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The chairman [Hoekstra] is very upset by this. He wants to be certain that there was no attempt to do anything wrong to his committee. He honestly believes that given the very sensitive nature of what this committee does, there has to be certainty that there was no attempt to manipulate certain processes or abuse any information. (Quote by - Jamal Ware)

I am deeply concerned by this report and I have instructed the VFACOM to fully assist the victim of this crime and to support all efforts by our authorities to investigate, prosecute and try this case. (Quote by - Alberto Romulo)

We call upon the state party to retract that poll and to apologize to the leadership of the Republican Party and to Jim Petro for what was attempted this past Saturday. At best, their poll was an exercise in sloppy research; at worst, it was a deliberate effort to mislead the State Central Committee. (Quote by - Bob Paduchik)

We asked the American public what they wanted to ask Judge Roberts about, We trust that members of the Committee will ask those questions during the upcoming hearings. (Quote by - Barbara Mikulski)

In April, I asked my staff to determine if Senate rules and relevant laws would allow me to direct the trustees to sell any remaining HCA stock. In May, my staff worked with outside counsel and with the Senate ethics committee staff to draft a written communication to the trustees. After obtaining pre-approval by mid-June from the Senate ethics committee, I issued a letter directing my trustees to sell any remaining HCA stock in my family's trust. (Quote by - Bill Frist)

Grades count more at some, community service at others. Some admissions committees look closely at recommendations, others don't. Athletic or musical talent can sometimes boost your chances. The criteria cover a wide range of variables that often interact in complex ways. But the mysterious admissions process really comes down to nothing more than matching the strengths of the various applicants against the attributes a particular college is looking for. (Quote by - Brian C. Greenberg)

The committee will now carefully review those responses. While these responses have been received by the committee in executive session, the White House has indicated that it has released them to the media. This will allow the committee members to comment publicly on the document. (Quote by - Henry Hyde)

A committee appointed by the President of a company will report what the President wishes to hear. Would they dare report otherwise?. (Quote by - W. Edwards Deming)

After thoroughly reviewing the committee's report, all the members of the Cabinet Committee came to the conclusion that the report was not fair. (Quote by - Saifur Rahman)

When you talk about changing the rules, that takes time, and it always involves more than just a committee. (Quote by - Al Edwards)

Those donations are legal. We feel it wouldn't be appropriate to return them. We're a political committee. We don't affect legislation. (Quote by - Brian Nick)

We're going to work on how to go about building that team and that committee. We hope to come up with a plan to involve the community. The seven of us don't see everything out there we should be looking at. (Quote by - Brian Bode)

It's kind of typical campaign finance in Florida. You find these wealthy special interests who are giving to committees and candidates, people with power to help them. . . . They're doing it as an investment, hoping for a return on their investment. (Quote by - )

Our committee is not a chaired committee as each member has equal power. That's why we split over the discussion about whether we should inform the printed media early or not. In the end we decided to inform the press a few days ahead of the festival. (Quote by - Cui Zi'en)

The university is establishing such a mechanism with the full support of the administration and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. (Quote by - William Shkurti)

We welcome this opportunity to have initial discussions with the committee, following their vote to proceed with an inquiry, and we are interested in hearing from the committee about its plans and procedures for going forward. (Quote by - Jim Kennedy)

The senator was chairing a committee in Washington that day. (Quote by - Brian Seitchik)

That's absurd. Not only did the committee pursue an aggressive oversight agenda, but they got out of Washington, D.C., and saw firsthand on the ground the problems facing federal parks. (Quote by - Brian Kennedy)

I don't know if there's anything we've been more responsive on at all levels of the department and across all agencies that are members of the committee. (Quote by - Brookly McLaughlin)

There are thousands of documents that have been provided to the committee, there are numerous administration officials who have gone before the committee and testified. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

Congress has tackled this issue on multiple occasion , and it always gets derailed by Republican leadership, either in committee, or refusing to hold a vote, or in conference committee. They have been doing everything in their power to kill these bills. (Quote by - Barry Piatt)

We are not here to be confrontational at all. We feel there are some issues that the committee should have presented to it that you may feel are viable. We want to work with the committee toward the goal of having good private roads. We share your goals to enact an ordinance that will prevent inadequate roads. (Quote by - Clarence Asmus)

I can tell you, however, that the committee has yet to hear from any intelligence official expressing such concerns, If any officials believe, however, that they have been pressured to alter their assessment, they have an obligation, and I encourage them to contact the committee. (Quote by - Pat Roberts)

It's too late for our service, but I can probably squeeze it into our community development and zoning committee. (Quote by - Jim Watercutter)

It's kind of troublesome. They're getting around the intent of the law to require that parties and committee disclose what they're spending their money on. (Quote by - Ben Wilcox)

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