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One of the appropriation bills, the Transportation Treasury HUD Appropriation Bill, had money put into the bill at the committee level, When it comes out of committee once we return to session after Labor Day, we'll be passing it off the floor of the Senate. I'm confident that money will be there, plus maybe a little more if possible in the final conference committee version. (Quote by - David Vitter)

It stands to reason that the party committee would contribute to a Republican candidate for statewide office - in this case, Matt Blunt. (Quote by - Burson Taylor)

I'm excited the committee will see first hand the impact on Louisiana's coast. We are willing to do our share to supply the nation's energy needs, but in return we need the nation's help to rebuild the damage to our coastline. I am thrilled the committee has accepted my invitation to see firsthand the critical roll that Louisiana's ports and industry play in supplying our nation's energy needs. (Quote by - Bobby Jindal)

If you ever live in a country run by a committee, be on the committee. (Quote by - William Graham Sumner)

Chairmen prioritize legislation as it is reported out of their committees. Congressman Blunt will work with all of the committee chairmen to move their priority bills across the House floor. (Quote by - Burson Taylor)

The work in which that committee engages is clearly the most sensitive of any committee of the Congress, and for a member to be embroiled in these sorts of problems even as he gets access to our nation's most sensitive secrets, I think, raises a very immediate concern that ought to be addressed. (Quote by - Bob Barr)

We therefore expect more say on how the Senate is run, and that includes everything from deciding what bills are debated on the floor, what goes into conference reports, to deciding committee chairs and ratios, and assigning committee staff and office space. (Quote by - Tom Daschle)

This is a special moment for Marilyn, for me and for my family, Today, I officially announce the exploratory committee for president of the United States. (Quote by - Dan Quayle)

Every person on that committee who had a team in contention got in. It opened our eyes. That committee is like the Ways and Means Committee in Congress; everybody wants to be on that one. (Quote by - Pete Watkins)

The Senate Appropriations Committee wants to hear from the Mine Safety and Health Administration in order to determine whether current regulations are adequate and if proper measures are being taken to enforce these regulations. It is important for the committee to know the federal government is doing all it can to ensure that another Sago mine disaster does not happen again. (Quote by - Jenny Manley)

Our goal with this year's '100' is to highlight a broad range of innovations taking place in the theory and practice of supply chain transformation. Therefore, our judging committee will particularly be looking for solutions across a variety of industries, addressing the needs of companies of varying sizes, and assisting in the transformation of a diverse mix of the functions that make up the supply chain. (Quote by - Andrew K. Reese)

He would take stands on very important issues. that at times did not fully agree with the chairman or other committee members, but would do so in a very effective way. (Quote by - Brian Sack)

One loss does not diminish what this team has done. My view on making the NCAA Tournament has not changed. We are still above .500 in the conference, and we have 19 wins. I have all the confidence in the selection committee that they know what this team is capable of. (Quote by - Agnus Berenato)

When they started, I noticed they didn?t have any students on the committee. (Quote by - Andrea Walker)

I assure this committee that, if I am confirmed, I will be strictly independent of all political influences, essential to that institution's ability to function effectively and achieve its mandated objectives. (Quote by - Ben Bernanke)

I am going to ask for more meetings with the Finance Committee, with the School Committee. I want more community problem-solving. I want to identify the iceberg before it hits. (Quote by - Ben Greenberg)

We worked very closely with the nominating committee We followed exactly their instructions. (Quote by - Bay Buchanan)

She's moved up steadily. Every year we've done it, the Appropriations Committee has ranked as the most powerful committee. (Quote by - Ran Coble)

Neither Dr. Rice nor the White House has objected to allowing the committee access to CIA documents sent to the White House, and in fact, White House lawyers made copies of these documents available to the committee last summer. (Quote by - Sean McCormack)

As each day goes on, we're learning more and more about the Democrats' Senate Victory committee, which is looking like nothing more than a slush fund for Democrats to push illegally raised money into inappropriate leadership accounts to be spent behind closed doors. (Quote by - Andy Palmer)

Absolutely, this is a game the selection committee would look at if it came down to determining whether we deserve to be in the tournament. (Quote by - Bob Todd)

The search committee worked diligently in reviewing almost 70 applications for the position. After the field was narrowed, and face-to-face interviews were conducted, the committee selected three very strong candidates. (Quote by - Terry Butcher)

We've been on a course of raising interest rates. The language in the last statement suggests that there was more to come. If we had wanted a different interpretation, we would have said something different. (Quote by - William Poole)

Time is critical. If the county is not going to act then the projects should be moved out of the finance committee and to another committee that will. Opportunity is knocking at our door and we need to take advantage. The time is now. (Quote by - Wes Miller)

Public Safety, to me, should be a committee that works to the betterment of California, and I see it occasionally, but some of the people on there have agendas that are far and away removed from the good and safety of the people of California. (Quote by - Assemblyman Jay La Suer)

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