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At Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip, we are excited to offer scrumptiously designed gift cards to our customers. They have been very loyal to the brand, and we wanted to return that loyalty by offering a gift card with 'sweet rewards' -- no expiration date, no parking fees, and the cards are reloadable. (Quote by - Cindy Thompson)

You're going to see more marketing dollars spent on baseball cards in 2006 than in the last 25 years combined. (Quote by - Colin Hagen)

January is expected to do well due to the strong sales of gift cards and promotions. (Quote by - David Keating)

There's not a huge focus on returns necessarily, nowadays if they're undecided, they tend to get gift cards, so returns aren't really the big push. (Quote by - Dan Jones)

A recovery of private consumption is on the cards this year. (Quote by - Alexander Koch)

This new service is an ideal way for our Business Check Card customers to simplify their accounting practices and better manage company expenses. (Quote by - Chris Roberts)

The pictures placed for ornament and use, The twelve good rules, the royal game of goose. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

We tried to put together as good a card as possible. Teams like it because it's a good midseason test, and if you lose, you don't have to worry about it because it's not a region game. (Quote by - Randy McClure)

What we need at the bare minimum is an industry-wide code to stop what amounts to store card mis-selling and we are surprised that the Competition Commission stops well short of calling for this. (Quote by - Phil Evans)

The slow growth rate in the card-issuing business is masking the growth out of the remainder of the company. (Quote by - Craig Maurer)

There are so many fees associated with credit card processing that it is very difficult for any business owner or manager to understand how much it is costing and whether or not there is any waste. I created the web site to help people become better informed. (Quote by - Chris Enders)

In person, he holds his cards very close, even with his closest advisers. He doesn't speak up at meetings, doesn't let his views be known to other people, because he views his job as providing advice to one person, the president. (Quote by - Cesar Conda)

Every person who pays off their credit card in full each month should be using a credit card that gives a rebate or a reward. Otherwise, you are being economically foolish. Some of these cards pay you a significant cash rebate just for using the card. (Quote by - Bill Hardekopf)

Cards are war, in disguise of a sport. (Quote by - Charles Lamb)

I played really solid, no fives on the card. It's good to be near the lead, but I don't get too excited with first-round scores. You've got to be up there to have a chance, so it's nice to be in the mix. (Quote by - Dana Quigley)

Although we had anticipated the scratch card would prove popular, to find ourselves in the very welcome position of having to produce a second edition, especially so soon, is fantastic. (Quote by - Dianne Thompson)

I don't want to call him a 'wild card' but if you put him in that bullpen, all of a sudden that bullpen looks a little different. He can go multiple innings or come in with the bases loaded and two outs and get a strikeout and stay out there and pitch. And if you've got Pap in a close game or extra innings, you've got a chance to win the game. (Quote by - Terry Francona)

Why would I get a wild card into an American tournament, (as the) top-ranked American? Why would that happen? That makes too much sense. Maybe I should play more Davis Cup, that's the story. Oh wait, I do. (Quote by - Andy Roddick)

It was terrible to lose a card like that, but I'll dump a card just as quick as they (jockeys, owners and trainers) will before I get somebody killed. (Quote by - Ben Carlson)

You bought it on sale and you end off paying more for it if you paid by credit card. Get that debt paid off and get on with it. (Quote by - Barbara Steinmetz)

I think we'll get a wild card. We have the next to best record, and hopefully we'll get in. (Quote by - Tara Shamsie)

I determined the number of cards needed by looking at last year's United Way allocations and then rounding up to 3,000. (Quote by - Debbie Flinn)

But they couldn't, because the addresses associated with their credit cards were Quackistan or something; they were in such a high-risk country that the credit card companies wouldn't approve the purchase. (Quote by - Chris Wilson)

Customers are being just as protective with their gift cards as they were with their own money when buying Christmas gifts. The idea of free money is all in the past. They want value or something very special. (Quote by - C. Britt Beemer)

A guy who'd cheat on his wife would cheat at cards. (Quote by - Texas Guinan)

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