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The rating on its face is inexplicable in that a substantial majority of the Committee found him . (Quote by - Viet Dinh)

A committee is a thing which takes a week to do what one good man can do in an hour. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

Max is absolutely livid that these companies have not followed through with their promises. We have been assured by the host committee that folks are going to get paid. (Quote by - Barrett Kaiser)

This is a tough, tough conference, and I hope the selection committee takes note of that. It's going to be a long week. (Quote by - Ben Jacobson)

Let staff look into the participants in the committee to make sure they are diverse and make recommendations to the council. (Quote by - Andy Fox)

Ultimately it's not serious in any way as proposed legislation, but it's very serious with regard to what the committee's real alternatives are, The chairman is actively working to make sure that it's ANWR -- and alone. (Quote by - Brian Kennedy)

It is, in a sense, the story of his presidency. This is the decision he made, he made it all alone. There was no committee vote. (Quote by - Bob Woodward)

Between that committee and the principals, they will form an interview committee and go from there. (Quote by - Ken Flaten)

It does matter. Not just to the U.S. Olympic Committee. It matters to the American public. It matters to our broadcast partners. Now, to us as an Olympic Committee, it is not the only thing that matters. (Quote by - Darryl Seibel)

I think it's been pretty clear from the committee over time that we're not going to be impressed with records that are somewhat artificially built. If we're comparing six or eight teams and two have put together a schedule of rigor where they play home and away from home, the committee is going to go with teams that have challenged themselves. (Quote by - Craig Littlepage)

The Country Reacts to Bush Administration's Failed Response to Katrina. pointing fingers in a shameless effort to tear us apart. (Quote by - Ken Mehlman)

If these compromises come through, there's going to be a lot of buy-in. (Quote by - Angelo Amador)

The Democratic National Committee is virtually 100 percent anti-firearms ownership, and the Republican National Committee stands on the side of the freedom. (Quote by - Wayne LaPierre)

I can say that there are very serious discussions, All issues that represent the keys of the agreement were in discussions. There are committees, there is a committee for territory and Jerusalem and security and other committee for refugees. There is still a gap, but we are working very seriously, trying to see whether its possible. (Quote by - Ahmed Qorei)

It would make sense to consider, and this is only under consideration, a committee that would be focused on the subject matter rather than on a corner of it within the jurisdiction of one of our committees. (Quote by - Chris Cox)

It's a lot of information, White House staff were instructed to collect information, and the White House counsel's office is working with Davis's committee to provide them with the appropriate information. (Quote by - Trent Duffy)

We feel like we still have some work to do to get into the tournament, and we have a huge opportunity in front of us to show the committee that we're worthy of getting in. (Quote by - Andrew Wilson)

The committee has been very clear about what its strategy is. It expects to continue to tighten, but it doesn't know how much farther it has to go, and those decisions will depend on the incoming data. (Quote by - Brian Sack)

In South Kingstown, we have been able to successfully develop a relationship with the School Committee. That allowed us to work very cooperatively during the budget. (Quote by - Bruce R. Keiser)

If we lose this game, we're not going to the playoffs. If we win this week, we'll look very good to the committee. And if we win our next two games, we're a lock to get in. (Quote by - Brian Voelker)

They have team radios. They are not in communication with the race jury or the organizing committee. They should not have been moving from their position at the time. Everyone on the hill has to take responsibility for their acts. (Quote by - Atle Skaardal)

There aren't numbers I can compare there, just relationships. The committee felt Michelle probably had a better chance of winning a medal. The mission of the international committee is to win medals. (Quote by - Bob Horen)

The diversity committee is charged with monitoring equity in our Broward County schools. We are not there yet. (Quote by - Benjamin Williams)

This is not a partisan committee. The congressman has never treated it like that, and its many achievements are reflective of that commitment. (Quote by - Brian Walsh)

Given the question of where the liabilities lie, there should be a fight. That fight can't be made without an equity committee. (Quote by - David Tepper)

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