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That's when the congressional investigations started, They were shocked that this Fortune 7 Company could spiral out of control. At least 13 different congressional committees held formal investigations into Enron's demise. One of them, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, stumbled across my memos to Ken Lay in a box of documents they had subpoenaed from Enron. (Quote by - Sherron Watkins)

No more back-door tenders. No more closed-door meetings. We are going to open all portfolio committees, executive committees and council meetings to the media and the public. (Quote by - Tony Leon)

The president this morning accepted the committee's recommendation. The committee recommended approval of the transaction after closely scrutinizing it and concluding that it would not compromise our national security. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

We haven't discussed this as a committee and until I see evidence, I have absolutely nothing to comment. (Quote by - Brian Foley)

The premier struck his MLA committee on the pine beetle in the fall of 2001, and that committee deemed the infestation a catastrophic event that demanded immediate attention. Here we are in the fall of 2005 and the Campbell Liberals are just beginning to implement a plan. (Quote by - Bob Simpson)

When you start getting single-digit turnover numbers, that's phenomenal, especially since we're doing it by committee at point guard. We're doing it by committee, but we're getting it done. (Quote by - Stan Heath)

We ask the central committee to resign immediately and announce an emergency committee for the movement. (Quote by - Abu Mohammed)

The typical large company has a compensation committee, They don't look for Dobermans on that committee, they look for chihuahuas. (Quote by - Warren Buffett)

The Pentagon has agreed to make five witnesses available. Although there was no talk at the time when they made that offer, the assumption was that it would be in an open committee hearing. (Quote by - William Reynolds)

The budget committee felt that we should have some more reserve fund money and added $32,000 to that line item. (Quote by - Bruce Shull)

The FOMC will look at these data as being benign, No change in interest rates is expected at next week's meeting although the committee will retain its bias toward tightening. (Quote by - Steven Wood)

It's opinion and the search committee's opinion that we are following proper procedure here and trying to work in the best interests of the university and the finalists. We understand the public's need to know and we think we have a timely plan for giving public access to the candidates' names. (Quote by - Anne Barton)

We are going to set up a committee of three members from the Land and Development Committee and three from the speedway to sit down to try to work out some of the issues. That's where we're at. (Quote by - Keith Allen)

We are not counting as this committee that we're going to get a windfall of money. What we don't want is an avalanche of loss. (Quote by - Assemblyman Louis Greenwald)

We want the USOC to know we are eager to bring the Games back to Los Angeles. (Quote by - Barry Sanders)

I offered to permit additional members of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee to review these documents, in order to satisfy the committee's subpoena, I again offered to testify, to meet with members of the committee and to answer oversight questions. (Quote by - Janet Reno)

We have decided to form a supreme investigative committee in which some members of the Basra provincial council will join, The results will be presented to the government, council of ministers, the parliament and the people. (Quote by - Bayan Jabr)

Committees are, by nature, timid. They are based on the premise of safety in numbers; content to survive inconspicuously, rather than take risks and move independently ahead. Without independence, without the freedom for new ideas to be tried, to fail, and to ultimately succeed, the world will not move ahead, but live in fear of its own potential. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. (Quote by - Dr. Ferdinand Porsche)

The difference between this award and any other is that it's a reader's choice. People holler about other awards because they are committee-selected. This is not committee-selected. There are purists in literary circles who have a different sense of what is going on here, but we think anything you can do to get people reading is a good thing. (Quote by - Gerry Byrne)

We really wanted, as a committee, to do a thorough job and not jump into something. We looked at a lot of great candidates, and we did our homework on them. This committee was very, very thorough. (Quote by - Randy Stange)

Gary stood by his principles, and he's going to continue to stand by his principles. And if they take his committees away, they take his committees away. (Quote by - Gary Condit)

The [National Security Committee] is a tool in the hands of the authorities. Today, the [National Security Committee] is following the authorities? order to discredit those who really care about people [in order] to stop them. (Quote by - Zauresh Battalova)

We've always had a School Committee member or two on these committees, and I feel very strongly that should continue. We need to know what we're bringing in. (Quote by - Mark Joseph)

Getting out of committee is a huge hurdle. We are extremely fearful that it will continue to move forward. (Quote by - Brian Davis)

We play by committee. We start each game by asking, 'Is the committee here?' We feel like there are all kinds of ways to win a basketball game, and we're going to have to take advantage of the little things. We like to mix it up and try to be unpredictable. (Quote by - Pam Taylor)

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