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Consumers could be in for an even sweeter deal, either getting discounts from retailers for using the PIN debit cards or being rewarded by card network by winning money back for using the signature debit cards. (Quote by - David Robertson)

People often turn around and charge up their credit cards again. (Quote by - Chris Viale)

All the cards are stacked against the little guy. Filing a lawsuit isn't that expensive -- at least not to a big corporation. But if you're an artist or consumer, who can afford such a thing? (Quote by - Fred von Lohmann)

We immediately contacted the Rhode Island CIO and the Secret Service and the credit card-issuing companies to flag those accounts so they could be monitored for possible fraudulent activity. (Quote by - Chris Neff)

I'm not taking away what happened to this lady and not to play the race card, but you are singling out the only black guy. (Quote by - Darryl Littlejohn)

To me, Kirby is at his best sitting at a card table playing cards, talking to him, stories being shared, spending hours and hours with him. He's the same in that little room as he is everywhere else. (Quote by - Cal Ripken)

It's frustrating. It's complicated. But those are the cards we're dealt. (Quote by - Dean Boyd)

Credit card companies are increasingly addicted to their fees. Six years ago, all fees - including late fees - contributed only a minor portion to overall revenue. Today it accounts for more than 30 percent. (Quote by - Daniel Ray)

It doesn't matter how good the card is if the issuance process is flawed. (Quote by - Bruce Schneier)

If I am the new Bob Weiss, I am the new Bob Weiss without all the card tricks. (Quote by - Brendan Malone)

We've told the minister, we're putting our cards on the table, that they need to do an environmental assessment and we're prepared to go to court if they don't. (Quote by - David Martin)

I feel very cheated. Our last trump card was taken away from us by the childish behavior of Mr. Cullen. (Quote by - Walter Henne)

The really strong cards from the original game started in the few-dollars range. The Black Lotus ones now can fetch $3,000 on eBay. I have a nice one; I've held on to a few over the years. (Quote by - Ted Mays)

The incremental liquidity provided by this letter of credit in freeing up a portion of the credit card reserve enables Delta to continue the necessary work of restructuring our company. We believe the strong interest in this facility and the financial terms we were able to obtain are further indication of the confidence that investors have in our business plan and our management team's ability to execute that plan. Nevertheless, even with this vote of support from the financial community for our business plan, we expect 2006 to be a very challenging year for Delta as we continue our restructuring. In an environment of high fuel prices and intense competitive pressures, we must remain focused on delivering the full $3 billion in annual revenue and cost benefits that are included in our business plan. (Quote by - Ed Bastian)

We've got this sort of house of cards. It is either a strong house of cards or the whole thing could implode on us. It could go either way. (Quote by - Diane Swonk)

Bluff is a nice word for lying. The cards are going to even out in the end. In poker, the one who lies the best wins. (Quote by - Chris Anderson)

I think the best gift we are giving them are the phone cards. Our staff donated those. (Quote by - Darla Myers)

Our goal was to be here and then let the cards happen the way they happen. (Quote by - Dave Adolph)

They (wild-cards) are no longer a right, they are a privilege. We're developing environments where you have to work for those. (Quote by - Craig Tiley)

No one's going to make you shuffle a $3,000 card. And the price has not topped out yet. Mine is the Gecko wine cellar, so to speak. You just wait for the wine to reach its peak. (Quote by - Ted Mays)

Cards were at first for benefits designed, Sent to amuse, not to enslave the mind. (Quote by - David Garrick)

I think it depends on how he was pitching. Do you want me to pull out the card? How was he pitching? ... He wasn't tired. He was pitching effectively. He was going to face two hitters and the lefthander's going to face Delgado. If he gets one of the two then he can't be the losing pitcher. But he is the losing pitcher. ... He earned the eighth inning. (Quote by - Tony La Russa)

When you pay in advance, don't pay by check or cash. If you use a credit card, you may be able to recover some of that. (Quote by - Frank Whitney)

This is the worst time to miss a bill. Pay down any large credit card or other large revolving accounts if you can, because high balances will hurt your credit rating. And avoid opening any other accounts before the loan you're pursuing is closed. (Quote by - Craig Watts)

On top of taxes and operating costs, you're hit with charges from credit card companies that might be 2 or 3 percent per purchase. That can hurt, especially if you're not sure how much more you're going to pay the next day. (Quote by - Chuck Olsen)

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