering the vastness and variety of the world, how should we manage with one only? Ought not education to bring out and fortify the differences rather than the similarities? For we have too much likeness as it is, and if an explorer should come back and bring word of other sexes looking through the branches of other trees at other skies, nothing would be of greater service to humanity; and we should have the immense pleasure into the bargain of watching Professor X rush for his measuring-rods to prove himself ''superior. (Quote by - Virginia Woolf)

The bargain prices you get in the sub- $1,000 PC category are exceptional. A new user is going to be much more easily swayed to the IBM world than they are to the Mac world. (Quote by - Tim Bajarin)

You get a certain benefit from getting a bargain, over and above the financial benefit there's a psychological benefit. There are a variety of reasons why people may feel that - - one is the thrill of beating the system. Another is demonstrating the skill of being able to find good bargains. (Quote by - Lars Perner)

Even with rising mortgage rates over the last four weeks, 30- year fixed- rate mortgage rates remain an historical bargain. To date, contract rates for these mortgages have been below 6 percent for 31 weeks in a row, and we don't expect these rates will rise very much above 6- 1/4 percent by year end. (Quote by - Amy Crews Cutts)

When you have a low volume Friday selloff, you'll sometimes see the bargain hunters come back in Monday. (Quote by - Art Hogan)

A Pennsylvania woman convicted for shoplifting was sentenced to wear a badge that reads "Convicted Shoplifter." However, her lawyers hope to plea bargain down to a bumper sticker reading "I'd Rather Be Stealing!. (Quote by - Jimmy Fallon)

What do I care for the colored pins on a General's map? It's not a fair bargain--this exchange of my life for a small part of a colored pin. (Quote by - Irwin Shaw)

Ratification of this replacement pension plan ends our yearlong fight in the courts, on Capitol Hill and at the bargaining table. Our persistence and solidarity more than doubled the company's original proposal to provide a foundation of retirement security upon which we will build when we share in our airline's success. (Quote by - Greg Davidowitch)

We would expect any deal reached with G.M. would create a new pattern for the other bargaining U.A.W.- represented auto companies. (Quote by - David Elshoff)

What is the disposition which makes men rejoice in good bargains? There are few people who will not be benefited by pondering over the morals of shopping. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

They have good bargains here. My husband likes the meat, the bologna. He likes to buy his bologna here and I just hate to see them close. (Quote by - Ruth Collins)

Everyone took Carole Taylor's challenge on efficiency and quick bargaining at her word. Where are those promises now? . (Quote by - Connie Credico)

You might wind up with a real bargain or you might wind up with nothing. (Quote by - Joe Ridout)

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