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They are looking to us to create a legitimate comedy scene at Warner Bros. What they are hoping from us is to develop broad comedies which are PG-13 or R, and they want to make our Broken Lizard movies. It's a classic 'make one for us, make one for them' kind of thing. (Quote by - Jay Chandrasekhar)

I thought this would be a cute little film about meeting people with your same name, I would shoot it during the summer and then start on my comedy. (Quote by - Angela Shelton)

I didn't see it coming, But Comedy Central wanted to do it and will air all 13 shows that we did. That's why I'm going out on this tour. If the show wasn't picked up, I would probably be flying off to a sporting event or something in October. I wanted to take a couple of years off, but that will have to wait because of the show and the tour. (Quote by - Drew Carey)

This one is going to be watched more than any of the others he's done and he has a great opportunity. At the same time, he can't do the usual Republican standard of limited government and less spending because then it would be a comedy show because he is doing the opposite. (Quote by - Tammy Bruce)

A lot of the home video companies are not familiar with the classics. They're not aggressive with marketing them, and trying to figure out which ones they should put out. They don't necessarily have the background. I don't want to see the fourth or fifth reissue of an '80s comedy in a new box. (Quote by - George Feltenstein)

This sentimental comedy by the Soviet playwright Aleksei Arbuzov is said to have had a great success in its own country. So do fringed lamp shades. (Quote by - Richard Eder)

It's been a struggle to find that next evolution of comedy. Earl was our highest-testing show in 15 years, which was kind of a surprise. But we definitely need cutting-edge comedies like that. (Quote by - Kevin Reilly)

In my culture not a lot of people are doing this. (Quote by - Rasika Mathur)

I've been in horror movies, I've been in silly comedies. Actually did a musical once. (Quote by - David Warner)

Gilligan's Island,remarkable actor, because he was not really a comedian he was an actor who could do comedy. (Quote by - Bob Denver)

We're looking forward to working with Kids' WB! and Rainbow S.r.l. on this funny, irreverent comedy. MONSTER ALLERGY will be a great addition to our programming lineup. (Quote by - Terry Kalagian)

Human life is basically a comedy. Even its tragedies often seem comic to the spectator, and not infrequently they actually seem to have comic touches to the victim. Happiness probably consists largely in the capacity to detect and relish them. (Quote by - Henry Louis Mencken)

Wanda is a tremendous talent. Image has firmly established itself as a leading producer and distributor of comedy content, and we are thrilled to be able to add Wanda Sykes to our comedy family. (Quote by - Barry Gordon)

A lot of times black actors get stuck in a box. They're up against a lot of limitations for the kind of films that they get approached about. It's easy to get stuck in a box and just be approached about nothing but urban films. Or, if you start out as a comedian, it's easy for you to be approached about nothing but comedies, and comedies with all black casts. (Quote by - Tyrese Gibson)

Richard Pryor was the Rosa Parks of comedy. He took risks and chances that made it possible for a whole generation of comics to exist. No one ever rocked the mike like Richard Pryor. (Quote by - Chris Rock)

I visualized the reactions of children listening. Stunned silence here! So hold the pause for two, three, four. This line is a laugh, more than a giggle, so pause, two, three or their chuckles will drown the next line. I'm lucky to have forty years experience of stage comedy to back me up. (Quote by - Jim Dale)

I thought I would be a serious actor. But I soon realized that doing comedy gave me what I needed out of acting. I got hooked on both the sound of laughter and that kind of flirtatious rapport with the audience. Drama just doesn't have that type of punch for me. (Quote by - Shenoah Allen)

This year we're using two terrific venues we haven't used in the past; the Hartford Stage Company and The Bushnell. We'll be doing stand-up comedy in the Bushnell Theater, which is a first for First Night in 17 years. (Quote by - Arnold Berman)

It seemed to be able to mine the craziness of everyday living in this busy world. I loved the way it flip-flopped from almost farce-like comedy to something very sweet and serious. It made me laugh. (Quote by - Aidan Quinn)

We know we aren't like Comedy Central or ESPN that serves to entertain. You may never use any part of C-SPAN, but we as a network with all our resources, like to think we are here if you ever do need to use us. (Quote by - Scott Peterson)

It is a fast-paced, adorable little comedy. Two young men have the leads in the play. One is a Jewish guy and the other is Italian. There are parts in the play for a handful of other older men and women, but I do not want to give too much about the play away just yet. (Quote by - Donna Adamonis)

Still, it's going to be an extremely diverse fall, It's hard to characterize because of the breadth of what's out there: big new musicals, one major revival, a classic comedy coming back to Broadway and a couple of major pieces of American drama, Seascape and A Touch of the Poet. (Quote by - Howard Sherman)

It's really a comedy about all these people who are looking for the loves of their lives, and struggling to find happiness during this pursuit. (Quote by - Steve Carell)

This is nice counter-programming for T3, but with comedy sequels, you never know what you're going to get. If 'Legally Blonde' doesn't come up big, they're hurting for this year. (Quote by - David Mumpower)

Often times, finding a serious idea that can be the foundation of a romantic comedy can be the difference between something that flies off like so many spinning plates or something that has some emotional weight underneath it. It also leads to the kind of actor that you can get for that role. What is often the case in a standard romantic comedy is that it's all about the-girl-and-the-boy-is-kind-of-fun vibe, but with this, you could go for an actor of real depth. (Quote by - Walter Parkes)

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