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What we're dealing with is a portion of one batch of cards sent out in recent weeks have an issue with low batteries. (Quote by - Ellen Bogard)

Everybody knows that this wonderful house of cards is going to collapse at some point and everybody is nervous that this kind of situation, as we are seeing in Asia could be the precipitating event. (Quote by - Wilbur Ross)

This is an important cultural moment. This is the first true national ID card. (Quote by - Tim Sparapani)

Here, said she, / Is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor. (Quote by - T.S. Eliot)

A manager has his cards dealt to him and he must play them. (Quote by - Miller Huggins)

What if we're in a real situation? You pulled the card, let's play it. Let's see what are we made of. (Quote by - Capt. Joshua Valverde)

They were stealing change and CDs, maybe some credit cards, when they stumbled onto these things. I imagine it opened their eyes up a little bit. (Quote by - Christopher Davis)

I was shaking a little bit before I signed the card. I didn't know if I was in a dream or not. (Quote by - Barrett Milam)

Gift cards are popular because you don't have to buy a gift, ... You just have to know where they like to shop. (Quote by - Ed Mierzwinski)

Consumers who are thinking of opening one of these no-limit credit cards may want to think how deeply their scores will be affected. (Quote by - Craig Watts)

Send your cards and letters to Jim Ryan, care of CBS 2. (Quote by - Dave Price)

Coach Childers is an excellent coach. Last year, he had to roll with the punches with the cards he was dealt. ? The skill level just wasn't there. (Quote by - Carey Green)

Maybe she didn't understand, or just saw the 'California' part of the card. (Quote by - Bill Veteran)

With the personnel they have, how coach Fairchild calls plays, those are the wild cards. They've thrown more passes than anyone in the league, and I don't think that's going to change. (Quote by - Tony Dungy)

We can't exactly figure out why, but our customers have no fears of using their checking account, while credit cards are still a problem. I'm assuming checks have been around longer, and are more trusted, while credit cards have a sort of stigma attached to them. (Quote by - Tim Stevens)

I don't think the local charities have the resources to buy 5,000 cases of cards and stuff them in envelopes and hope someone will give five dollars. (Quote by - Dave Edwards)

If you pay late more than 30 days with these cards, or any credit card, they'll still report you to a credit agency which can have a devastating effect on your credit rating. (Quote by - Tony Giorgianni)

You didn't need to carry money. Your face was your credit card - all over the world. (Quote by - Walter Pidgeon)

We take Master and VISA. I think the fact that we take charge cards is really one area that it helps. (Quote by - Barbara Anderson)

In some ways, they've added one more card to their playing hand. (Quote by - Craig Watts)

We've taken some of our business cards and have had one side in English and the other side in Korean. That will make it a little bit easier for them. (Quote by - Cathy Crosson)

You are not bound to a chapter house until official bid cards are signed at an event at 4p.m. on Friday at Dale Hall. This [event] will be the only time that it is binding. (Quote by - David Lohmann)

Users do not want be burdened with having to remember to carry a device like a smart card. (Quote by - Dan Blum)

The debit card was a pilot program intended just for the sheltered victims in Texas and only for a limited duration. It was implemented to address the evacuees' immediate emergency needs -- food, clothing, shelter. (Quote by - Barbara Ellis)

As high-tech obsessed as I am, I still use calling cards when traveling because they are typically one of the least expensive ways to call home. (Quote by - David Rowell)

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