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It began to turn against him, because his opponents were very, very shrewd and calculating in the way they exploited it. (Quote by - Laurence Leamer)

One important new feature is derived variables, which enable engineers to calculate and plot new variables from existing data for wells, groups, or other entities.] Often the variables they need to plot are not in their dataset, ... The simulators output a set variables, but they may need to plot a variable that is a function of that set. This new functionality gives them the flexibility to create the plots that are important to them in making their decisions. (Quote by - Don Roberts)

This lawsuit is obviously calculated to damage the reputations of some of the finest people I know. That they would shop this story to the media and file suit on the morning of our first football game tells you what their true motives are. The charges leveled against me and my staff are completely false. (Quote by - Watson Brown)

I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam. (Quote by - Charles Babbage)

The changes that are taking place down there are dramatic. Where we calculate the costs of doing something, the cost of doing nothing may be even greater. (Quote by - Stanley Riggs)

We want to win the title as soon as we can. We don't go into any game with a calculator, we always go out to win and try and take each three points as they come. (Quote by - Carles Puyol)

Twelve in our calculator line meet Wal- Mart's request for Gen 2 tags. We've also had inquiries about Gen 2 from several European and U.S. customers. Target is one. (Quote by - Keith Hodnett)

They're not in production yet, so they haven't been proven. Doing calculations on paper doesn't mean you can actually do it at the end of the day. (Quote by - Jesse Pichel)

Most of the tasks we do are for humans. For example, a tax calculation is counting numbers so the government can pull money out from my wallet, but government consists of humans. (Quote by - Yukihiro Matsumoto)

The problem is that instead of having one way to calculate corporate earnings that everybody understands, we have two or three methods. And the one that most people use, there is virtually no agreement at all about what it means. (Quote by - David Blitzer)

I think that this is a case where the U.S. leaders involved are calculating the behind- the- scenes discussion, ... Pressure on Turkey is more likely to produce the desired result than a public bashing. (Quote by - Clyde Prestowitz)

INEXPEDIENT, adj. Not calculated to advance one's interests. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

It was my calculation that with the probable rulings, I would still be short ... which would then lead me to consider the next stage. There's nothing pleasant about a contest. (Quote by - Mike Ferreira)

Back- of- the- envelope calculations suggest it isn't that expensive. (Quote by - Eric Betts)

We did a quick calculation as to what we could accommodate immediately and we came up with 1,000, ... I'm glad Utah is seen as a community that will reach out charitably. (Quote by - Jon Huntsman)

Merck calculated cardiovascular warnings would cost the company 50 percent of its profits through 2006. (Quote by - Christopher Seeger)

The Social Footprint is the first non- financial reporting method capable of mathematically calculating the true bottom- line impact of an organization on society. While other methods, like the Global Reporting Initiative , do an adequate job of expressing top- line impacts, only the Social Footprint makes it possible to compare top- line impacts with actual human conditions in society, and thereby compute the social bottom- line of an organization. (Quote by - Mark McElroy)

The odds of this happening are just too high to calculate, and I really can't explain it, ... It's strange. It makes you think of a jinx. (Quote by - Robert Thompson)

He doesn't take short cuts. He's very methodical, calculated. (Quote by - Lisa Love)

You might need a calculator to figure out all these points they're scoring. (Quote by - Tom Amstutz)

Everybody thinks, thanks to Hollywood, that you can drown in quicksand. Basically if you do a simple buoyancy calculation, the Archimedes force, it is immediately evident that you can't drown completely. (Quote by - Daniel Bonn)

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