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We are concerned if one life is lost. If people would just use their common sense, we will save lives every day. (Quote by - Frank Penela)

I always think it's ultimately my responsibility. I always start with myself. I haven't done a good job if we play a game like that. . . . You tell them, 'Here's the good, here's the bad.' It's a common-sense thing. This was disappointing for all of us. (Quote by - Joe Gibbs)

It is a tragic case of overloading the back porches, .. use common sense. (Quote by - James Joyce (Chicago Fire Commissioner)

At least Nebraska is doing that. Nebraska does show some common sense. (Quote by - John Pinkerton)

Common sense is just as good a critic of the lottery as any statistical breakdown. (Quote by - Hunter Baker)

People go to Africa and confirm what they already have in their heads and so they fail to see what is there in front of them. This is what people have come to expect. It's not viewed as a serious continent. It's a place of strange, bizarre and illogical things, where people don't do what common sense demands. (Quote by - Chinua Achebe)

Protecting our children must be everyone's top priority, .. This is a common-sense law that provides parents with the tools they need to protect their children from the effects of violence and graphic adult content. (Quote by - Jennifer M. Granholm)

Only cricket can make a moment like this so confusing and messed up. COMMON SENSE please. (Quote by - Dave Forrest)

I will not say who won or who lost. The people of Ukraine and Russia won. Europe won because it will calmly receive gas. Common sense won. (Quote by - Yuriy Yekhanurov)

No industry should be threatened by 'junk' lawsuits based not on established legal principles but driven by extreme political agendas. This legislation restores and reaffirms the common-sense notion that no manufacturer should be held liable for the criminal misuse of its products. We are pleased that the House of Representatives has passed this important reform measure. (Quote by - Doug Painter)

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. (Quote by - Gertrude Stein)

The art of governing consists simply of being honest, exercising common sense, following principle, and doing what is right and just. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

Don't forget to revisit your new financial plan several times throughout the year to make sure you are on track. Commitment, common sense and flexibility are important keys to financial success. (Quote by - Cate Williams)

I didn't see the replay, but common sense will tell you that if the glove and the arm are behind the goal line, there's a pretty good chance the puck is underneath it. I guess common sense doesn't mean anything there. (Quote by - Brian Rolston)

Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense differing from the latter only as a veteran may differ from a raw recruit: and its methods differ from those of common sense only as far as the guardsman's cut and thrust differ from the manne. (Quote by - Thomas Henry Huxley)

Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has. (Quote by - Descartes)

Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense. (Quote by - Voltaire)

Common sense should apply even if it's in short supply at City Hall. (Quote by - Innes Coun)

Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense. (Quote by - Chapman Cohen)

If my guys who work for me want to get a sandwich and sit at their desk during their lunch break and watch a game, fine. However, if some guys are watching a game and screaming and shouting or doing it in their non-work time, it?s up to the manager to take appropriate action. Our policy with respect to this type of thing is common sense. (Quote by - Tom Jurkowsky)

If we do the kind of common-sense public health measures we know work, we ought to be able to stop it from being a global pandemic,. (Quote by - Julie Gerberding)

Common sense is the genius of humanity. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Low-wage workers are also consumers. It's just common sense: when these workers have more take-home pay it leads to spending that trickles up to benefit many small, locally owned businesses. (Quote by - Mark Price)

If I could leave this body with one wish, it would be that we never give up that search for common ground, .. The politics of common ground will not be found on the far right, or on the far left. That is not where most Americans live. We will only find it on the firm middle ground, based on common sense and shared values. (Quote by - Tom Daschle)

Kinky doesn't have a platform, he has common sense. (Quote by - Jamie Sharp)

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