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Radio is the real wild card. It remains to be seen how CBS performs without Howard Stern. (Quote by - Fred Moran)

You have to think that economies of scale make this more plausible. We've created a behemoth in the card industry through this merger, and things like this seem like a natural progression going forward. (Quote by - Curtis Arnold)

These cards are really hard to mess up because we do laminate them. And we offer the discount for multiple cards that way both parents can carry a card and then give cards to other family members or friends such as grandparents, aunts and uncles. (Quote by - Deana Stevens)

Bankruptcies are down, deposit growth and credit card income is strong, and delinquencies are down. (Quote by - Wayne Bopp)

This is a tremendous undertaking to try to get debit cards out with $2,000 on them to thousands of people. We've got plenty on hand, and we've got some more on order to make sure that everybody who is in the shelter down there that needs a card gets a card. (Quote by - Butch Kinerney)

We are interested to hear about initial response to spring assortments, especially as gift card usage is on the rise, which could have led to higher spring selling January and February. (Quote by - Jeffrey Edelman)

There are a variety of different credit card processing fees, and trying to figure them out is a difficult task for an untrained person. The merchant account companies purposely make their statements and fees difficult to understand, and that makes it hard for the average person to figure out if they can save money with a different company. (Quote by - Chris Enders)

We do not believe credit cards are bad things. They are however, very powerful and potentially dangerous tools if you don't know how to use them. (Quote by - Brian Lawrence)

We had two chances in both overtimes to win the game. Boy, it just seems like the cards were stacked against us. (Quote by - Troy Pachner)

Adults wanted all sorts of different cards, so we produced some of that. The leagues licensed more people to make cards. We were getting fewer kids buying, but the market was still growing. (Quote by - Warren Friss)

Last year we may have had one bona fide ace. But this year, we've got a ton of face cards. (Quote by - Brett Rosenthal)

He's our wild card. I don't know what to do with him. (Quote by - Chris Parsons)

I'm not sure that anybody is ready to put their cards on the table. They should be ready if they are serious about the April deadline but nothing coming out of Geneva or the capitals of the G6 gives me much sense that the ducks are all in a row. (Quote by - Amy Barry)

The 'green card' simplifies the procedure of applying for a Chinese visa and renewing it over and over again. (Quote by - Wu Yi)

Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. (Quote by - Christopher Parker)

Obviously, someone had leaked the credit card request to the press. (Quote by - Waukeen McCoy)

We're paying, if they'd like to sign up for credit card monitoring. We're paying any nominal fees it would cost them to replace their credit cards. (Quote by - Todd Sandman)

With spots quadrangular of diamond form, Ensanguined hearts, clubs typical of strife, And spades, the emblems of untimely graves. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Cut up your credit cards, get rid of your checkbook, don't shop by yourself. (Quote by - Donald Black)

I would say there are very few fixed-rate cards left. (Quote by - Curtis Arnold)

If those data centers go down and you swipe your card at the grocery store, the teleprompter will say, 'Sorry, can't process,' and you can't get milk or food for dinner. (Quote by - Christine Mackay)

The goal coming here was to get a card. To win, that's just a bonus. (Quote by - Eric Couture)

Whenever you make a claim to the credit card company, we actually have to prove that it was you, so it protects us by saying we checked ID. (Quote by - David Keith)

I felt that there should be a special card for high-earning executives who spend a lot. After identifying this target audience to American Express, they went ahead and did it. The card turned out to be a big success. (Quote by - Robert Sandelman)

I don't accept the charge that banks have just removed all barriers and are going full blast to send cards to anybody. There is actually evidence that banks have tightened [their requirements] in some ways. (Quote by - Fritz Elmendorf)

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