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I was here the first time the University formed a committee to talk about our wages. I was making barely over minimum wage then, and I still am now. I look forward to working with the committee and the union to make this real. (Quote by - Nelson Hernandez)

Technically, the search committee's work is completed once the feedback on this week's activity has been provided to the president. (Quote by - David Steele)

Congressional committees used to have to build a substantial case of presidential involvement in wrongdoing before they could get much leverage on the White House. With Ken Starr's legacy, congressional committees will have a strong club with which to beat the president. (Quote by - Charles Tiefer)

We have sent a letter to the UN secretary general requesting him to make available the documents and other related papers based on which the Volcker Committee named Congress in its report. (Quote by - Ambika Soni)

We've had members [of the Fed's top policymaking committee] come and go, but it's really been Greenspan's committee. And he has secured persistent, stable, low inflation. (Quote by - Mickey Levy)

We are always looking for people to fill committees and work on other projects. (Quote by - Vanessa Poster)

It was not a called meeting, but there were several committee chairs there, probably six or eight people. (Quote by - David Graves)

Deloitte's National Tax Office monitors tax proposals and tax legislation on a daily basis. They work very closely with policy makers on Capital Hill. The hope is that following Dan and Katie's presentation, the tax policy professionals at Deloitte will carry the proposal to Capital Hill where members of the Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee will get a chance to consider it. (Quote by - James Wittenbach)

We have a safety committee that meets at least once a month. Any employee can bring a safety issue forward, and when that happens, the safety supervisor looks at the problem and makes the determination whether or not to convene the safety committee. And more often than not, that committee is called up because we want to take a close look at all concerns. (Quote by - Ed Epping)

Suppose you're on some committee - say the Transportation Committee, and a major transportation reauthorization bill is in the works. If you're managing the bill, you're going to make sure that the speaker's, majority leader's and whip's districts are treated pretty well. (Quote by - Bruce Oppenheimer)

We just don't know yet. That's one of the issues the executive committee is going to wrestle with. (Quote by - Barry Cullen)

The other players did not testify before this committee, We are asking for these results in the context of Palmeiro's appearance before the Government Reform Committee. (Quote by - Rob White)

If you want to kill any idea in the world today, get a committee working on it. (Quote by - Charles F. Kettering)

The marginal benefits of adding one more undergraduate to each committee will greatly outweigh the negative of adding size to the committee. (Quote by - Rachel Fersh)

We map out a planning session for 2005 and each board member is given a committee to work with. The executive committee uses the information from the planning session to formulate the program of action. (Quote by - Gary Smith)

Really, politics should stop at the door of that committee. I don't know whether Roberts is right or Rockefeller is right. But I do know that when you lose bipartisan oversight by that committee, you lose something very, very important. (Quote by - Warren Rudman)

We need between three to six months. I am not going to specify the periods now because we have an international committee actually involving the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and Norway who work with us in the local government elections. I will convene this committee as soon as possible. (Quote by - Saeb Erakat)

Presently in Ottawa, that technical committee is a committee of cabinet ministers which means, obviously, operating without any public scrutiny. (Quote by - Greg Thompson)

The committee will require a sustained and significant deviation of such data to revise its forecast. (Quote by - Amit Kara)

When it comes to facing up to serious problems, each candidate will pledge to appoint a committee. And what is a committee? ;A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary. But it all sounds great in a campaign speech. (Quote by - Richard Long Harkness)

The political blocs started to discuss candidates for the posts and formed a committee to discuss the details of the distribution of the posts. The committee met yesterday [April 15] and it will meet again today, and at the end of the day leaders of the blocs will meet to consider the recommendations of the committee and took a decision regarding the meeting [of the parliament]. (Quote by - Adnan Pachachi)

There have been press reports of civil actions against your firm involving multi-million dollar settlements that occurred during the time you were either managing partner or president of the firm, about which the Committee would like to have more information. (Quote by - The Committee)

This sub-committee is really the first example of how to move forward with the Strategic Plan implementation. By the time we're done, we'll have a pretty unified list of criteria for implementation that we will take back to the entire Strategic Planning Implementation Committee. (Quote by - Jeffrey Hogan)

The guys feel bad that he cannot have the senior year he worked so hard for, But guys know they have to pick up the slack and they've worked hard themselves. They're not feeling sorry for themselves. If anything, they are focusing on picking up the slack and doing the job. (Quote by - Brian Bowers)

They sit there in committees day after day, And they each put in a color and it comes out gray. And we all have heard the saying, which is true as well as witty, That a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee. (Quote by - Allan Sherman)

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