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No decision has been made regarding a Senate Judiciary Committee rule that permits any committee member to request a one-week postponement of a committee vote. (Quote by - Jim Manley)

One of the committee members had an acquaintance down there, so we had our end destination pretty quickly. The committee felt it would mean more if we could pick an area that really needed it. 75 percent of the people in Pass Christian lost everything. Based on the size, it was a community we knew we could have a great impact on. (Quote by - Larry Bowman)

Although Bob was a Republican and a conservative, he took great pride in the regularity with which the committee under his leadership voted with unanimity, He could talk to everyone and would fairly consider issues, and further evidence of this is the frequency with which he was appointed to conference committees to resolve differences in legislation between the House and the Senate. (Quote by - Stephen Carr)

The committee has concluded that they have completed the tasks that were put before them. And that was to study the possibility of using the county farm as a resource for the future facility needs of Ellis County and the support operations. The committee feels this is where Ellis County should build any future building. (Quote by - John Davis)

I want to make it very clear, it's not stopping us from our plans. I'm asking for the committee to allow us to do our job since you entrust us with the authority and the responsibility. (Quote by - Amy Tsark)

Therefore, the committee believes that a majority of the commissioners court that will be in office in January opposes the current bond election. Consequently, the No No Committee believes that the current jail proposals do not accurately reflect the will of the citizens of Smith County. (Quote by - Bob Randall)

The trouble with figuring out where New Mexico is going is that the women's selection committee's decisions are really tough to predict, and New Mexico has to fall in line behind BYU and Utah. Those teams have to get higher seeds and favorable draws close to home. New Mexico can't be in the same side of the bracket, so their destiny depends on how the selection committee views BYU and Utah. (Quote by - Jerry Palm)

Making important energy policy that affects national security, the economy and public health is too important to be done behind the closed doors of a conference committee that avoids public hearings or the scrutiny of the full committees of each chamber. This is coming at a time when members of both parties are talking about their commitment to reform Congress to make their work more transparent and to curtail the influence of lobbyists. (Quote by - Mark Rodgers)

It would certainly stand to reason he would be supportive of Chairman Pombo and [his] efforts on the Resources Committee. The chairman does have fundraisers, but these are scheduled and organized outside the Resources Committee. (Quote by - Brian Kennedy)

This is a significant and well-deserved victory for the many actors who work under this contract, specifically day performers. I'm proud of the work done by our negotiating committee and staff, who were able to improve this contract for the first time in two decades. This demonstrates that producers and performers can work together to achieve results that benefit both sides and keep our industry moving forward. (Quote by - Alan Rosenberg)

I'll be talking with the chairman of the transportation committee when i get back to Washington to see whether or not there's anything that can be done to look at this particular piece of track. (Quote by - Bobby Rush)

Mike Pence has done a fabulous job leading the Republican Study Committee. They have put out a realistic and credible and specific budget proposal to get spending under control when virtually no one else is talking about it. (Quote by - Brian M. Riedl)

If on the third attempt they do not past the test, a grade placement committee is formed, and that committee consists of the child's parents, teacher and principal. If the committee unanimously agrees, then the child can be promoted to the sixth-grade. (Quote by - Suzanne Marchman)

When this deal first surfaced late Thursday, the business community was just shocked. Instantly, if not rather simultaneously, people started making calls to the Senate leadership, to the staff of the Senate Finance Committee. It was the wholesalers, the manufacturers, the mass retailers. (Quote by - Bruce Josten)

He needs to be the committee. Heck, he's big enough to be the committee. I do like the way he is approaching the season. He wants to be the feature back. (Quote by - David Bailiff)

He's going to flip over to the Veterans Committee next year, It's just too bad things couldn't have happened early when he was banned from the game, coming clean. It would be a whole different story. (Quote by - Brooks Robinson)

It's pretty clear, that these funds were to go to the border, and not to bureaucracy. (Quote by - Brian Murray)

Sentiment is not too positive and people are quite cautious ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Tuesday. (Quote by - Alex Wong)

We launched an extensive safety evaluation in collaboration with leading experts in PML and MS. We set up an independent adjudication committee to review any and all cases of PML. (Quote by - Amy Brockelman)

The task force will function like an ad hoc, ex officio board committee. There's a fine line between managing the business of Ko-Thi and being advisory. At the end of the day, the committee will be managed by Ko-Thi and report to Ko-Thi, not to UPAF. (Quote by - Christine Harris)

If I am confirmed, I am confident that my colleagues on the Federal Open Market Committee and I will maintain the focus on long-term price stability as monetary policy's greatest contribution to general economic prosperity and maximum employment. (Quote by - Ben Bernanke)

The High Performance Program Management Committee strongly recommends that you read the 2006 selection policy and criteria in full to understand this decision. (Quote by - Brendan Purcell)

This committee this morning is an example of how ineffectual a committee can be -- with less than 50 percent attendance. (Quote by - Don Blair)

There is a deliberate process, and the White House has always said it wants to cooperate with the committee but preserve any president's ability to get advice from advisers on a confidential basis. And that's a critical need for any U.S. president and that is continuing to influence how we cooperate with the committees. (Quote by - Trent Duffy)

A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled. (Quote by - Barnett Cocks)

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