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The rode to dishonor in office can end in this committee, in this room, on this very day, What an impeachment is, of course, is the single device to remove from the office the chief executive who you decide is constitutionally disqualified to serve, and by doing so, overturn two national elections. (Quote by - Abbe Lowell)

Somebody has to be able to negotiate. The sub-committee cannot. It is the sub-committee's recommendation that the court consider leasing facilities. The sub-committee did not discuss if it was the best option, but we believe it is an option. The need to alleviate the problems in some of the offices is approaching an emergency. (Quote by - John Davis)

Congressional support for the C-17 remains strong in all four Defense committees. We've provided cost information to the Air Force at their request for options as high as 60 additional C-17s. (Quote by - Dave Bowman)

Brought his notes and his requests, and he thanked the members of the committee. (Quote by - Issam Ghazzawi)

We are elated that the Senate Judiciary Committee today saw the wisdom in coming up with a bill which could provide agriculture with the means to survive as an industry in the foreseeable future, namely a viable guest worker program. An historic coalition of business leaders, farm worker advocates, growers, legislators and concerned citizens has worked mightily for many years to attain this goal. Today was a landmark day for everyone in our industry. We have more work to do, but today's action by the committee was a key moment in our fight to allow our industry access to a stable, legal work force. (Quote by - Tom Nassif)

Given Cheney's background on national security going back to the Ford years, his time on the House Intelligence Committee, and as secretary of defense, Bush said at the top of his list of things he wanted Cheney to do was intelligence. In the first months of the new administration, Cheney made the rounds of the intelligence agencies - the CIA, the National Security Agency, which intercepted communications, and the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency. (Quote by - Bob Woodward)

I currently serve as the chairman of the state's appropriations committee. I work with the state's $40-billion budget. This is a unique opportunity for Ellis and Hill counties to have the chairman of the appropriations committee representing them. I've strived to get a handle on illegal immigration and if re-elected I will find a solution to school funding and lower the property tax. (Quote by - Jim Pitts)

The No No Committee is concerned and will be reviewing whether the commissioners have violated Texas law. (Quote by - Bob Randall)

For me it's a great honor I think the president of the Chinese Olympic Committee chose me to encourage me and reward me because I have done a lot for my country through my results in sports. (Quote by - Yang Yang)

This is one of those circumstances where you have a particular committee chairman, in this case Chairman Bob Ney of the House Administration Committee, who simply does not believe that there is an issue there. (Quote by - Patrick Eddington)

The decision before the committee was whether the conduct in the case violated NCAA bylaws. And to that, the committee obviously has a great deal to say. (Quote by - Josephine Potuto)

Because the donor of these funds has admitted to activities which are illegal and which we deplore as detrimental to our form of government, the executive director of the Rely On Your Beliefs will recommend that the board donate these funds to a charity. (Quote by - Burson Taylor)

I am ready to face all my accusers, and there will be an investigation committee that will clarify everything. These accusations are politically motivated. (Quote by - Bayan Jabr)

Congress has to take a role in terms of intelligence that is unlike anything they do in any other authority, and that is to work without reference and without reference to who's getting more of the [pork] barrel and to work in a very positive way. There's great jealousies between the intelligence committees and the defense armed services committees. That shouldn't exist. (Quote by - Burton Gerber)

There will be a very full agenda and the committees will be very busy, I think if Members come back to this session, looking to work on behalf of Canadians instead of, as the Conservatives continue to indicate, looking for an opportunity to defeat the government, if they, in fact, focus on working on behalf of Canadians and making this Parliament work, there's lots on the agenda. There's lots of legislation to pass and we certainly look forward to that. (Quote by - Tony Valeri)

There was some movement on the part of the company in insurance premiums and deductibles, as well as caps on premium costs. Boeing offered the establishment of a committee to find ways to reduce retiree health care costs for future hires. (Quote by - Bob Wood)

A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary. (Quote by - Fred Allen)

In our deliberations, it became clear that Erskine Bowles was uniquely qualified among our applicants. Holding another round of interviews would have been superfluous, He emerged as the committee's sole finalist and support among the search committee was unanimous. (Quote by - Bradley Wilson)

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been hard at work for over a month on comprehensive immigration reform. No bill before the committee proposes blanket amnesty. Border security is our main priority. We are working to merge the best of several proposals, and hopefully we can all agree that we must protect our borders, enforce the law, provide legal means for people to work in the United States, and fix a broken system. (Quote by - Sam Brownback)

A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours. (Quote by - Milton Berle)

This vote demonstrates that the AEIF stands united in its determination to secure an equitable labor agreement with AK Steel. The executive committee will continue negotiating with AK Steel to achieve that result. (Quote by - Brian Daley)

We think we did enough. But it's up to the committee. (Quote by - Acie Law)

We hope that we will have some continuity for the decision-making process. What I envision is a tremendous amount of the design to come from the schools' staff. And taking staff, administrators and people from the community, and then taking members of the committee and injecting them into those committees. (Quote by - Scot McNeley)

It's in a bad state and, possibly, it won't give us the information we need. Both boxes will be sent to Paris where a French committee will help us and the foreign experts that are here to decode. (Quote by - Akrivos Tsolakis)

It is important to remember that the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina is harming much more of U.S. agriculture than producers in those three states, As the Senate and House Appropriations Committees prepare to address this natural disaster, we urge you to include emergency disaster assistance for farmers and ranchers. (Quote by - Bob Stallman)

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