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It really depends on the committee and the preferences of the committee members. (Quote by - Sheldon Goldman)

There is an immediate need that must be addressed. However, the committee believes that approval of either of the current proposals would be an even bigger mistake. The current jail problem was one that was created over many years of inaction. The solution will not be implemented overnight. (Quote by - Bob Randall)

We had a great victory on Monday: This bill died in committee because of your phone calls, because of your e-mails, because of your action. I don't want to ever hear you say it doesn't matter what we do. Monday showed that it does matter what we do. (Quote by - Brian Brown)

The Chairmen's Committee represents the strongest in innovative leadership. Mr. Schwarz is an exceptional leader whose background in spearheading high performance global organizations will be an asset to the committee. (Quote by - Bob Carrigan)

The screening committee did a great deal of research with people Ms. Connors worked with and they talked about her enthusiasm and ability to lead a school. (Quote by - Barry Haskell)

This year still looks very much like a Democratic year, and the only question is how big a year it will be for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee. (Quote by - Stuart Rothenberg)

We have a much larger committee now with about 25 active, enthusiastic volunteers. The executive committee is responsible for organizing various activities and each has a core of volunteers to help them. (Quote by - Ellie Paladine)

The scheduled regional executive committee meeting during month end will come up with a committee that will investigate the issue and will determine Castro's position. (Quote by - Festus Ueitele)

We basically, like most teams in this league, do center by committee, We needed to get another committee member. We've got a couple of young guys in Swift and Petro with Vitaly and now Mikki. Mikki's 7-foot and a little different player than Jerome, but their stats are virtually the same. Mikki runs the floor a little better, Jerome gives a little more bulk. (Quote by - Rick Sund)

Michelle Kwan means more to the United States Olympic Committee than maybe any athlete that's every performed. She's a leader, she's been gracious, she's somebody to cherish forever. She's a real loss to the United States Olympic Committee, to the United States of America and, I think, to the world. (Quote by - Peter Ueberroth)

We've got a very good cross-section, some large land owners, Conservation Committee members. Basically every viewpoint has been represented. The committee has worked extremely well together and balanced all of the view points. (Quote by - Robert Gordon)

Dirk sets up management committees, steering committees. He is the preeminent organizer. (Quote by - Lee Culpepper)

When the committee started looking at Ellen's contributions, especially the Adopt-a-Tree program, the committee began to look at her upbringing. They then realized what a great impact her mother, Jane had made on her and the many contributions she had made for the community as well. (Quote by - Emilie Mims)

Many and most of the nontraditional high schools do have integrity and do provide a quality education. But it is clear that some do not. The committee recognizes that these are real problems. We know the abuses are going on as we speak, and I think there's a great sense of urgency among all of the members of the committee to take on these issues as quickly as possible. (Quote by - Kevin Lennon)

We were very disappointed. We felt it was a fair and equitable agreement. We believe it provided significant advancements in each of the areas our bargaining committee told us was important to members. (Quote by - Barb Anderson)

Before this committee starts making the phrase, 'I don't recall, I don't remember, I'd have to think about it,' something that you would bring to the floor of the Senate, see what an unfair tactic that really is. (Quote by - Abbe Lowell)

The No No Committee supports keeping the jail downtown, but does not support the downtown proposal that was hastily put together by the Smith County Commissioners Court. Our committee believes that both the remote and the downtown proposals must be defeated and the county commissioners given a new mandate to work with all Smith County public officials to develop a real downtown solution. (Quote by - Bob Randall)

It's much like the question about injuries - it has to be considered, it has to be brought up. The committee member who has the monitoring assignment for that team and for that conference would be obliged to bring that to the attention of the committee. (Quote by - Craig Littlepage)

We are all prepared to meet with the special committee and its legal and financial advisors at your earliest convenience. (Quote by - Barry Diller)

I want the court to realize we wouldn't have gotten this far without the committee. It wasn't until I publicly admonished the Waxahachie council in their own meeting that some of them showed up to our meetings. I've worked over 150 hours on this committee. I didn't do this to get my name on a plaque but I did this to get the county somewhere. (Quote by - Larry Burns)

A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant. It takes root and grows, it flowers, wilts, and dies, scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn. (Quote by - C. Northcote Parkinson)

If this was regular negotiations, the committee would have turned this down. We would have said 'No,' we would have been on strike. (Quote by - Bobby De Pace)

The Democratic caucus is rich in diversity. Democratic women have excelled in Congress leading our efforts on the Rules, Intelligence, Small Business, House Administration committees and the Steering and Policy committee, and Democratic women play a prominent role in every committee. (Quote by - Jennifer Crider)

I think the facilities committee could work more with the construction manager and the oversight committee. We could work together and report back to the board. (Quote by - Earl Campbell)

In the 10 years, we've testified in over 50 committees. I'm not sure there are many other efforts that have had that many committees to deal with. (Quote by - Jerry Bell)

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