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There's an underground economy out there that's trading fraudulent credit card information and extorting money from Web sites. (Quote by - David Mackey)

It's very quick. It doesn't require the student to do anything other than to have the card with them. (Quote by - Terry Palmer)

A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction? (Quote by - Wes Craven)

Our accounts are continually monitored, and when we saw what we considered suspicious activity, we immediately invalidated the cards and issued new cards. The account holders will begin getting the new cards on Monday. (Quote by - Darcel Kimble)

We can make a card with anything from five free minutes to three free hours. (Quote by - Aric March)

He is 100 percent loyal to the president, and if the president or Andy Card asks him to do anything, he does it. They value him and his wisdom and what he adds to the team, so they let him do things his way. (Quote by - Charles Black)

In the late '80s, people started realizing that the old cards were valuable, and adults became involved in collecting. (Quote by - Warren Friss)

When the cards are all stacked against you, what do you do? You smear the victim. (Quote by - Jim O'Neill)

I stood in line ... to vote, and as they were handing out the plastic cards that you insert, some lady said to me, 'Judge, you sure this isn't preprogrammed.' So people still have their doubts. (Quote by - Charles Burton)

Grocery store point-of-sale terminals (POS) and debit card technology is largely Concord EFS. (Quote by - David Kaslow)

I'm disappointed with this season as I'm sure the coaching staff is. We've played with the cards we've been dealt. (Quote by - Mike Charles)

Before the round I actually looked at the card [for the course record] that's in the locker room. (Quote by - Tom Weiskopf)

Our surveillance team set up and watched this particular group install a card reader and a camera on the ATM machine. (Quote by - Bryan Adams)

People are not going to receive money, or a check or a debit card from here. We're not giving away clothes. We do have water to keep people hydrated, but the decisions on who gets what assistance is made at the national level. (Quote by - Cleo Howell)

You drop a land [A certain type of card] and then play cards on top of it. It's essentially a turn based card game, like Spades. The object is either to cause your opponent to run out of cards, or more often than not to reduce him to zero points. Everything you play will either hurt them or help you. (Quote by - Daniel Howell)

We have some brochures in Spanish and that really suffices and we have our library card application in Spanish and we have our Web site available in Spanish as well. Really, that's what people need. (Quote by - Carole Winkleblack)

A library card, ... An adult library card. (Quote by - Bobby Darin)

We are unaware of any fraudulent use of Ted Turner's credit cards or bank statements. (Quote by - Ted Turner)

All we want to do is win. If we win, we make up ground in the wild card and the division. All I care about is getting to the playoffs any way possible. (Quote by - Travis Hafner)

We have got a meeting later on and we are all going to sign a big A4 welcome back card for Gavin. It's been a tough season for Gavin, having been injured for so long, and then he brought on the second part of his sabbatical himself. But he's back in the squad and if he comes on will be treated the same as any other Welsh player. (Quote by - Brian O'Driscoll)

We've done a ton of research, and you almost never find a program that allows you to combine cards together, and we've not found any that allow you to combine small-business and personal rewards. (Quote by - Dave Bowen)

A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain. (Quote by - F. Scott Fitzgerald)

This is just corporate propaganda created by CEOs who want a get out of jail free card for corporate negligence. (Quote by - Chris Mather)

A clear conscience is a sure card. (Quote by - Proverb)

That's a card our negotiating partners have which gives them a certain leverage, a certain influence over the U.S.. (Quote by - Clyde Prestowitz)

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