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A clear fire, a clean hearth, and the rigour of the game. (Quote by - Charles Lamb)

The big wild card becomes what the Fed does about it. That's why the bond market is rallying -- rather than concentrate on the inflationary aspects of higher oil prices, the market thinks the Fed will focus on the growth aspects. (Quote by - Drew Matus)

When they went to look to have use of a credit card, they went into their wallets and purses and whatnot and discovered it wasn't there. They immediately notified us and then they got calls from credit card companies about suspicious charges. (Quote by - David Cook)

They threw the wild card in there. Jihad Muhammad, he was the MVP. You guys get a trophy together and give it to him. He made Hatcher use all the energy in the world. (Quote by - Charlie Coles)

There is also a workable Wal-Mart nearby so Wal-Mart gift cards and cash donations are also accepted. (Quote by - Craig Nichoson)

When it's a small fraction of what it's going to be, it's already played its cards and said, 'I'm going to be big,' ... That offers hope. (Quote by - Tom Jordan)

At any rate, this is a wild card indictment, ... There's a wild card prosecutor and a wild card defendant. (Quote by - Mike Ramsey)

The Carmen Electra cards give me another way to connect with my fans while providing them the ability to enjoy the convenience of shopping or paying bills with ease -- online and offline, ... Payment Data Systems is the perfect partner for me because of the capabilities the company already has in place. (Quote by - Carmen Electra)

Get dealt a set of cards in life, and just deal with them........no problem. (Quote by - Charles Kendall Adams)

You need strong user authentication such as a smart card or [a] biometric [reader] or both -- something more than just certification built in to the browser, which is weak. (Quote by - David Thompson)

Spring Training doesn't go on the back of your baseball card, but this is one of my plans for the year ... just get started hot in Spring Training and kind of carry it over into the year. (Quote by - Conor Jackson)

That was her old system ? she didn't need a computer. We used to use thousands of those cards for ordering. She always had that dedication to the business. (Quote by - Gerry Gerlach)

The card's what matters. And I always get the card early. (Quote by - Bonnie Jones)

He's been our resident hero, cheerleader and biggest fan. He's been the biggest drawing card we've had. Without him, the museum would just be a different place and not as exciting. He will be sorely missed. (Quote by - Pat Bartness)

You get to use your head. People think it's just whatever cards you get, but there's a lot of thought involved. There's math involved, trying to figure out what your chances are compared to others. (Quote by - Chris Mudd)

We're getting closer and closer to a national ID card. (Quote by - Tim Sparapani)

The next time we heard about the ATM card was access in SouthPark in Charlotte. (Quote by - David Huffman)

The majority of the workers do not want a union. The employees that have signed the cards (to join the union), some of them have told us they regret it. Some felt coerced into signing. (Quote by - Cristin Brown)

Toney was the headlining fight coming in, ... We just got added to the card. I guess they did not want to change it. It does not matter. ? I am just boxing. As long as the check clears, I do not care if I was the first fight coming out. (Quote by - Chris Byrd)

We are thrilled to introduce Avatar fans to the exciting world of trading card games. Through easy-to-learn game mechanics, lightning-fast game play, and brand new card technologies, fans will have the chance to get the ultimate Avatar Trading Card Game experience. (Quote by - Cory Jones)

Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards, and try and win one another's money. Idiots! (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

When the White Sox were 15 games ahead, we were looking at the wild card anyway. Now, it's up for grabs. (Quote by - C.C. Sabathia)

It's frustrating. I'm going to keep waiting and then go to plan B: gift cards. (Quote by - Dan Green)

They threw the wild card at us, Muhammad. He was definitely the MVP for this game; there's only one vote and I have it. (Quote by - Charlie Coles)

Try to find any kind of work before tapping those credit card cash-advances. (Quote by - Carrie Cole)

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