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RFID cards are more expensive to produce. However, we are prepared to invest, as these cards are more durable than the more commonly used magnetic stripe cards and also offer higher identification speeds. (Quote by - David Ng)

Why would someone loot when they had a car with a refrigerator and had paid with a credit card at the hotel? The circumstances defy the theory of looting. (Quote by - Daniel Beckett Becnel III)

They hold all the cards. There is continually massive demand for consistent performers. (Quote by - David Barrett)

On any CEO's dance card, here's an important ticket you need punched. The World Economic Forum is the most important. (Quote by - Carol Ballock)

Last year we felt we were robbed by getting a red card against Cactus and Sabino won, so this was kind of redemption. We got our redemption and I'm really happy. (Quote by - Clay Campbell)

I played really solid, no fives on the card ... I don't get too excited with first round scores, but you've got to be up there to have a chance. It's nice to be in the mix. (Quote by - Dana Quigley)

She doesn't play the gender card or the race card in the debates, but when she's in the streets and in the churches, she makes it very clear that she's a proud black woman who is out to make history. (Quote by - Charles Barron)

I presented a gift card and was (later) informed it had been significantly reduced due to different fees associated with the card that reduced the value of the card. I felt that was wrong. (Quote by - David Parks)

Don't let your ATM card out of your sight. (Quote by - Tom Nichols)

These cards can really help you pay off your mortgage. (Quote by - Curtis Arnold)

Management indicated that changes in its practices for over-limit credit card fees negatively impacted credit card income, which was essentially flat with the third quarter vs. a strong seasonal fourth-quarter increase that we were expecting. (Quote by - Credit Suisse First Boston)

Everybody has a full deck of cards, but nobody wants to show their cards at the same time. (Quote by - Clay Bartlett)

You need to go ahead and get a card at the store, tell the person that you're going to give them a free trip. Then that person has to contact you and tell you when and where they want to go. You make the reservations and get the tickets for them. (Quote by - Chris McGinnis)

They could set up a card table in any Wal-Mart store in Kansas and start offering CDs above market rate. (Quote by - Bruce Morgan)

One percent of all the sales that you make on their credit card are devoted back to the local community school that the customer chooses. That creates a lot of customer loyalty. (Quote by - Daniel Boone)

I'm a firm believer that the wild-card teams, because they're grinding it out until the final days, have a tremendous amount of excitement. That excitement carries over into the playoffs and really helps. (Quote by - Tim Salmon)

You don't want to put all your cards on the table, ... We came in and took them by surprise. [The Steelers] are going to be faced with that situation every week, and they're just going to have to learn to adjust. (Quote by - Jerry Rice)

This is not the first time I've been in this situation. I've played good enough to keep my card, so it's kind of nice to be back in position again. I've been progressively playing better, and hopefully I'll play good this weekend. (Quote by - Cameron Beckman)

Talladega is the wild card; anything can happen there and no one is immune. (Quote by - Benny Parsons)

Retailers and store card credit providers are, we have found, effectively insulated from competitive pressures. (Quote by - Christopher Clarke)

Maybe the first yellow card was a question. The second was merited, a little inexperience on Bobby's part. (Quote by - Bruce Arena)

The popularity of these cards has surged in the last year or two. (Quote by - Curtis Arnold)

This investigation just kept mushrooming. We didn't think we had anywhere near all the credit card numbers that were used, but we knew at some point we had to draw a line and go with what we had. (Quote by - Dennis Balogh)

My dad was a big card player. (Quote by - Vince Vaughn)

There have been attempts before by credit card issuers to issue cards with parental controls on them. The first wave went out in year 2000 and weren't a sweeping success. (Quote by - Daniel Ray)

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