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Craig has always performed extremely well for Australia and it's great to have him back fit and in calculation for selection again. (Quote by - Graham Arnold)

We have done the calculations, and we believe we can do it either way. The No. 1 issue is, what does the county want us to do? (Quote by - Patsy Smith)

The earlier report contained mistaken calculations, relied on unsupported and problematic assumptions, and presented an incomplete analysis. (Quote by - Kevin Martin)

If you can introduce indeterminacy and jitter in the timings either by variable clock periods or by introducing dummy calculations, that can help. (Quote by - Ken Warren)

Everything we do in emergency services is a calculated risk. (Quote by - Chris Albertson)

I think they have a plan and they stick to it, they're ruthless and calculating in how they deliver it. (Quote by - Ewen McKenzie)

China has to calculate how to respond to not annoy the (Taiwan) populace and not fall into Chen's trap. Chen wants a strong reaction from China. They are watching what the United States does next, what the opposition parties do next, and then they will decide what to do. (Quote by - George Tsai)

There's definitely a thrill- seeking part of it. There's calculated risk. We're not throwing ourselves down the hill. Every once in a while I'll scare myself on a mountain bike. I've done things my parents shouldn't know about. (Quote by - Chris Soule)

He's very calculated, very precise. (Quote by - Mark- Paul Gosselaar)

According to my calculations we have about 470 chill hours now in this area. My records indicate that, on average, we should be at about 600 hours at this time. (Quote by - Roger Duncan)

We have to look at how much the coffer holds to calculate the percentage rate by which we can increase it. (Quote by - Michelle Bachelet)

He was professionally fearless, but calculating. He didn't go stupidly into combat. That was what was so weird (about the way he died). It was so un- Neil, but it was so un- Thai. This wasn't a conflict, this was a bunch of chocolate soldiers. (Quote by - Derek Williams)

Everyone is looking at this like it is a frantic move. It's not a frantic move. It's a calculated move to get better, and to get better in the future, and to get better in '07. If you look at things in '07, things look a lot better. (Quote by - Otis Smith)

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. (Quote by - Lou Holtz)

The total cost is impossible to calculate at this time. (Quote by - Dan Michaelis)

This Place saw My best days, My Happiest, My Wife having blessed me with Your Brother Woodhouse... I Calculated, to Live and died in Comfort, Our Business Was good of course We agreed. (Quote by - John James Audubon)

And the MICE industry constituted 5 per cent, or RM1.5 billion, of that total. That calculation is extracted from embarkation cards filled by foreign tourists. The MICE industry is actually more than that. (Quote by - Anthony Wong)

He just loved it that was his favorite thing, doing the calculations himself. (Quote by - Alice Rivlin)

This wasn't calculated, ... We didn't sit down and think, 'In three weeks, we can sell 500,000 copies.' But Billy's original idea was a stroke of genius. (Quote by - Mark Leyner)

They should calculate what their rate would be if adjusted in today's market and compare that with today's fixed- rate market and assess their personal situation. Do they have adequate funds to reduce or pay off their mortgage at the end of the adjustment period? (Quote by - Gary Akright)

We're coming up to a point in the flight where we're going to have to do some critical calculations on fuel. (Quote by - Kevin Stass)

So, you've got to do things, in my opinion, that way, so most of it's calculated. (Quote by - Phil Garner)

It's just like a credit check, it collects data to calculate a score. (Quote by - Pat Peterson)

Calculations which required a $20 million machine eight years ago can be done on a Mac cluster costing about $11,000. (Quote by - Dean Dauger)

The math is simple. I don't get why I'm doing it, but it's calculator math. (Quote by - Arnold Serapilio)

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